‘Leverage’ is a powerful tool for Forex traders.

By utilizing higher leverage, you can invest even from 1 USD in Forex market.

The average Leverage available in Forex market is around 1:200 – 1:500.

Leverage maybe restricted to 1:20 – 1:50 for some countries due to regulatory reasons.

But did you know that there are online FX & CFD brokers which offer extraordinary leverage?

In the below page, you can check out the ‘Ranking of the Highest FX leverage’.

Check the ‘Ranking of the Highest FX leverage’

Now, let’s review the top 3 brokers with the highest Leverage in the world!

1. ForexMart – 1:5000 Leverage

EU regulated MT4 broker, ForexMart offers the Highest Forex Leverage in the world.

Although, the condition (leverage 1:5000) is available only to residents of limited countries.

You maybe eligible to take advantage of this trading condition?

Visit ForexMart’s official website from below to find out!

NBP (Negative Balance Protection) is fully supported.

ForexMart Official Website

2. FBS – 1:3000 Leverage

FBS’s 1:3000 leverage is available for all traders.

The broker with over 8 million traders registered. It’s not just the Leverage, but they also have 10 attractive Bonus Promotions and great Trading Conditions.

You can start with $50 No Deposit Bonus and $123 No Deposit Bonus, to find out how FBS is providing amazing service for traders.

1:3000 leverage is available with Standard, ECN and Zero Spread account types.

NBP (Negative Balance Protection) is fully supported.

FBS Official Website

3. JustForex – 1:3000 Leverage

JustForex’s 1:3000 is available on MT4 for traders from all over the world.

Only with Hercules Finance, you can get the following conditions in one MT4 account:

  1. Leverage 1:3000
  2. Unlimited $5 per lot Cash Back
  3. 100% Deposit Bonus to get up to $20,000 (available for withdrawal after trading)

You wouldn’t miss out this opportunity. Signup from below to take advantage of all the above promotions!

NBP (Negative Balance Protection) is fully supported.

The promotion is available only with Hercules Finance. To join the promotion, you must signup for JustForex by following the links of this website.

JustForex Official Website



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4.9/5 1168


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4.9/5 144


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3.6/5 99


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