Superforex-Hot-Bonus-increases-to-300%.-Unlimited-investment-possibilities-with-the-new-Hot-Bonus-SuperForex-version. Superforex-Hot-Bonus-increases-to-300%.-Unlimited-investment-possibilities-with-the-new-Hot-Bonus-SuperForex-version.

Hot Bonus 300% Superforex

SuperForex, in its constant evolution, constantly proposes new initiatives to guarantee its trusted customer’s impeccable services, great earning opportunities and unprecedented promotional initiatives.

Recently, by publishing company news on the official website, SuperForex announced important updates regarding the already known Hot Bonus, which starting from 10 February 2022 will be 300%!

Traders who decide to join the new Hot Bonus initiative will be able to receive 300% bonus on deposits over $ 100 and 150% for deposits below $ 100, taking into account that there are no limits on the maximum or minimum amount of deposit.

We would like to remind you that this fantastic promotion does not have any particular restrictions.

  1. There is no requirement on traded lots for the withdrawal of any profits.
  2. There are no restrictions on the use of the available tools.
  3. No limits on withdrawable amounts.
  4. Each trader can claim the bonus 3 times, once for each single account.

Get SuperForex’s 300% Hot Bonus

Claim 300% Hot Bonus

The conditions that will allow traders to access the promotion are extremely simple, the applicant must first of all be the holder of a real SuperForex account from which he will be able to access the Dashboard, where it will be possible to request the bonus of 300% or 150%, based on to the total amount deposited.

It is important to note that the Hot Bonus is only compatible with the SuperForex Energy Bonus, in the event that the applicant has requested other promotions that are not compatible with the offer, if he wants to take advantage of this opportunity, he must necessarily open a new SuperForex account.

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Main features of the new Hot Bonus 300% offered by SuperForex

The improvements made to the Hot Bonus 300% SuperForex promotion will allow traders who subscribe to the offer to place orders with significantly higher volumes than the deposit made, thus obtaining a significant increase in potential profits.

But it will be necessary to hurry, the promotion recently offered will be active for a limited time, so interested traders will not have to waste precious time and make the request as soon as possible in order to access the Hot Bonus 300% SuperForex promotion.

The main features forming part of the 300% Hot Bonus promotional structure are the following.

Unlimited storage.
SuperForex will not set any maximum deposit limit for the redemption of the bonus, the benefits are unlimited to say the least.
No quantity of lots traded required.
There is no clause that provides for a maximum or minimum number of lots to be exchanged to receive the bonus, as soon as the funds are credited to your real SuperForex account, the bonus will be deposited instantly.
No verification.
The applicant’s account will not be verified in order to access the promotion.
Bonus Withdrawal Conditions.
Funds resulting from the 300% Hot Bonus promotion may be used exclusively for trading and may not be subject to any withdrawal, but the profits generated from trading will be available for withdrawal at any time without any limit.
Bonus Percentage.
The percentage of the Hot Bonus varies according to the deposit made and as mentioned above, with a deposit of over $ 100 you will receive a deposit bonus of 300%, with amounts less than 100% the bonus percentage will drop to 150 %
How many Bonus requests can be made.
Each trader can have free access to the promotion 3 times but not in a single account, it will therefore be necessary to have multiple SuperForex accounts to be able to take advantage of the bonus once for each single account.
No restrictions on trading.
The promotion does not have any trading restrictions, you will be able to implement any strategy, use any service, and trade with any instrument you wish.
Compatibility with other SuperForex promotions.
Hot Bonus of 300% is compatible only and exclusively with the Energy Bonus, traders interested in the promotion having bonuses on their account that are not compatible with the Hot Bonus offer will have to open a new SuperForex account .

Get SuperForex’s 300% Hot Bonus

How to access the promotion

All traders holding a SuperForex real account will have the opportunity to access the promotion, in the event that the interested party does not have one, he will necessarily have to open a new one real SuperForex account.

By following the next simple steps you will be able to receive this fantastic promotion.

Open a SuperForex Real Account
In order to take advantage of the extraordinary advantages of the new SuperForex promotion, the new trader wishing to access will have to open a new real account, provide all sensitive data in the registration form located at the bottom of the page and click on the” Open Account “button.
Claim the Bonus
Access the Client’s Cabinet and select the “Bonus” tab located in the top left menu, select 300% Hot Bonus and click on “Get 300% Hot Bonus”.
Make a deposit.
In order to receive the Bonus you will have to deposit funds in your account, the promotional percentage varies according to the deposit made (higher than $ 100 – 300% while lower than $ 100 – 150%) and just made the transaction, the bonus will be instantly credited to your SuperForex account.


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