Pay less, invest more. Low cost, fast and safe trading on the MT5 platform.

Get to know FinPros

Broker that has as its strength, the cost saving and the speed of order execution, which offers traders trading conditions that are among the most advantageous on the market.

FinPros is a company born in 2020, strictly regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Seychelles, which allows you to invest in a wide range of instruments including currencies, stocks, metals, energies, indices and cryptocurrencies on one of the most popular and advanced platforms in the world, MT5.

  • No commissions to be incurred, spreads starting from 0.0 pips and no restrictions on trading volume guarantee the trader a 53% cost saving. Furthermore, FinPros uses an execution model that does not require trading, consequently, all orders will be executed with the best market prices available.
  • The broker uses an almost instant cross-connection system, the data routing speed is close to microsecond. Thanks to this, FinPros can process up to a maximum of 10,000 trades per second using 25 Gbps SmartNIC ASIC network cards that improve trading at high speeds. In addition, the broker’s servers are placed in line with the liquidity partners at Equinix LD4.

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Here are the main features of the FinPros broker.

Economic and Low cost trading
Clean cut on trading costs across all account types, No commissions and ultra-low spreads for a total savings of 53%.
Traders’ funds held in segregated accounts from the company’s capital in tier 1 banks and negative balance protection to prevent the client from losing more than deposited.
Instant trade execution (27% faster than the average offered on the markets) and an ultra-low latency trading system.
Full control of funds
Automatic execution of transactions for quick access to your funds with 98.3% of transactions executed without human intervention. No commissions on deposits and withdrawals.
Lightning-fast account activation
The entire registration process will take no more than a minute. The account will be verified, you can deposit and start investing.

Open an account with FinPros

Regulations FSA
Demo Account Available
Minimum deposit $100
Maximum leverage 1:500
Platforms MT5 and Mobile App
Negative balance protection Available
Promotional offers (Bonus) None
Markets currencies, stocks, metals, energies, indices, cryptocurrencies
Social and Copy trading Available
Stop Out Level 30%
Maximum Volume 50 lots
Minimum Volume 0,01 Lots
Spread Starting from 0.0 pips
Trading fees Starting at zero, vary by account
Deposit fees None
Withdrawal Fees None
1-Click Trading Available
Server location London LD4
Type of execution Market execution
Hedging Available
Trading strategy limitations None
Account currency Canadian dollar, Euro, British pound, US dollar
Deposit methods Debit-Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Electronic Payments
Withdrawal Methods Debit-Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Electronic Payments

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FinPros account list

In order to satisfy all categories of traders, FinPros has an extremely large account list suitable for any type of trading.

Extremely low spreads, ultra-fast execution and institutional swaps are features common to all available accounts in addition to the complete absence of restrictions on feasible trading strategies including scalping, day trading or swing trading.

The accounts offered are divided into: ClassiQ, Edge, Raw + and Vantage.

Account ClassiQ
Suitable for novice traders, beginners who want to learn about trading with FinPros without having to take too many risks. Low spreads, micro lots and a minimum deposit of $100.
Edge Account
Compatible with traders who use scalping, day trading strategies. The account offers spreads from 0.4 pips (EURUSD) and zero trading fees.
Raw + Account
Raw + Account offers conditions similar to the Edge account with spreads as low as 0.0 pips and small trading fees to be incurred with spreads starting at 0.0 pips + $ 2 commission per side.
Vantage Account
Ideal for swing trading, the account offers the client real-time institutional exchanges and low overnight fees to keep any position open for a long time.

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Features Edge Account Raw + Account Vantage Account ClassiQ Account
Suitable for Scalpers, day traders Scalpers, day traders Scalpers, day traders Beginners
Negative balance protection Available Available Available Available
Spread 0.4 0.0 1.6 1 , 5
Commission None from $ 2 / lot per side None None
Maximum leverage 1: 400 1: 400 1: 200 1: 500
Minimum deposit Not available Not available Not available 100 $
Premium tools Available Available Available Available
Account currency Canadian dollar, Euro, British pound, US dollar Canadian dollar, Euro, British pound, US dollar Canadian dollar, Euro, British pound, US dollar Canadian dollar, Euro, British pound, US dollar
Type of execution Market execution Market execution Market execution Market execution
Restrictions on strategies None None None None
Heding Allowed Allowed Allowed Allowed
Minimum volume 0,01 Lots 0,01 Lots 0,01 Lots 0.01 Lots
Maximum volume 50 lots 50 lots 50 lots 50 lots
Platform MT5 and Mobile App MT5 and Mobile App MT5 and Mobile App MT5 and Mobile App
Stop Out Level 30% 30% 30% 30%
1-click trading Available Available Available Available
Server location London LD4 London LD4 London LD4 London LD4

We would like to remind you that the maximum leverage available for each individual account varies according to the instrument on which to trade and the amount of funds deposited into your account.

The minimum spread is indicative and based solely on the average price in the last quarter.

Micro Lots are only accessible for accounts with a balance not exceeding $ 10,000.

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How to open an account with FinPros?

The procedure that will allow the new customer to open an account with FinPros is innovative, as well as being simple and quick to carry out.

Unlike the classic standard registration procedures common to most regulated brokers, FinPros uses a fully automated artificial intelligence that manages both the registration and the KYC verification process.

The new system makes every registration lightning-fast with account approval times that do not exceed 50 seconds from sending the documents (KYC verification).

A simple process
The customer will only have to visit the official website, register and access the customer area in order to perform the KYC verification process. The whole process has a versatile structure, the trader will even have the possibility to switch from the desktop to his smartphone to be able to take high-resolution photos of the necessary documents.
Regulated and safe
Verifying the actual identity of the registered client is a standard procedure that all strictly regulated brokers require. Its main goal is to prevent scammers or criminals from using the broker’s services. In addition to the essential safety factor, the verification process is equally useful from a commercial and administrative point of view. It allows perfect management of the registers and is the basis of the AML screening of traders.
Innovative and automatic
A technologically sophisticated system capable of recognizing over 8,000 types of identity documents from around the world. It scans every document with extreme precision to ensure it is authentic, performs thorough AML background checks and verifies the pitstop with extreme speed and precision.

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To be able to open a real FinPros account, just follow the next simple steps:

Step 1
Visit the official website of FinPros , click on the “Start Now” button located at the top right of the screen (or below) and enter your personal details such as name, surname, date of birth, country of residence, mobile phone, valid e-mail address, type of identification document to be used and relative identification number.
Step 2
In this screen the trader will have to provide personal information regarding his balance sheet, profession, address, investment volume, trading experience etc.
Step 3
The third step of the registration process involves completing the verification process called KYC. Through which the trader will have to prove his identity and the country in which he resides. As for the identity, it will be possible to send high resolution and color photos of a passport or identity card, while for the residence, it will be necessary to send an electricity bill with a recent date, a bank statement or a certificate of residence.
Step 4
The approval of the account in less than 50 seconds from the sending of the documents will allow the trader to immediately make a first deposit (minimum of $100) and start trading on a wide range of available instruments.

Undecided traders, willing to start investing with FinPros, will be able to opt for opening a demo account, thanks to which it will be possible to take advantage of all the advantages offered and trade without running any risk.

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No Dealing Desk Execution

The company is constantly committed to providing tools and services in a right way.

A trading environment that is always full of benefits and opportunities with lightning-fast and precise order execution for any type of trader and trading.

FinPros falls into the category of No Dealing Desk brokers, which allows the company to guarantee its clients high speed of execution, minimal slippage and zero re-quotes.

By definition, the No Dealing Desk (NDD) is a corporate strategy that allows the investor direct access to the interbank market (liquidity providers). All orders in exchanges, human or of any other type, will be executed without any intervention of intermediaries at the best price, at high speed and with maximum transparency.

Most online brokers pride themselves on their transparency in handling any trade.

But basically, what is meant by transparency? Let’s try to clarify.

A broker, such as FinPros, who actually provides a fair and transparent service allows the client to know how and when he wants what he is trading, at what price, who the counterparty is and where the operations are carried out.

Establishing a relationship of trust with the customer is essential for a lasting journey.

The management of the company’s customer portfolio features an extremely accurate control of the risk factor.

Long and short positions do not have a perfect balance and this causes an increase in residual risks.

And the broker, to address this issue, will cover the excess risks through liquidity providers. In practice, the broker will cover any operation if and when deemed necessary.

  • 99% of orders are executed internally.
  • FinPros is to all intents and purposes the counterparty to the client’s operations.
  • No intermediary. Fast execution speed without sending and confirming orders from liquidity providers.
  • Automatic risk hedging, which varies according to the operation performed.

FinPros Ratings And Reviews

FinPros's Rate

4.4 rating based on 33 ratings
4.4/5 33

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FinPros Company Profile

* CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.
Regulations & Licenses
Company Finquotes Financial (Seychelles) Ltd
Founded 2020 (4 years)
Country Base Seychelles
Headquaters CT House, Office No. 9A Providence, Mahe Seychelles
Traders Rating
4.4 rating based on 33 ratings
4.4/5 33
Supported Platforms
Maximum Leverage 500:1 *
Crypto-Currencies Not Available
Negative Balance Offer Negative Balance Protection
Client Funds Safety Segregated
Deposit Methods
Withdrawal Methods

Company Categories

Disclaimer about leverage:

Leverage is offered based on your knowledge and experience. The leverage /margin requirements may be subject to change as subject of applicable regulation in your country of residence.



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