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Coming up this week:

  • We hit 10 million traders mark!
  • FBS holds a giveaway contest
  • How to combine trading with other job

Welcome 10 millionth trader

Welcome 10 millionth trader

Hooray to our FBS family! We have just reached another major milestone – 10 000 000 traders.

Watching our big international trading family getting bigger and bigger is always a very exciting and thrilling moment for us.

Meet our 10 millionth trader:

Yak Kheng from Jakarta, Indonesia!

As always, the winner gets the prize from the company of his own choice. Soon we will tell you what our winner wished for – stay tuned!

Reach out for your Dreams

Get iPhone X for Re-post

Get iPhone X for Re-post

10 million is a very impressive and remarkable jubilee, so we decided to hold a Giveaway!

Hurry up to participate and try your luck!

We give away:

  • 10 iPhones X
  • 100 FBS mugs
  • 1000 FBS T-Shirts

To enroll you need to follow FBS on Facebook and Instagram and share the post with your friends. Get a move on!

Contest Conditions

Weekly Economic Calendar

Weekly Economic Calendar

  1. Oct 24, 17:00 MT time – BOC Rate Statement
    • Optimistic Canadian economic data push the BOC to the rate hike.
  2. Oct 25, 14:45 MT time – ECB Meeting
    • The euro needs support from hawkish ECB’s comments.
  3. Oct 26, 15:30 MT time – US Advance GDP
    • Strong GDP data will support the USD.

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How to combine your Life and Trading?

How to combine your Life and Trading

You can organize your trading according to your lifestyle.

This might be one of the major advantages: you don’t need to follow the orders of “big boss” and can arrange your timetable in your own comfortable way.

We will tell you about:

  • The advantages of full-time trading
  • The opportunities of part-time trading
  • How you can combine trading with other activities

Learn more

FRESH ANALYTICS – Tips from FBS expert

  1. The run-off election in Brazil will take place on October 28. Be ready to the high volatility of the Brazilian real ahead of the election and after the announcement of results.
  2. Canada will host a multilateral summit on the reforming the World Trade Organization to keep the fragile international body and discuss on how to reform the global trading system. The summit will make markets highly volatile because it will cover many important topics.
  3. Again, we are looking at the euro and Italian budget problem. The week will bring us new deadlines for the approval of Italy’s budget plan. If there are worries on the acceptance of the budget, the euro will under big pressure.


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