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Beyond Meat Stock is available on SimpleFX

Beyond Meat Is Now Available on SimpleFX

Stocks of Beyond Meat, a producer of vegan alternatives for pork, beef, and chicken is now available for trading on SimpleFX’s Web Trader.

Beyond Meat (BYND.US) is making rounds among traders.

The plant-based meat alternative producer has entered the Chinese market and is quickly expanding to Europe.

SimplFX welcomes Beyond Meat traders with a trading contest.

Get a chance to receive a share in a $500 reward.

Just trade more on Beyond Meat from July 8th to 15th to get ahead.

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Beyond Meat Stock is 84% up in 2020

Market Price Chart of Beyond Meat (BYND.US) Stocks
Market Price Chart of Beyond Meat (BYND.US) Stocks

The price of Beyond Meat Stock has reached an 84% price increase to date this year.

Up 84% in 2020 and still running, this sudden surge has attracted the great attention to the stock and the future of the company.

Price of Beyond Meat Stock jumped last Wednesday after the company announced its partnership with Alibaba, which plans to expand selling to Freshipoo stores in Beijing and Hangzhou in September.

How do you see the future and the current trend of Beyond Meat Stock market?

Access to SimpleFX Official Website and start analyzing the markets, and invest in the stock.

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Beyond Meat Stock Trading Contest

To celebrate this occasion, SimpleFX will be running a trading volume contest.

In this trading contests, traders of SimpleFX completes with the trading volume of Beyond Meat Stock on the Web Trader.

More you trade, higher the rank you can get, then you can win more amount of cash reward.

The trading volume contest of Beyond Meat Stock runs from July 8th to 15th, 2020.

The total amount of cash reward is $500, and it will be distributed to the top 10 traders in the contest as below.

Contest Ranking Cash Rewards
1st $200
2nd $125
3rd $75
4th to 10th $100 distributed

The contest reward will be paid in in Tether or Bitcoin from SimpleFX, to winners’ live trading accounts.

Go to SimpleFX Official Website and sign up, to earn this opportunity to invest online with SimpleFX.

Go to SimpleFX Official Website

To trade Beyond Meat stocks, just search for “BYND.US” on the search bar on the upper left of your screen, or look under US Equities on the instruments panel on the left.

How to find BYND.US stock market symbol on SimpleFX Web Trader
How to find BYND.US stock market symbol on SimpleFX Web Trader


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