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IronFX and IRONX now has a Single Portal

IronFX (an online Forex and CFD brokerage firm) and IRONX (a Cryptocurrency Exchange) launched a single portal profile that combines both Forex and Digital Asset accounts.

In order to benefit from this new feature an IronFX account will be automatically opened on your behalf, when you signup for IRONX.

Existing clients will benefit from this seamless process, because of the multiple opportunities, which both traditional online trading and digital assets trading can provide.

Traders of IronFX can also benefit from the single portal.

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ironfx iron seamless forex cfd cryptocurrency digital assets

What is the major change for investors?

The upgrade will benefit for traders of both IronFX and IRONX.

IRONX is a Cryptocurrency exchange licensed by Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

With IRONX, you can invest in many digital assets and manage your funds with multiple Cryptocurrency assets through their web-based trading platform.

IronFX is an online Forex and CFD broker with over 1 million traders.

With IronFX, you can invest in spot FX, CFDs, shares, futures, commodities and indices.

The newly introduced system “IRONX Seamless trading environment” makes it possible to benefit from advantages of both platforms.

Open one account and you will have a portal and platforms to invest in any financial markets from all over the world.

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ironfx iron seamless forex cfd cryptocurrency

Exploit the unmatched seamless trading environment

The IRONX Seamless trading environment was launched in December 2019.

Here is a quick refresher of what you can now experience, including access to the full IronFX suite of FX and CFD products.

  1. Seamless Trading Environment
    Common trading environment that will enable you to trade seamlessly in both the worlds of online trading and that of digital assets.
  2. Online Trading and Digital Assets Accounts
    Common back office backbone and best-of-class banking and payment methods available, will allow you to manage your funds between your accounts, efficiently and securely.
  3. Common Portal
    Enjoy effortless and seamless onboarding. Easy and fast deposit process. Instant and secure withdrawals.

For more information about IronFX’s service, go to the official website of IronFX from below.

Visit IronFX Official Website

For more information about IRONX’s service, go to the official website of IRONX from below.

Visit IRONX Official Website

Why trade with IronFX and IRONX?

IronFX and IRONX are working on to improve their service conditions constantly.

There are many advantages that you can benefit from, and the followings are some of them.

  1. Safe and straightforward access to the broadest retail market globally
  2. Utmost liquidity with a robust backing of 1.2 million client base
  3. Fully functional back office and multi-lingual support 24/5
  4. Wide array of funding methods
  5. Expert risk management in place
  6. High frequency and versatile algorithmic trading solutions


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