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HotForex is offering all new and existing clients the opportunity to win a unique Paris Saint-Germain experience and fantastic prizes!

Enter the contest and trade as per the specified requirements to access exclusive opportunities at Parc des Princes and beyond.

Join HotForex’s Road to Paris trading contest

Trade your way to Paris this season!

HotForex’s Road to Paris trading contest is live again, promising new thrills and giving YOU the chance to be the BIG LUCKY WINNER of a unique Paris Saint-Germain experience which includes:

  • Attending a training session of your favourite PSG players
  • Two matchday VIP seats to experience the thrill of the game like never before
  • Two stadium tour tickets to discover the Parisian arena from the inside
  • Flight tickets & paid accommodation

Generous CASH PRIZES for the next 2nd-5th top traders and $500 cash prize to the trader who shows the greatest improvement every week.

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Rules of HotForex’s Road to Paris trading contest

The Contest is available to all Clients of HotForex who have satisfied the Criteria for this Contest as set out in the Contest’s Terms and Conditions.

In order for a Client to be eligible to participate in the Contest he must have opened a myHF Account with HotForex as per the Account Opening Agreement and must have been approved by HotForex as its Client, and he must have completed the age of 18 or the legal age applied in his country of residence or must not be otherwise considered as a ‘minor’ in his country of residence.

The Client hereby acknowledges, confirms and accepts to be legally bound by the Contest’s Terms and Conditions and/or any other legally binding agreement between him and HotForex.

The Contest registration period runs from the 28th of February 2022 till the 22nd of April 2022. The Client registers for the Contest by opening a Contest account via his myHF client area.

The Contest trading period will run from the 28th of February 2022 10:00 server time till 29th of April 2022 23:59 server time.

On 29th of April 2022 at 23:59 Server time, all open trades will be closed and trading on Contest accounts will be disabled. The results of the Contest will then be calculated.

To be able to participate in the Contest, the Client must make a minimum initial transfer of at least 250 USD / 100,000 NGN/ 28,000 JPY into his Contest account where it can be either a single deposit or multiple deposits. The deposit(s) must be received maximum 2 days before the first contest account creation (or later).

External transfers are counted as deposits.

The Contest account base currency shall be in USD or NGN or JPY only.

The Contest account settings are based on Premium Account settings.

Only forex, cryptocurrencies, gold, silver and oil instruments may be traded.

Expert Advisors (EAs) may be used.

The maximum leverage applied on the Contest account can be 1:400.

No bonuses can be applied to the Contest accounts.

No affiliate rebates can be paid from the trading activity done in the Contest accounts.

Contest accounts cannot be Islamic Accounts.

Multiple subsequent transfers into Contest accounts are permitted. However, the minimum incremental (additional) transfer is 50 USD / 20,000 NGN/ 5,700 JPY.

No withdrawals are allowed on the Contest account during the Registration and Trading Period. If a Client wishes to withdraw any funds from the Contest account, he will be able to request it from his myHF area. The Contest account will then be disqualified, any
remaining funds will be transferred to the client’s myHF account and the trading account will be permanently archived.

Only one (1) Contest account can be opened. In case the client wishes to open a new Contest account, he will be able to request it from his myHF area and upon his request, his active contest account will be terminated. Once his active contest account is
archived, he may proceed with opening a new Contest account via his myHF client area.

A Client can only open up to 5 new Contest accounts.

The contest ranking and winners’ calculation is based on a time-weighed return equation, whereby all deposits and withdrawals are taken into account during the time of the Contest and the rate of return is calculated on a per-transaction basis.

In the event that there is a tie between accounts, the account with the lower maximum drawdown will be the winner. The maximum drawdown is the highest difference between the highest balance and the lowest balance of the account.


Client A deposits 500 USD

Client B deposits 500 USD

Client A balance goes to 0 USD and then redeposits 500 USD

Client B balance goes to 300 USD and deposits another 500 USD

Currently, both have now had 2000 USD balance, meaning a 100% gain

(1000 / (500+500) * 100

Client B wins the contest, as his drawdown is smaller than Client A’s drawdown.

After the evaluation period, all Contest accounts will be archived.

The winning Clients with the highest percentage return shall be awarded the following

Prizes are:

a) 1st place:

  • Attend a PSG training before a PSG home Ligue 1 game at the Parc des Princes stadium;
  • 2 VIP seats for the same PSG home game at the same stadium;
  • 2 Parc des Princes stadium tour tickets;
  • Business Class Flight tickets to Paris for 2 people and Accommodation;
  • If Covid restrictions are in place, the winner will get instead of the above, the amount of 5,000 USD in cash in his/her wallet.

b) 2nd place: 1,000 USD Cash Prize;

c) 3rd place: 1,000 USD Cash Prize;

d) 4th place: 1,000 USD Cash Prize;

e) 5th place: 1,000 USD Cash Prize.

In addition, every Wednesday, starting from Wednesday 09/03/2022 and finishing on Wednesday 27/04/2022, the participant who managed to jump the most places in the ranking compared to last week shall receive 500 USD Cash Prize in his/her myHF account.

The Cash Prizes can be traded or withdrawn.



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