What is Spectre AI?

SPECTRE is a website that allows you to trade in the direction of currencies, commodities, stocks and other assets, for financial gain. Uniquely, it offers the ability for traders to earn up to 100% of returns (average 73%) ROI on just 1 trade within minutes (and even seconds).

Unlike traditional brokerages, it sits on top of Spectre AI’s global auditing technology meaning that it provides unparalleled transparency.

Traders may choose the off-site trading account option and never deposit at SPECTRE to trade to see how things work. SPECTRE’s liquidity pool (i.e balance sheet) is owned by Spectre AI’s platform users who receive rewards based on the traded volume in SPECTRE, and not by centralised management.

To start using the service of Spectre AI, you only need $10.00.

We strongly advise starting off with small amounts as financial trading is risky, despite being rewarding.

How does Spectre AI use Cryptocurrency Blockchain?

The blockchain is a globally distributed ledger that uses thousands of decentralized servers around the world to audit and confirm transactions. These can be simple transfers of money or complex smart contract outcomes such as the processing of trades.

It is free of human intervention and by far, the most secure way of confirming transactions today.

In SPECTRE a trader may use the blockchain either as a way to fund their centralized trading account or as a way to trade without ever having to make a deposit by making use of the publicly available smart contracts.

* CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

Service Details

Spectre AI
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