Are-you-a-blogger-Write-an-article-for-AZAforex-and-get-10-USD-No-Deposit-Bonus. Are-you-a-blogger-Write-an-article-for-AZAforex-and-get-10-USD-No-Deposit-Bonus.

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How to get AZAforex’s 10 USD No Deposit Bonus?

AZAforex has launched a 10 USD No Deposit Bonus promotion for bloggers and writers.

Do you know how to write Forex-related articles? Do you want to earn some money by writing some articles for AZAforex?

Then this promotion is for you.

By writing an article for AZAforex, you can get AZAforex’s 10 USD No Deposit Bonus.

Your article will be posted on AZAforex’s blog, and you can get 10 USD for each approved article you write.

AZAforex’s 10 USD No Deposit Bonus will be credited to your live trading account (START account type) and you can immediately start trading Forex and CFDs without making a deposit at all.

Get AZAforex’s 10 USD No Deposit Bonus

What kind of article you should write?

Not any type of article can be approved by AZAforex.

To get AZAforex’s 10 USD No Deposit Bonus, there are certain conditions that you must meet and your article also pass their assessment.

First of all, the article must be written in English.

The length of the title should be from 45 to 70 characters with a brief description from 150 to 160 characters.

The article itself must have at least 6000 characters excluding spaces.

Do you think you can achieve that condition?

Then start writing an article for AZAforex and get 10 USD No Deposit Bonus today.

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Withdrawal Condition of AZAforex’s 10 USD No Deposit Bonus

Once AZAforex’s 10 USD No Deposit Bonus is credited to your live trading account, you can start trading freely with the fund.

There are no restrictions to the trading strategies and the use of the bonus fund.

The amount of AZAforex’s No Deposit Bonus can be used only for trading purposes and you can not withdraw them as your profit.

You can only withdraw your profits made in the live trading account, by meeting a certain condition.

To be able to withdraw 1 USD of your profit, you must trade at least 0.3 lots.

The available profit withdrawal amount is from 5 USD to 30 USD.

Only closed orders will be counted when calculating the required volume.

The volume will be counted in which the duration is more than 5 minutes, and the profit or loss must be equal to or greater than the spread for a trading instrument.

For more information about AZAforex’s 10 USD No Deposit Bonus promotion, go to AZAforex’s Official Website.



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