LiteFinance-increases-Crypto-Leverage-to-50-for-margin-trading LiteFinance-increases-Crypto-Leverage-to-50-for-margin-trading

LiteFinance increases leverage for crypto trading.

Possibility of crypto trading with a new maximum leverage of 1:50.

New max leverage for crypto investments

LiteFinance, in order to increase both investment and earning opportunities, has recently made changes to the maximum leverage available for crypto trading. From 24 June 2022 each trader will be able to trade on the wide range of cryptocurrency pairs offered by the broker using a maximum leverage of 1:50.

The main features of the recent update on leverage size for crypto pairs are summarized below.

  • The maximum leverage of 1:50 is available for all crypto pairs offered.
  • It will be possible to carry out trades with a larger volume than the capital invested.
  • To be able to keep crypto positions open, 2% of the transaction amount will be sufficient.
  • The update regarding the maximum leverage size offered will be available starting June 24, 2022, at 11:00 (according to GMT + 3, indicated in the trading terminal).
  • It is important to specify that this update will have a retroactive effect, affecting all cryptocurrency positions currently open and the amount of the margin will be reduced proportionally.

When you decide to invest your funds in the cryptocurrency market with LiteFinance, it is advisable to seriously consider the information described above.

For any information visit official website and contact the support team

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Investing in cryptocurrency pairs with LiteFinance

LiteFinance offers its clients a wide range of cryptographic tools that they can invest in.

From the most influential and famous cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dashcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, LiteCoin, Monero, Ripple and ZCash) to other more exotic and less known ones, each trader can decide to invest in the most suitable instrument for their style of trading and your needs.

Investing in crypto with LiteFinace will give the following advantages: Excellent investment alternative compared to more ordinary instruments.

  • Excellent investment alternative to more ordinary instruments.
  • The ultimate in security, reliability and transparency on the decentralized cryptocurrencies offered.
  • Great investment opportunities with high liquidity and volatility of the crypto markets and risk diversification.
  • No financial institution will be able to influence trading operations.
  • The rate is determined depends only on the fluctuations in the demand of the financial market participants.
  • Trading when and where it is deemed necessary, trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For details regarding the contract specifications visit the official website and consult the investment page crypto.

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Spread, Swap and margin interest

  1. Spreads and swaps vary as market fluctuations change. LiteFinance, with reference to the current market conditions, may modify spreads and swaps based on the volatility of any financial instrument and / or changes in interest rates, when it is deemed that such modifications are strictly necessary.
  2. Swaps are calculated at 00:00 each business day, while triple swaps are from Friday to Monday.
  3. Margin interest (i.e. the interest payable for the loan received by the broker for crypto trading) will be automatically charged to the client’s trading account.
  4. Any crypto instrument can be traded at any time of the week except for a technical break on the night of Saturday to Sunday, 03:00 to 05:00 LiteFinance trading server time.


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