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easyMarkets = Lowest Fixed Spread in the industry

easyMarkets now has the lowest fixed spreads in the industry on MT4.

Not only has the broker lowered the MT4 spreads, but their powerful proprietary platform now features the lowest spreads they’ve ever offered.

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Why trade on MT4 (MetaTrader4) trading platforms?

Most commonly used trading platform in the world, MT4 now offers even lower spread.

As easyMarkets is a NDD (Non Dealing Desk) broker, the easyMarkets’ MT4 allows all Expert Advisors and has an option of “One Click Trading” for free.

Why easyMarkets’ web and app for trading?

easyMarkets’ its own advanced trading platforms are available for Web, iOS and Android devices as app.

The web (or app) provides the ability to trade all financial markets plus Shares/Stocks.

The easyMarkets platform comes with many new convenient features such as dealCancelation™, Freeze Rate and easyTrade.

It also guarantees “Stop Loss” and no slippage.

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Lower fixed spreads on hundeds of instruments

With easyMarkets, you can trade with the lowest fixed spread in the industry from 100 USD of minimum deposit.

The table below some comparisons of these trading platforms:

Trading Platforms Web/App MT4 (MetaTrader4)
Minimum transaction size 0.05 lot 0.01 lot
EUR/USD 1 pip 0.9 pips
GBP/USD 1.7 pips 1.3 pips
USD/JPY 1.5 pips 1.0 pips
WTI(OIL) 0.04 USD .03 USD
XAU 0.40 USD 0.35 USD

Find out more about the conditions of easyMarkets’ trading platforms in the Official Website.

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Trading hundreds of financial markets with easyMarkets

1. Why trade Forex?

Currencies are one of the biggest and most active markets in the World.

The Currency Market (also known as Foreign Exchange, Forex or FX) is popular amongst traders because of its frequent and rapid movements.

Forex trading also gives you higher leverage comparing to other markets, giving you great advantage to trade larger volume.

2. Why trade Precious Metals?

Precious metals are used as safe havens by traders when markets are volatile as they generally move inversely to the currency, stock and bond markets.

Metals are also affected by supply and demand as some have industrial uses such as catalytic converters and electronics.

With easyMarkets, you can invest in Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Copper.

3. Why trade Commodities?

We all use commodities daily – oil, gas, corn, sugar and coffee.

This very active asset class is affected by multiple factors, meaning there is a lot of information regarding the price movements of these instruments.

Investing in what you use everyday makes you more passionate.

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4. Why trade Indices?

Indices are a collections of the world’s most popular stocks.

Generally, indices are considered an economy’s barometer, showing the health of the world’s or a specific country’s economy.

Knowing Indices market gives you the advantages on many other markets.

5. Why trade Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies is the latest market offered by easyMarkets.

Unlike any other asset class, cryptocurrencies experience huge fluctuations in price, in relatively small periods of time.

It’s the newest financial markets created.

6. Why trade Shares?

Shares are favoured by investment professionals due to the sheer amount of information available through earning reports and news outlets.

With shares, you can trade your favourite brands and companies’.

Share/Stock Trading is currently available ONLY with easyMarkets Web Platform and not MT4.


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