OctaTrader platform powered by OctaFX.

A latest generation trading software WILL satisfy any trader’s needs.

OctaFX Launches the new OctaTrader platform

Offering ALL customers a trading platform capable of satisfying any need is a difficult goal to achieve.

Each trader differs in his style, investment preferences, and habits and creating software capable of offering a versatile and compatible trading environment is a feat that the international broker OctaFX has successfully achieved.

It all began more than two years ago. The project was focused on creating a platform that fully reflected the real preferences of traders from all over the world.

Making use of a team of highly qualified experts, the company has launched a research and development program, interviewing traders from all over the world to understand their real needs and discuss the creation of a unique platform of its kind, designed by traders for traders.

The new OctaTrader platform is the result.

A latest generation platform that offers technologically advanced tools and services able to support traders in achieving their goals.

An extremely intuitive and simple to use software that guarantees a clear and easy to consult trading environment, so as to be able to minimize the risks deriving from misinformation.

The platform has been available in “beta” since December 22, but only for 50% of the broker’s clients.

The software structure will undergo the last stages of updating and will be available soon.

The date for the official launch of the platform is January 10th and anyone will be able to discover its features by opening a new OctaTrader account and starting to invest by taking advantage of its features.

Time factor
Fast transactions thanks to an interface that allows you to access your profile, accounts and trading activities with one click.
With free access via any device you can have full control over your trading in any place and at any time.
Innovative tools
Simple and immediate access to market analyses will allow the trader to study the markets deeply and take advantage of their opportunities.

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Main features of the OctaTrader platform

As already mentioned, the software offers advanced tools and services that create a trading environment capable of satisfying any need.

Novice and experienced traders of all types will benefit from using a wide range of charts, popular indicators, powerful visual technical analysis tools, 9 timeframes for any trading style, a helpful multilingual interface and multiple account management.

The platform is available in web and mobile versions (for both IOS and Android devices)

OctaTrader web version
By using the web version of the platform, traders will be able to take advantage of all the services and tools available without necessarily having to download or install them. This feature allows the customer to have full control of their operations being able to use OctaTrader on any device by simply logging into their account.
Mobile version for IOS devices
To be able to use the platform on your IOS device, just download the OctaTrader app from the Apple Store.
Mobile version for Android devices
The OctaFX Trading App for Android smartphones or tablets can be downloaded from Google Play.

We would like to remind you that platform services and tools do not vary according to the versions available.

All OctaTrader platforms have the same features regardless of format.

The broker’s goal is to create a trading environment suitable for any need and accessible to everyone at any time.

Regardless of the level of experience and knowledge in the world of trading, each customer will find his balance to be able to develop winning strategies thanks to the extreme versatility of the software.

  • One click trading.
  • Continuous receipt of terminal alerts and notifications.
  • Useful information on the launch of new advantageous promotions and brokerage programs.
  • Seamless deposits and withdrawals.
  • Simple access to constantly updated accurate analysis.
  • Customer support synchronized with platform developers
  • Tradings that can be carried out directly from the charts.
  • Customizable Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.
  • Possibility to use the “partial closure of orders” option
  • Various pending orders

Open a real account with OctaFX

How to open an account with OctaTrader platform?

Opening a new account to start investing using the new platform offered by the broker is an operation that will take a few minutes.

Just follow the next simple steps.

Step 1
Visit the registration page on the official website, fill in the form providing the requested data and click on “Open Account” (or alternatively connect via a social media profile).
Step 2
Confirm the email address by clicking on the confirmation email sent to your mailbox. After that the customer will be redirected to the official website.
Step 3
Provide all the requested personal information and click on the “Continue” button. Carry out a verification process by sending identification and residence documents. Configure your account by selecting OctaTrader as the platform.


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