Are you ready to elevate your trading experience and seize the markets with confidence? Look no further than FXGT – your gateway to superior trading conditions and unique account features. FXGT offers an array of benefits designed to empower traders of all levels, ensuring you can maximize your potential in the financial markets.

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FXGT’s Unique Account Features

FXGT stands out with a range of account features that set it apart from the competition:

  • 0 Swaps: Say goodbye to swap fees on Gold and Indices*, reducing your trading costs. This feature is particularly advantageous for traders who hold positions overnight, as they won’t incur any swap charges.
  • $0 Fees: Enjoy fee-free deposit and withdrawal options, providing you with full control over your funds. With no fees eating into your profits, you can optimize your trading strategies without the worry of additional costs.
  • 0 Pips: Trade from as low as 0 pips, optimizing your profit potential. Tight spreads are essential for traders looking to enter and exit positions with minimal price differences, enhancing the overall trading experience.
  • $5 Minimum Funding Requirement: Start trading with just $5 across all account types, making it accessible for traders of all budgets. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, you can get started with a low initial investment.
  • 1:1000 Dynamic Leverage: FXGT offers dynamic leverage, adjusting based on your trading positions and risk profile, allowing you to tailor your trading strategy effectively. This unique feature ensures that you have the appropriate leverage to match your risk appetite.
  • 24/7 Multilingual Local Support: Access support whenever you need it with 24/7 multilingual assistance from local experts. Customer support is a crucial aspect of successful trading, and FXGT ensures you’re never left without guidance.

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See the comparison of FXGT’s trading account types below:

Features PRO ECN Mini Standard+
Contract Size 100,000 100,000 10,000 100,000
Asset Classes FX Pairs
Equity Indices
FX Pairs
Equity Indices
FX Pairs
Equity Indices
FX Pairs
Equity Indices
Spreads From 5 points 0 points 10 points 10 points
Commission / Transaction Fees $0 Up to $6 round-turn on all FX Asset Classes
Up to $5 round turn for Precious Metals
$0 $0
Leverage Up to 1:1000* based on volume Up to 1:1000* based on volume Up to 1:1000* based on volume Up to 1:1000* based on volume
First Transfer-in to MT4/MT5 Trading Account $5 $5 $5 $5
Promotions / Bonuses X X
Minimum Trade Size 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
Maximum Trade Size 200 Lots 200 Lots 200 Lots 100 Lots
Maximum Volume Limit 200 Lots 200 Lots 500 Lots 200 Lots
Trading Platforms MT5/MT4 Desktop, Web, Mobile MT5/MT4 Desktop, Web, Mobile MT5/MT4 Desktop, Web, Mobile MT5/MT4 Desktop, Web, Mobile
Order Execution Market Market Market Market
Margin Call 50% 70% 70% 70%
Stop Out 20% 40% 40% 40%
Swap-free days allowance FX, Metals, Equity Indices, Energies: 6 days
Stocks: 0 days
Gold, Equity Indices: 3 days
FX, Energies, Stocks: 0 days
All assets: 0 days
FX, Metals, Equity Indices, Stocks: 0 days FX, Metals, Equity Indices, Stocks: 0 days
Swap Free account (on request)
Limit & Stop Levels
Maximum Number of Positions 200 200 150 100
Maximum Number of Pending Orders 200 200 50 100
Negative Balance Protection
Sign Up Open PRO Account Open ECN Account Open Mini Account Open Standard+ Account

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FXGT’s MetaTrader Platforms

FXGT offers two powerful trading platforms, MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). These platforms are renowned for their reliability, flexibility, and advanced features. Here’s a quick comparison:

Feature MT5 MT4
Markets Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Futures, Options Forex, CFDs
Indicators 38 30
Pending order types 6 4
Order execution types 4 3
Chart timeframes 21 9
Graphing objects 46 31
One Click Trading
Netting No
Economic calendar No
Market depth No
Reports HTML & Open XML table formats Tables only
Devices Desktop, WebTrader, Android, macOS, iOS Desktop, WebTrader, Android, macOS, iOS

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Enhanced Speed:
Experience quick and efficient trading with ultra-fast order execution times on a 64-bit operating system. This speed is crucial for capturing fast-moving market opportunities.
Indicators & Analytics:
Access 38 built-in indicators, 22 analytical tools, and 46 graphical objects for in-depth analysis. This extensive toolkit empowers you with valuable insights for better decision-making.
Advanced Back Testing:
Test your trading strategies with simultaneous multi-currency back testing. This feature allows you to assess the effectiveness of your strategies before applying them in live markets.
Market Depth:
Benefit from a greater depth of market and choose from up to 21 chart timeframes. A deeper market view can help you make more informed trading decisions.

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Multifunctional Elements:
Enjoy a user-friendly platform with versatile features. MT4 is well-known for its ease of use, making it suitable for traders of all experience levels.
Automated Trading:
Access pre-installed Expert Advisors (EAs) and technical indicators via the renowned MQL4 Language. Automated trading can save time and help execute strategies with precision.
Hedging Support:
Manage risk effectively by trading both long and short positions on the same instrument. Hedging can be a valuable strategy for risk mitigation.
Traditional Timeframes:
Choose from nine available chart timeframes for flexibility. Whether you prefer short-term or long-term trading, MT4 accommodates your preferences.

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FXGT’s Diverse Asset Classes

FXGT provides access to hundreds of CFD stocks, forex (FX), and commodities, all from a single account. Explore global markets, diversify your portfolio, and seize opportunities across asset classes. Trade popular currency pairs, stock CFDs, precious metals, energy commodities, and more.

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Flexible Trading Hours on FXGT’s platforms

Take advantage of FXGT’s flexible trading hours. Here’s a breakdown by asset class:

Category Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
FX 00:00 – 23:59 00:00 – 23:59 00:00 – 23:59 00:00 – 23:59 00:00 – 23:59 Closed Closed
Precious Metals (Break at 24:00-01:00) 01:00 – 24:00 01:00 – 24:00 01:00 – 24:00 01:00 – 24:00 01:00 – 24:00 Closed Closed
Energies – USOil (Break at 24:00-01:00) 01:00-24:00 01:00-24:00 01:00-24:00 01:00-24:00 01:00-24:00 Closed Closed
Energies – UKOil (Break at 24:00-03:00) 03:00-24:00 03:00-24:00 03:00-24:00 03:00-24:00 03:00-24:00 Closed Closed
Energies – NGAS (Break at 23:55-01:05) 01:05 – 23:55 01:05 – 23:55 01:05 – 23:55 01:05 – 23:55 01:05 – 23:55 Closed Closed
Equity Indices – UK100 (Break at 23:00-01:05) 01:05- 23:00 01:05- 23:00 01:05- 23:00 01:05- 23:00 01:05- 23:00 Closed Closed
Equity Indices – US500, US30, US100, NAS100, JP225 (Break at 24:00-01:00) 01:00 – 24:00 01:00 – 24:00 01:00 – 24:00 01:00 – 24:00 01:00 – 24:00 Closed Closed
Equity Indices – FRA40 & GER40 (Break at 23:00-10:30) 10:30 – 23:00 10:30 – 23:00 10:30 – 23:00 10:30 – 23:00 10:30 – 23:00 Closed Closed
Stocks 16:30 – 23:00 16:30 – 23:00 16:30 – 23:00 16:30 – 23:00 16:30 – 23:00 Closed Closed
  • FX: Trade 24/7, allowing you to capitalize on global forex market movements at any time.
  • Precious Metals: Trade around the clock with a break from 24:00-01:00. This extended trading window ensures you can access precious metals when it suits you.
  • Energies (USOil, UKOil, NGAS): Continuous trading with short breaks. Energy commodities offer trading opportunities throughout the day and night.
  • Equity Indices (Various): Trade throughout the day with minor breaks. Equity indices from different regions provide diverse trading opportunities.
  • Stocks: Trade during market hours. Stock CFDs are available for trading when the underlying stock markets are open.

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Trading Portal of FXGT

FXGT offers a comprehensive trading portal, giving you complete control and flexibility in managing your funds and accounts. It includes:

  • Accounts: Open demo or live trading accounts in various supported base currencies. Choose the account type that aligns with your trading goals.
  • Deposits: Instantly fund your eWallets and transfer funds to your trading account with ease. FXGT supports various deposit methods for your convenience.
  • Withdrawals: Withdraw funds 24/7 and transfer them between accounts. Enjoy hassle-free withdrawals and efficient fund management.
  • Reports: Keep track of your financial history with deposit, withdrawal, and transfer records. Detailed reports help you monitor your trading activity.
  • Support: Access 24/7 multilingual support via Live Chat or Email. Whether you have questions or need assistance, help is always available.
  • 2 Factor ID: Enhance the security of your account with 2-factor authentication. Protect your account from unauthorized access.
  • E Wallets: Manage fiat currencies in multiple eWallets for maximum security and flexibility. Easily move funds between your eWallets and trading accounts.

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VPS Hosting for EA traders

FXGT offers VPS hosting to power up your trades. Enjoy 24/7 access to high-speed servers, even when your PC is offline. It eliminates downtime and ensures smooth trading:

  • Stable and Reliable: Trade with confidence on a secure server. VPS hosting minimizes the risk of connectivity issues, power loss, or hardware failures.
  • Optimal Speed: Minimize order execution latencies to near-zero. Lightning-fast speeds are essential for executing trades swiftly.
  • 24-Hour Trading: Access your trading account anytime, allowing you to capitalize on market opportunities around the clock.

FXGT’s MetaTrader VPS boasts 3 GB RAM and 1 vCPU, fully integrated into MT5. Best of all, you can get your VPS for free by meeting certain requirements, making it accessible to traders looking to optimize their trading performance.

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FXGT’s Bonus Promotions and Contests

Boost your trading with FXGT’s exclusive bonuses and offers. From trading competitions to loyalty bonuses, FXGT has something for every trader:

Trading Competition:
Compete for a share of a $35,000 prize pool. Open a live MT4 or MT5 ECN or PRO trading account, have a minimum balance of 200 USD before the competition starts, and 50 winners will be rewarded from the $35,000 USD prize pool.
25% Loyalty Bonus:
Get rewarded for your loyalty with a bonus of up to $10,000! Receive a 25% bonus on all transfer-ins, with a total bonus limit of $10,000. Eligible accounts include Mini and Standard+.
Loyalty Reset Bonus:
Hit the Loyalty Bonus limit, and FXGT will keep resetting the bonus back to zero! Meet certain criteria, including being an active trader, exhausting the Loyalty Bonus limit, and completing a cumulative trading volume of 40 GTLots.
VPS Sponsorship Program:
Power up your trades with VPS Hosting! Get 24/7 access to high-speed servers and keep your EAs running offline. Enjoy uninterrupted trading on a safe and secure server, open trades at lightning-fast speeds, and minimize order execution latencies to near-zero. To qualify for the VPS Sponsorship Program, meet the minimum trading account equity of $3,000 and maintain a minimum monthly trading volume of 5 GTLots.

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The Ultimate Trading Choice

FXGT empowers traders to explore FX, CFDs, and stocks with an established global broker. It prioritizes the security of your funds through segregated accounts, negative balance protection, and regulatory compliance. With FXGT, you’re not just trading; you’re trading with peace of mind.

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Getting Started with FXGT

  1. Create a profile: Begin your journey by creating a profile on FXGT. It’s a quick and straightforward process, allowing you to get started in minutes.
  2. Choose your account type: Select the account type that aligns with your trading style and objectives. FXGT offers various account types to suit different trader preferences.
  3. Fund your trading account: Deposit funds into your trading account using the secure and convenient deposit methods provided by FXGT. You can start trading once your account is funded.
  4. Start trading: With your account set up and funded, you’re ready to dive into the exciting world of trading. Explore the diverse asset classes, utilize unique account features, and take advantage of FXGT’s powerful trading platforms to make informed trading decisions.

Join FXGT today and unlock the world of trading like never before. With exceptional features, unbeatable trading conditions, and a commitment to your success, FXGT is your partner in financial market excellence.

FXGT Ratings And Reviews

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4.3 rating based on 35 ratings
4.3/5 35

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FXGT Company Profile

FXGT offers traders a comprehensive range of features, including zero swaps, fee-free transactions, flexible trading hours, and powerful MetaTrader platforms, empowering them to trade various asset classes with ease and security.

* CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.
Regulations & Licenses
Company 360 Degrees Markets Ltd
Founded 2012 (12 years)
Country Base Republic of Seychelles
Headquaters Room 12, First Floor, Kingsgate House, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
Traders Rating
4.3 rating based on 35 ratings
4.3/5 35
Supported Platforms
Maximum Leverage 1,000:1 *
Crypto-Currencies Not Available
Negative Balance Offer Negative Balance Protection
Client Funds Safety Segregated
Deposit Methods
Withdrawal Methods

Company Categories

Disclaimer about leverage:

Leverage is offered based on your knowledge and experience. The leverage /margin requirements may be subject to change as subject of applicable regulation in your country of residence.


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