BitMEX is ready to run another Gorgeous Bonus Promotion for Crypto-currency traders!

This time BitMEX will give away:

The total of $100,000 to Crypto-currency traders!

The promotion runs from February 7th at 00:00 to February 9th at 00:00.

The time above follows UTC.

How the Cash Prizes will be distributed?

The cash prizes, the total of $100,000(USD) will be distributed to 4 traders as below:

  1. $50K to the trader who continuously quotes the largest two-sided volume within a 0.5% spread.
  2. $25K to the trader who continuously quotes the second largest two-sided volume within a 0.5% spread.
  3. $20K to the trader who has the largest profit (in XBT) from trading the Neo (NEOG18) contract.
  4. $5K to a trader who trades at least one Neo (NEOG18) contract.*
All trader who traded more than 1 Neo(NEOG18) contract will be automatically entered a random draw to win this prize.*

How to participate to this Promotion?

Participation to the contest is quite simple.

1. Signup for BitMEX for Free.

Sign Up for BitMEX

2. Make a Deposit

3. Trade Neo (NEOG18)

Now, you are already included to the promotion!

Terms & Conditions of the Promotion

  1. BitMEX reserves the right to cancel or amend the rules and conditions at its sole discretion at anytime.
  2. Any participants who intend to manipulate the rules and conditions will be excluded from the promotion immediately, and this decision will be made at the sole discretion of BitMEX.
  3. Profits are calculated in XBT towards the promotion.
  4. Any traders opened or closed outside of the promotion period won’t be included towards the calculation.
  5. Each investor can win only one prize from the above.
  6. The winners of the contest(the promotion) will be contacted on February 22nd, 2018.
  7. All awards are paid out in Bitcoin at the prevailing price of the .BXBT index at 17 February 2018 at 00:00 UTC.
BitMEX will take snapshots of the orderbook at frequent intervals throughout the competition. A trader will add to their quoted volume in each snapshot by taking the minimum of their quoted bids and quoted asks within 0.25% either side of the midpoint. BitMEX will then sum that volume in each snapshot, and the trader with the largest cumulative volume at the end of the competition will win.


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