LiteFinance-introduces-a-new-mobile-app-for-Android-devices LiteFinance-introduces-a-new-mobile-app-for-Android-devices

Improved graphical interface and software updates for high-performance mobile trading.

New app for Android devices offered by LiteFinance

LiteFinance, which always cares about meeting the needs of its traders, has recently made a significant update of the trading app for Android devices now available on Google Play. Compared to the previous version, the new application features improvements to the graphical interface and important software updates.

The recent changes made, make the new app for Android extremely fast and efficient, with functional characteristics very similar to the desktop version, providing technical indicators and technologically advanced graphical analysis tools.

At the moment, through Google Play, traders will have the possibility to download both the new version of the LiteFinance mobile app and the previous one, but it is advisable to opt for the latest updated version to take advantage of the advantages deriving from the extraordinary speed of execution.

Over 190 trading instruments
LiteFinance has a wide range of trading instruments with extremely advantageous conditions, such as major and exotic currency pairs and cross rates, precious metals, CFDs on shares, major American, European, Australian and Asian stock indices, cryptocurrency, raw materials and much more.
Market and pending orders
A pending order is a type of order that differs from the traditional market order. Pending orders allow you to set up both the purchase and sale of a certain currency pair, subsequently the orders will be executed when the price reaches the previously set level.
One-Click Trading
The “One click trading” service offered by LiteFinance through the use of the MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 platforms simplifies the execution of operations, so as to be able to manage a large number of transactions without wasting time, positively influencing trading results and increasing the odds of profit with a single mouse click.
Six chart types and nine time intervals
Technologically advanced charts for extremely accurate market analysis.
Integrated indicators
Through which it will be possible to process data relating to the previous trend in market prices of any instrument, in order to be able to predict its future trend.
Copy trading is a type of automatic investment that allows you to replicate the operations of another trader, of an algorithm or of certain trading signals. With LiteFinance it is possible to copy the operations of successful traders to be able to exploit their capabilities and share them with others through the copy-trading system.
Chat and analytical channels of integrated traders
To be able to receive the information necessary for a careful market analysis and generate strategies for profitable trading.

Each trader will have the opportunity to take advantage of the main functions of the platform as an integral part of the all-in-one mobile app. Managing your account will be quick with secure deposits and automatic withdrawals of up to $ 3,000 per day.

In case you would like to receive further information, the support team will be active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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