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Who is ETFinance?

ETFinance is an European online Forex and CFD broker, regulated and licensed by CySEC in Cyprus.

ETFinance provides online trading service through the award winning platform, MT4 (MetaTrader4).

By opening an account with ETFinance, you can invest in hundreds of financial markets without any commissions or fees.

The available financial markets include Assets Index, Forex pairs, Metals, Indices, Stock, Commodity, CFDs, Cryptocurrency and ETFs.

You can access and invest in all of the above financial markets with ETFinance, through one MT4 trading account.

The only trading cost you must cover is the spread, the difference of bid and ask prices.

As a regulated online broker, ETFinance provides secure and stable trading environment which you can access from any types of devices including Desktop, Android, iOS devices and the Web Trader.

With ETFinance, you can benefit from the simple platforms, diversified markets and cutting edge technology supported by professional agents.

The account opening is free of charge with ETFinance.

To signup and open an account, please go to the page below.

ETFinance Online Registration

ETFinance Company Information

ETFinance is a brand name of MAGNUM FX (CYPRUS) LTD which is regulated and licensed by CySEC in Cyprus.

ETFinance was founded in 2016.

The company is based in Cyprus, and follows strict regulatory frameworks of CySEC.

ETFinance strives to provide professional tools for online investors, by using MT4 (MetaTrader4) combined with professional analysis tools and support.

ETFinance’s service is simple yet advanced, providing the MT4 platform where you can invest in hundreds of financial markets.

Risk Warning: 71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with ETFinance.

For any inquiries, ETFinance’s customer support team help you throughout all weekdays from 7 am to 7 pm in GMT.

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What you can invest in with ETFinance?

etfinance forex cfd broker advantage

ETFinance offers over 1000 financial instruments to invest.

All financial markets are accessible through ETFinance’s MT4 trading platform.

ETFinance’s MT4 trading platform can be accessed through the browser (web trader) or installed to Desktop (Windows and MAC) and Mobiles devices (Android and iOS), so you can monitor you account activity and make trades at anytime and anywhere you want.

To start trading with ETFinance, follow the easy steps below.

The account opening with ETFinance is absolutely free.
  1. Open a trading account with ETFinance
    You can choose to open a live/real account or demo account. The account opening process may only take a few minutes to complete.
  2. Make a deposit to ETFinance’s account
    Login to ETFinance’s client area and choose a fund deposit method. With ETFinance, you can deposit instantly, with commission free and will be protected using bank-level security and encryption.
  3. Login to ETFinance MT4 and start trading
    Download or access to ETFinance’s web trader and login to your account. Once you successfully login, you should see your funds and the available financial instruments to trade.

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1. ETFs Trading

ETF (exchange-traded fund) is similar to indices (Index CFDs).

Index is a collection of some major trading stocks, thus you can speculate on the whole activity of the stock exchange or country.

On the other hand, ETF is a collection of various financial assets, not only stocks but includes commodities, bonds, stocks, metals etc.

With ETF on ETFinance, you can speculate on a market activity of a group of assets.

ETFinance’s ETF is suited for traders who have a knack for predicting the market dynamics.

Some of the popular ETFs on ETFinance’s MT4 are:

  • Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences (Cannabis ETF)
  • Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund
  • Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund
  • Industrial Select Sector SPDR Fund

Start Trading ETFs with ETFinance

2. Forex Trading

Forex currency pairs are the most popular financial instruments among online investors.

It’s volatility of market prices and high leverage, Forex market is very easy to access and trade nowadays.

On ETFinance’s MT4, you can invest in over 100 Forex currency pairs including major currency pairs, minor currency pairs and exotic currency pairs.

ETFinance’s MT4 also offers Forex pairs with high volatility and high swap points such as Turkish Lira, South African Rand, Mexican Peso and Singapore Dollar.

The minimum average spread is 0.7 pips and there is no extra trading commission or fee.

Thus you can trade Forex currency pairs with only $7 of cost per $100,000 worth of transactions on ETFinance MT4.

Invest in Forex market with ETFinance

3. Metals Trading

Gold and Silver are the second popular financial instruments for online investors.

The precious metals can be used for risk hedging as safe haven.

ETFinance offers the following precious metals on MT4 along with hundreds other financial instruments.

ETFinance MT4 Symbol Financial Instrument
XAUUSD Gold vs US Dollar
XAGUSD Silver vs US Dollar

For Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum, the available maximum leverage is 1:125 for professional traders.

The maximum leverage is limited to 1:10 for Silver, Palladium and Platinum and 1:20 for Gold for retail clients.

Invest in precious metals in a form of CFD with ETFinance, benefit from the low trading cost, high leverage and advantage of making profit from falling prices.

Invest in Precious Metals with ETFinance

4. Indices Trading

ETFinance offers the whole list of Indices on the MT4 platform.

On ETFinance MT4, you can access to about 20 international indices with low cost and high leverage of 1:125.

The list of available Index CFDs on ETFinance MT4 are as follows:

  • ASX 200 (ASX SPI 200 Index)
  • BIST100 (Borsa Istanbul 100 Index)
  • CAC 40 (CAC 40 Index)
  • China Enterprise 40 (China H-Shares Index)
  • DAX 30 (DAX 30 Index)
  • DOW 30 (MINI-SIZE DOW Index)
  • Euro Stox 50 (DJ Euro Stoxx Index)
  • FTSE 100 (FTSE 100 Index)
  • Hong Kong 50 (Hang Seng 50 Index)
  • IBEX 35 (IBEX 35 Index)
  • MIB 40 (FTSE / MIB 40 Index)
  • NASDAQ 100 (Nasdaq100 Index)
  • Nikkei 225 (Nikkei 225 Index)
  • OMXS30 (OMXS30 Index (NASDAQ OMX Nordic))
  • South Africa 40 (FTSE/JSE Top 40 Index)
  • SP 500 (E-MINI S&P500 Index)
  • TA35 (Tel Aviv 35 Index)
  • TADAWUL (Tadawul All Shares Index – (Saudi arabia))
  • US Dollar Index
  • Volatility Index (Volatility SP500 Index)

Just like all the other financial instruments, ETFinance does not charge commissions for trading Index CFDs on ETFinance MT4, but the only cost you must cover is the spread.

Invest in Index with ETFinance

5. Stock Trading

ETFinance offers a long list of USA, European and Australian stocks on the MT4 platform.

By opening one trading account, all stocks and all the other financial instruments are available for trading together.

ETFinance offers stocks in a form of CFD (Contract for Difference).

With you cannot buy actual stocks, but you will only speculate on the price movement, to make profit (loss).

As ETFinance offers Stock CFDs, there are many advantages for traders such as:

  • No need for ownership
    With Stock CFDs, you can avoid any unnecessarily costs and time, but every transaction is instant and low cost.
  • High Leverage
    Stock CFDs are available with 1:10 high leverage. Which means that you only need to 10th of the actual stock value to make the transaction.
  • Dividend payment
    It is not actual stocks that you will be trading, but you will still get paid for dividend periodically.

There are hundreds of stocks available for trading on ETFinance MT4.

Invest in Stocks on ETFinance MT4

6. Commodity Trading

ETFinance gives you the ability to trade futures contracts on assets like oil, natural gas, sugar, coffee and precious metals.

Commodity markets are very intriguing and gives you opportunity to diversify the investment portfolio

With ETFinance, it is easy to speculate on the increase or decrease in a commodity’s value by using MT4 platforms.

ETFinance also gives you the advantage of Commodity trading with 1:125 high leverage.

The maximum leverage for commodity CFD is limited to 1:10 for retail clients of ETFinance.

Commodity market is also easy to follow the trend as these products are used in our daily life.

ETFinance offers Commodities in a form of CFD, thus you can also benefit from falling market price.

Invest in Commodity with ETFinance

7. Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that utilize blockchain technology.

With ETFinance, you can also invest in Cryptocurrency pairs on MT4 trading platforms.

There are 21 Cryptocurrencies paired with fiat currencies.

ETFinance covers all the popular and major Cryptocurrency assets.

The available Cryptocurrency on ETFinance MT4 are Cardano, Babel, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Dashcoin, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, IOTA, Lisk, Litecoin, NEO, Quantreum, Swisscoin, Tether, NEM, Stellar, Monero, Ripple, Verge and ZCash.

The maximum leverage for Cryptocurrency pairs is 1:2.

Cryptocurrency pairs are available for trading 24 hours a day (from 00:00 to 23:59).

Cryptocurrency markets are volatile as low liquidated new markets, giving traders whole new opportunity to invest online.

Invest in Cryptocurrency with ETFinance

Have you already been trading with ETFinance? Leave your review and opinion below to let other traders know your experience.

Trading Conditions of ETFinance

By signing up with ETFinance online, you can start investing in over 1000 financial instruments from various markets, Forex, Crypto Pairs, Indices, Commodities (Oils, Metals, Gas and Commodities), Stocks and ETFs.

ETFinance provides the online trading service through MT4 (MetaTrader4), the award winning most popular trading platform in the world.

All financial instruments are available for trading in one ETFinance’s MT4 account.

ETFinance charges no fees for deposit, withdrawal and trading.

The only fee you must cover while trading is the spread which is the difference of bid and ask prices.

The minimum spread is 0.7 pips on major Forex currency pairs.

0.7 pips spread equals to $7 of trading cost when trading a $100,000 worth of position.

The maximum leverage is 1:500 for Forex currency pairs.

ETFinance also offers high leverage for other financial assets.

ETFinance does not have minimum deposit requirement.

Open ETFinance Real or Demo Account

Trading Account Types of ETFinance

ETFinance has 3 different trading account types (Silver, Gold and Platinum) for the MT4 platforms.

Each trading account type has different features and advantages.

The main differences of the account types of ETFinance are as follows.

Account Type Silver Gold Platinum
Maximum Leverage 1:30 1:500 1:500
Available Financial Instruments 750 750 750
Minimum Spread 0.07 pips 0.05 pips 0.03 pips
Minimum Forex Spread 2.2 pips 1.3 pips 0.7 pips
Trading Commission None None None
Islamic Account Available Available Available
Swap Discount None 25% 50%
Dedicated Account Manager Not available Available Available
Free VPS Not available Not available Available

Visit the online registration below where you can register as Silver, Gold, or Platinum member.

Signup for ETFinance Online

How to open a MT4 trading account with ETFinance?

etfinance how to start trading on mt4

To create a trading account, click on the “Open account” button on the ETFinance homepage and complete the following steps.

The registration process takes no more than several minutes.

After you have provided all the required information and documents, it will take up to 2 business days to verify your account.

Go to account opening page of ETFinance

1. Signup and Open an account

In the account opening page, you must fill in the following fields.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Mobile Phone
  • E-mail Address
  • Password

Then, you need to accept ETFinance’s Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Risk Disclosure.

2. Complete Personal information and Questionnaire

In the next page, you must fill in the following fields.

  • Home Address
  • City
  • Zip or Postal Code
  • Date of birth

After filling your personal information, ETFinance will ask you to fill in the questionnaire in order to assess whether ETFinance’s products and services are appropriate with your background and experience.

Please note that your information will be kept secure and will not be shared with anyone.

3. Submit documents and make a Deposit

In order to verify your account, you will need to submit the following documents.

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of residence

Once your account is approved, you can make your first deposit via one of the secured payment methods: a credit card, a bank transfer or an e-wallet.

Signup for ETFinance Online

Real and Demo Trading accounts of ETFinance

Live trading account is a trading account where you deposit actual money and trade in real-time.

It allows you to enter global markets and trade in CFDs on different assets.

On the other hand, once you are registered, you can also trade in a simulated environment using a demo account with $100k of virtual money.

It is designed for practicing your trading skills, polishing your strategies, and testing new techniques.

Please remember that it looks just like a live account, so make sure you are indeed trading using the demo environment when practicing.

A demo account is available for 7 days. If you need more practice before trading live, you can contact your account manager and ask him about renewing your demo account.

In the Client area you will see both live and demo accounts with respective labels.

If you wish to switch from Demo to Real trading, once you decide to go live, just click on the “Launch” button of the account labeled “Live”.

Open ETFinance Real or Demo Account

Have you already been trading with ETFinance? Leave your review and opinion below to let other traders know your experience.

ETFinance MT4 (Metatrader4) trading platforms

etfinance mt4 metatrader4 trading platform

ETFinance provides the online trading service through MT4 (MetaTrader4) trading platforms.

ETFinance MT4 is an award winning platform with many pioneering features for trading.

ETFinance MT4 is free to download and use, and it is compatible with various types of devices such as Windows, MAC, Android, iPhone and iPad.

By opening one ETFinance MT4 account, you can access and trade over 750 financial instruments of international markets.

Get access to ETFinance MT4

1. ETFinance MT4 for Desktop (Windows and MAC)

ETFinance MT4 for Windows Desktop version is the most basic one as it features all tools and options available on MT4.

On ETFinance MT4 Windows, you can use all customer indicators, charting tools and order types with no interruptions.

ETFinance is also a EA (Expert Adviser) friendly broker, thus you can run any types of EAs on ETFinance MT4.

For EA users, ETFinance provides free VPS service with some conditions.

ETFinance MT4 for Desktop is must-have application to manage your trading accounts efficiently.

The download links for ETFinance MT4 Windows can be found in the official website.

To download ETFinance MT4 for MAC computer, please contact ETFinance support team.

2. ETFinance MT4 for Mobile Devices (Android and iOS)

If you prefer using mobile phones or tablet for trading Forex and CFDs, you can download ETFinance MT4 apps.

ETFinance MT4 apps are available for both Android (Mobile and Tablet) and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).

To download ETFinance MT4 apps for Android devices, please search for “MetaTrader4” in “Google Play” (Play Store).

To download ETFinance MT4 apps for iOS devices, please search for “MetaTrader4” in “App Store”.

You will then see the official MT4 (MetaTrader4) app by MetaQuotes.

After launching the app for the first time, you may need to search for ETFinance’s trading server by searching “ETFinance” or the trading server name provided by ETFinance.

Open ETFinance Real or Demo Account

3. ETFinance MT4 as Web Trader

ETFinance MT4 Web Trader is useful when you want to avoid an installation of a heavy software, or when you are using a public computer and trade with ETFinance temporarily.

ETFinance MT4 Web Trader can be accessed from the official website, and it requires no downloads.

To trade on ETFinance MT4 Web Trader, you only need to type the login credentials provided by ETFinance.

ETFinance MT4 Web Trader features all the available tools such as one click trading, charting, indicators and market analysis.

Note that you cannot run EAs (Expert Advisers) on ETFinance MT4 Web Trader. To run EAs, you must download ETFinance MT4 for Windows or MAC.

Signup for ETFinance for free

Fund Deposit and Withdrawal Methods of ETFinance

etfinance deposit withdrawal fund method

There is no minimum deposit requirement to start trading with ETFinance.

In case you opened a live trading account, you need to make a deposit to start trading.

In case you opened a Demo trading account, you will have virtual money to start trading for practice.

To make a deposit to ETFinance, please login to the client portal from the official website.

ETFinance accepts deposits via bank wire transfer, VISA card, Vpay, Mastercard, Maestro and Skrill.

Choose the preferable method for you and proceed.

Note that your fund withdrawal will be processed via the method you used for deposits.

For more information, please contact ETFinance’s multilingual support team.

ETFinance Online Registration

Multilingual Support by ETFinance

If you have any inquiries, ETFinance’s multilingual support team is available from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 7 pm in GMT.

ETFinance’s support team can be reached through Livechat, email or phone call.

To open an account with ETFinance, trading experience is not required, although it is better to have some prior experience.

Trading CFDs involves significant risks.

These are complex financial instruments that may not be suitable for all traders and can result in loss of the invested capital.

Be sure to not invest more than you can afford to lose.

Before trading, please consider your financial background and experience, or seek financial advice, if necessary.

For further information please read ETFinance’s Risk Disclosure statement

Online Registration of ETFinance

Islamic Swap Free MT4 account with ETFinance

For traders with Muslim faith, ETFinance offers Islamic swap-free account where there is no interest charge or credit for carried over positions.

With ETFinance’s Islamic account, there is no interest or swap charges for overnight positions, with the same trading conditions as other normal accounts.

ETFinance does not widen spread or charge hidden fees for using the Islamic swap-free account.

There is no up-front commissions for ETFinance’s Islamic account, you can still benefit from the high leverage 1:400 on Forex currency pairs.

ETFinance does not set any time limit for each position in the Islamic swap-free account, which means that you can hold your positions as long as you want without any extra fees.

ETFinance’s Islamic swap-free account is offered only for traders with Muslim faith.

To open an Islamic swap-free account, you must first open an account and send a request to ETFinance’s support team.

Have you already been trading with ETFinance? Leave your review and opinion below to let other traders know your experience.

Service Details

Rating Traders Rating
3.0 rating based on 47 ratings
3/5 47
Regulations Regulations & Licenses
Founded Founded in 2014 (10 years)
USA clientsNot Accepted
JPN clientsNot Accepted
Country BaseRepublic of Cyprus
Headquaters KPMG Center, 1 Agias Fylaxeos Street, 2nd Floor – Office 1, 3025 Limassol, Cyprus


Cryptos Available Crypto-Currencies
Client Funds Safety Segregated
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