“I want my story to become an inspiration for everyone who hears it”

said Merlyn Rebecca S from Indonesia.

She is the winner of Dreams Come True contest in January.

Her dearest wish was an electric wheelchair for her mother. Merlyn hesitated at first, but then made the right decision to participate in FBS’s contest.

And she won!

Let’s hear the story from Merlyn herself:

Hello, my name is Merlyn, I am one of the winners of the “Dreams come true” promotion from FBS, and here is my father to my left.
I know FBS from Facebook, where many people share about the promotion “Dreams come true” from FBS and how FBS can make your dreams come true.
I was really interested, and I started to find out more, then finally I wrote my desire.
I wrote this, and I would like an electric wheelchair for my mom.
I chose to trade with FBS, because I searched that it is the best broker in the world.
FBS is a reliable broker, recognize worldwide, and give very good explanation especially for beginner trader like me. All those things worked like a magnet for me to work with FBS.
I have a trading account in FBS, just because I am beginner trader, so i still use 123 bonus account.
I am really surprised that we got the electric wheelchair for my mom from FBS after I joined and won the “Dreams come true” promotion from FBS.
This is really special for me, because I didn’t even make a deposit to my trading account yet, but FBS already gave me a special bonus.
When FBS chose me as a winner, I told my father and my mother, then my older brother.
We didn’t believe it, but after i read again about that news, we were very happy and we cried together.
What a miracle that my dream came true.
I want my story to become an inspiration for every one who hears it.
Don’t stop believing in your dreams and have good hope, which can bring you luck and a chance to become successful.
My second advise is to love your parents, because they are a perfect part for your successful life.
My wish for FBS is to be the best broker in the world, second one is to be the broker who always knows what clients want, because FBS is always by your side.

Your dream can become true too!

Participate in the next Dream Come True contest!

Hurry up, follow a few simple steps – dig deep inside your heart and share your most sincere dream with us!

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Here is your REAL chance to fulfill your dearest wish.

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