New-Online-Wallet-Land-Wallet-with-2.5%-Annual-Interest New-Online-Wallet-Land-Wallet-with-2.5%-Annual-Interest

New Land Wallet with 2.5% Annual Interest

Land-FX has announced that the broker has started to provide the online wallet “Land Wallet”.

The “Land Wallet” allows you to manage your own funds by storing them in the fund wallet on MT4 and MT5.

Also, if you apply for a deposit with your Land Wallet balance, you will receive up to 2.5% interest rate benefits.

By opening your own “Land Wallet”, you can move the funds in MT4/MT5 to your wallet and store them.

The fund transfer is completed in real-time.

Open Land Wallet for free

Deposit fixed amount to earn Interest Income

You can apply for a fixed deposit to the balance on the Land Wallet.

Land Wallet offers interest rates from 0.3% up to 2.5% depending on the deposit period.

Here are the main conditions of fixed deposit for Land Wallet:

Deposit period From 7 days minimum to 12 months maximum
Number of accounts with Land Wallet Up to 5
Maximum Deposit Amount Up to $50,000 per user

The base currency of Land Wallet is USD.

Based on the application date, the deposit period will start the next day.

Interest will not be paid if the contract is canceled within the deposit period.

In accordance with Land Wallet’s terms of use, if there is no certain transaction volume in the MT4 and MT5 accounts.

At the time of withdrawal, the deposit fee borne by Land Wallet will be deducted.

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Annual Interest Rate for users of Land Wallet

The annual interest rate you can earn through Land Wallet’s service depends on the number of periods you have the funds in your accounts.

Please see the table below for the details of annual interest income for the users of Land Wallet.

7 days 0.3%
15 days 0.5%
30 days 1.2%
3 months 1.5%
6 months 1.8%
9 months 2.1%
12 months 2.5%

No interest will be accrued after the set period has expired.

Deposit interest will be accrued from the day after the application for deposit.

If the deposit is canceled before the maturity date, Interest will be invalidated and the principal will be returned to Land Wallet.

There are no conditions for interest rate generation

When applying for withdrawal from your MT4 and MT5 accounts, if the withdrawal does not meet the transaction volume for the deposit amount, the deposit fee paid by Land Wallet at the time of deposit will be deducted from the withdrawal amount.



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