What is eXcentral?

In a nutshell, eXcentral is your ideal trading broker, with excellent service and comprehensive support for you.

The role of eXcentral is more than just a CFD broker.

The transaction itself is exciting, and eXcentral hopes you will feel the same every time you log in to your eXcentral account or initiate a new transaction.

Take a moment to learn about eXcentral, and you will know that eXcentral does more than just provide excellent trading conditions.

Whether it’s the industry’s lowest spreads, or excellent trading platforms (eXcentral’s own Web Trader and MT4), and countless educational materials (including free webinars), all of these make you succeed from scratch.

eXcentral works with the most successful leading service providers to bring you unparalleled trading experience and eXcentral is operated by the regulated investment company Om Bridge (PTY) Ltd.

For the trading account, eXcentral assures you that it will suit your trading habits.

eXcentral creates a strong and competitive trading account, which is backed by eXcentral’s super-friendly trading environment.

eXcentral’s goal is to support you as much as possible.

The profile of eXcentral

  • eXcentral is operated by OM Bridge (PTY) Ltd and is supervised by the South African Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA). The license number is FSCA/48296.
  • eXcentral is owned by OM Bridge (PTY) Ltd, a successful investment company with countless rich experiences in the financial market.
  • eXcentral has its own online eXcentral trading platform, which aims to provide super simple and truly innovative services. eXcentral also has MT4.
  • eXcentral’s customer service is outstanding! eXcentral is ready and looking forward to providing you with all services. As long as you inquire sincerely, eXcentral can even provide sharp opinions.
  • Follow eXcentral’s weekly free webinars to learn more about the fascinating world of trading. eXcentral believes you will find that they have the same ideas and insights as eXcentral does.
  • To receive training before trading, eXcentral provides a unique and fascinating eXcentral database, including e-books and videos.

Multi-lingual Customer Support

eXcentral’s customer care team is made up of employees who really care about you.

eXcentral believes that good customer care can make a company and help it make breakthroughs. Therefore, eXcentral decided to deploy eXcentral’s excellent customer care team in all aspects. eXcentral’s team is composed of friendly and knowledgeable employees who are committed to helping you meet new challenges. Another advantage of the eXcentral customer care team is that they are willing to listen and understand, and are always ready to help. In fact, as long as eXcentral can help you solve your account-related problems and answer your questions, eXcentral has accomplished eXcentral’s goal.

eXcentral guarantees that every eXcentral customer care team member is prepared and willing to take one step further to meet your needs. eXcentral has anticipated that you will have many problems. After all, this is an online transaction, so when investing and trading, there will be various problems.

For starters, you will receive phone calls and several emails from your friendly account manager and customer service team representatives. They will help you set up an account and start trading. In addition, eXcentral has a large amount of trading education materials.

Fund Deposit and Withdrawal

Choose from the deposit methods eXcentral has specially prepared for your account capital injection.

eXcentral is fully aware that it is very important to safely provide funds to the trading account within a reasonable time. eXcentral fully considers your needs when designing the deposit and withdrawal procedures.

Before starting the withdrawal, there are some steps you need to follow. Please be sure to read the following points carefully to understand the correct process.

When you withdraw funds, you need to pay attention to the way your withdrawal method and the way you have processed the deposit must be the same. If consistency is not possible, please inform your account manager in advance.

After your account is correctly verified, you will be able to apply for the first withdrawal. In order to withdraw funds smoothly and comply with the anti-money laundering policy, eXcentral will require the following verification documents:

Proof of Identity
Proof of identity with photo, including passport (both pages must be visible), ID card (front and back) or driver’s license (front and back).
Proof of Residence
Confirm that you are a resident of a country acceptable to eXcentrals. The documents to be provided are as follows: bank or credit card statement (digital PDF copy is acceptable), recent utility bills (water, electricity or telephone bills, internet bills) , Municipal tax). eXcentral does not accept mobile phone bills.
Credit/Debit Card Copy
Send a color photo on both sides of the credit card to verify your payment method. Be sure to cover the CVV code on the front and back of the card and the first 12 digits of the credit card number.
E-wallet (Skrill, Neteller)
Please send a computer screenshot of this type of e-wallet, showing your name, e-mail address, and e-wallet ID.

To get more information about the withdrawal procedure, please read the complete withdrawal policy.

eXcentral Ratings And Reviews

eXcentral's Rate

2.6 rating based on 11 ratings
2.6/5 11

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eXcentral Company Profile

eXcentral Forex broker service review. Is eXcentral a safe and trustworthy broker to invest with?

Regulations & Licenses
Company OM BRIDGE (PTY) Ltd
Founded 2019 (5 years)
Country Base South Africa
Headquaters Unit 6C3, 159 Rivonia Rd, Sinosteel Plaza, Morningside Ext 39, Sandton, Gauteng, 2146, South Africa
Traders Rating
2.6 rating based on 11 ratings
2.6/5 11
Supported Platforms
Maximum Leverage 400:1 *
Crypto-Currencies Not Available
Client Funds Safety Segregated
Deposit Methods
Withdrawal Methods

Company Categories

Area Restrictions

OM BRIDGE (PTY) Ltd reserves the right, at its discretion to decline registration from other regions, such as FATF high risk jurisdictions or countries that are subject to sanctions.

Disclaimer about leverage:

Leverage is offered based on your knowledge and experience. The leverage /margin requirements may be subject to change as subject of applicable regulation in your country of residence.



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