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This Post has ended its release period. Please check iFOREX's latest information and campaign on iFOREX's company introduction page.

iFOREX - What's now?

We are no longer promoting iFOREX. The information regarding to iFOREX on the website 'Hercules.Finance' maybe outdated. ref. iFOREX

iFOREX offers highly competitive conditions for leveraged margin trading on various financial instruments, and/or underlying assets including Currency pair (Forex), Commodity, Index, Share, ETF and Crypto based CFDs.

Who is iForex?

iForex is an online FX & CFD broker with long history as founded in 1996, and now the broker is fully licensed by CySEC in Cyprus.

“iForex Group” consists of several companies and its community is quite huge.

iForex group is regulated and licensed by several regulatory authorities in the world. The service conditions maybe different depending on the country you reside in.

As a “Pioneer” within Retail Forex market, iForex’s service is used by many long time investors.

No withdrawal issues or other major complains reported against iForex over the years.

iForex’s advantages are the “Trust” earned by the over 20 years of service, and unique trading services.

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Trading Conditions

iForex offers Forex pairs, Equity Indices, Commodities, Metals, Energies and also Stocks through “FXNet Trader” trading platform.

All financial symbols above are available for trading by just opening one account with 100 USD of deposit.

FXNet Trader isn’t like MT4 or cTrader, but it is an advanced trading platform developed by iForex, and FXNet Trader is very simple & easier to use for anyone.

iForex offers leverage up to 1:400, Stop out is at 0% of your margin level and NBP(Negative Balance Protection) is supported for everyone.

iFOREX’s Negative Balance Protection policy guarantees that the client’s losses are limited to the funds invested in the client’s account. According to this policy, the client shall never have to face a debit balance due to trade losses when trading with iFOREX and client’s potential loss shall be limited to the funds deposited in the Client’s account and to the funds gained by the client, if any.

The spread is fixed from 1.8 pip for Forex pairs, and no extra commissions are charged. (See the real spread of iForex)

The minimum required deposit is 100 USD, and you can trade all financial instruments including Forex, Equity Index, Commodity, Metal and Stocks all together by opening one trading account.

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About the Margin Close-out Protection

Should the funds available in a client’s Equity be equal to or fall below the Maintenance Margin, the Company will auto close the highest consuming Used Margin deal, to achieve the lowest possible Maintenance Margin.

In cases where multiple deals (more than one) are consuming the highest Used Margin equally, the Company will auto close the deal that was opened first.

In the event that the lowest possible Maintenance Margin cannot be achieved by the auto closing of a single deal, the Company will auto close all open deals under a specific instrument.

iFOREX will allow clients the full use of the unrealized profits in their Open Deals, in order to support their losing deals.

iFOREX Official Website

iForex offers variety of Bonus Promotions. Check them out before joining!



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4.9/5 143


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3.5/5 93


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3.6/5 99


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3.9/5 43


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3.9/5 7130


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3.8/5 6911