What is the Client Area and Personal Wallet?

Client account of a “Wallet” type is just a client’s internal cash account, opened with online Forex and CFD brokers.

It is created for convenience and centralization of all transactions between the client and the company.

Client uses such account by making all external transfers from his or her outside accounts to it and vice versa.

It significantly lowers the risk of system errors and human factor, when client has many different trading and/or investment accounts, between which the funds are transferred and accounted for.

By default, such account is opened for the client at the moment of his or her registration and identity confirmation with the online Forex and CFD brokers.

Secure Transactions and Account Management

Wallet account is created so that the client could deposit money into trading or investment programs.

When opening an account, client receives a unique ID – identification number visible on “MY PROFILE” page of the Personal account.

When transferring client’s money from his or her outside accounts to the account, opened with online Forex and CFD brokers, this exact account number of the Wallet must be specified in the “payment reference” section, not any other trading or investment account.

Such model allows to increase the level of control, identification and safety of clients’ funds when executing and processing transfers.

Transferring funds between wallets and accounts

Transfer of funds to and from the Wallet can be done via Personal account interface by using designated buttons in the overall table of client accounts.

For example: To add funds to the trading account on the market, money follow the route: Client’s bank account – Client’s cash account (Wallet) – Client’s trading account for stock markets.

To withdraw money from any of client’s investment or trading accounts with online Forex and CFD brokers, funds shall follow the route: Client’s trading (investment) account – Client’s cash account (Wallet) – Client’s bank account.

To transfer money between accounts, they shall follow the route: Trading (investment) account – Cash account (Wallet) – Trading (investment) account or another Wallet.

All opened client accounts are available via the Personal account interface as well as from the dropdown menu inside the trading platform itself.

And if the client has filed a request for any transaction with his or her Wallet, deposit or withdrawal of funds can be seen timely via the trading platform.

Besides, there is often an in-built secure chat inside the trading platform, allowing clients to contact company professionals with any arising questions.

What you can do in Client Area (wallet)?

Personal Profile serves an important information and communication function in information and notification exchange between the client and the company’s technology office.

The following options and transactions are normally available to the client via Personal account:

  • Management and monitoring of all accounts, including any trading, demo and investment accounts;
  • Opening new and additional accounts, needed by the client;
  • Information subscriptions – analytics products and customer newsletters;
  • Control of receipt and withdrawal of funds to and from your Wallet – your personal money account with the broker;
  • Transfer of funds from your Wallet to trading and investment accounts, as well as their transfer back to your Wallet;
  • Making requests to set up professional products and services;
  • Opportunity to receive latest updates from personal manager and communicate with company professionals on all current issues;
  • Receipt of reports on accounts

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