Complete-portfolio-of-metals-available-for-trading-on-superforex Complete-portfolio-of-metals-available-for-trading-on-superforex

SuperForex and Metal trading

Recently SuperForex, an online broker constantly committed to making its services impeccable and in step with the times, has made available to its traders a complete portfolio of metals, a new tool that will significantly increase the investment possibilities of every trader.

Metals, belonging to the category of raw materials, are very popular and extremely demanded products on the market, being resources having a wide application in various sectors such as the production of cars and machinery, various technologies such as smartphones, computers and equipment of all kinds such as for example solar panels, radar and more.

Since metals are constantly used in various production processes, mainly in the technology and energy sectors, as regards the asset class, they are usually not affected by sudden changes in market sentiment and this makes them a valid option to diversify the investment portfolio and protect yourself from any losses resulting from high-risk trading.

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Available Metals on SuperForex for trading

Despite the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, metals have not been subject to significant price changes, such as aluminum, which has maintained extremely high levels for more than ten years.

The metals made available by SuperForex are the following.

Silvery metal belonging to the list of five ferromagnetic elements, about 77% of nickel is used in the production of austenitic stainless steel, superalloys, rechargeable batteries, catalysts, and other chemicals.
Very ductile metal, in its raw state it is used in various industrial production processes such as casting, extrusion, forging or stamping and is used by industries for the manufacture of an incalculable number of products to be destined for various kinds of uses.
Ductile and malleable transition metal, extremely resistant to corrosion and used in various manufacturing processes involving jewelry, laboratory tools, electrical contacts, electrodes, thermocouples, catalysts, etc.
Extremely rare silver / white metal belonging to the platinum group, it is not subject to oxidation and is used in jewelry and in the production of catalysts, switching systems for telecommunications, in spark plugs for internal combustion engines, and much more.
Used by man for thousands of years for the production of luxury items By far the most ductile and malleable metal and yellow in color, it is not corroded by the air or by most of the existing chemical agents, its alloys are used in the jewelry industry, coin manufacturing, technology and are a currency exchange standard for many nations and its eventual purchase is considered by most traders as a sort of financial refuge in times of market uncertainty.
The ductile and malleable metal of white color, it is the best electrical / thermal conductor existing in nature and finds its use in the manufacture of jewelry, in the production of high conductivity contacts, in dentistry, production of long-lasting batteries, in the chemical industry, in construction.

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Why trade Metals with SuperForex?

Trading on metals is carried out through operations on the trend of market prices with the use of financial derivative instruments such as CFDs and by carrying out price operations with financial derivative products it will not be necessary to physically purchase the metals.

In the list below you will know the main reasons why it is advantageous to invest in metals with SuperForex.

Safe and recognized resource
The value of metals is not subject to considerable fluctuations and this characteristic gives it an excellent security asset in the event of imminent risks or an unfavorable market circumstance.
Long-term investments
Since the fluctuations in the price of metals in the short term are almost non-existent, it is advisable to make long-term investments.
Suitable for beginner trading
Since the price of metals is dependent on global factors, novice traders will have the time to execute a valid strategy that can be as advantageous as possible.

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