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Promotion Details

Offer 15% Deposit Bonus
Available to All traders of LMFX
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

LMFX 15% Phoenix Deposit Bonus

Along with 100% Deposit Bonus (Deposit Match Bonus), LMFX is willing to offer 15% Phoenix Deposit Bonus for all its traders.

15% Phoenix Deposit Bonus is intended to help investors rise again, here is how it works:

  1. Open an account and make a deposit
    15% of the deposit amount will be pending as a bonus on the account.
  2. Start trading and Reach stop out level
    The phoenix deposit bonus will be credited in case you lost all your trading capital.
  3. Deposit again and Receive 15% bonus
    15% of the first time deposit amount will be credited upon your next deposit.

The bonus is all yours.

You can use the bonus for trading or withdrawal with no limit, thus helping you to rise again with the bonus.

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LMFX 15% Phoenix Deposit Bonus Information

Here are main information of the promotion of LMFX “15% Phoenix Deposit Bonus”.

Promotion Type Deposit Bonus
Bonus Amount 15% (unlimited amount)
Requirement Deposit, Reaching Stop Out and Re-deposit
Withdrawal of Bonus Available with no limit
Withdrawal of your own Fund and Profit Available with no limit

The promotion is available for all traders and all account types of LMFX.

Visit LMFX’s official website to check out the trading conditions below.

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How to get LMFX 15% Phoenix Deposit Bonus?

To signup for LMFX and get the 15% phoenix deposit bonus, follow the steps below.

1. Open a real trading account

Go to LMFX’s online registration page and register online.

All trading account types are eligible to participate in the promotion.

Note that only one trading account per client can participate in the promotion.

Open LMFX Real Account

2. Apply for the promotion and Make a deposit

Login to LMFX’s Client Portal and confirm your participate in the promotion.

Then make a deposit to the live account.

Your total deposit amount before making the first trade, will decide the bonus amount.

3. Start trading

Start trading with LMFX.

There is no trading volume requirement set by the promotion.

4. Reach Stop Out or lose all trading capital

You don’t have to reach, but in case your account reach stop out level and lose all your trading capital, you will be eligible to receive “15% Phoenix Deposit Bonus”.

5. Make a deposit again and Receive the Bonus

Make a deposit again and the bonus amount will be credited together into your account.

The bonus credited into your account is all yours, as in you can use them for trading or withdrawal as you want.

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Fund Withdrawal Condition of LMFX 15% Phoenix Deposit Bonus

You can withdraw your own fund and profit at anytime you want.

Note that any fund withdrawals before receiving the 15% Phoenix Deposit Bonus in the account will result in full removal of pending bonus amount.

The bonus amount can be used for purpose of trading and withdrawal with no limit, once it is credited to a live account.

Any pending bonus amount cannot be used or transferred to other accounts.

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FAQs of LMFX 15% Phoenix Deposit Bonus

Here are frequently asked questions regarding to LMFX’s promotion “15% Phoenix Deposit Bonus”.

Who can participate in the promotion?
All traders of LMFX who haven’t received the bonus can participate in this promotion.
What’s the requirement to get 15% phoenix bonus?
To receive the 15% phoenix bonus, you must deposit, trade, reach stop out level (lose all your fund) and deposit again. For more information, please follow the steps specified in the section above.
I made a deposit but the bonus isn’t credited. Why is that?
Once you make a deposit, the bonus amount will be pending on the account. For the bonus to be credited, please follow the steps specified in the section above.
What’s the maximum bonus amount I can get with this promotion?
There is no maximum limit specified by this promotion. You may simply get 15% of your “First Time Deposit” amount.
Can I also participate in other promotions?
Yes, this promotion does not restrict investors from participating in other promotions. For the list of currently available promotions, please refer to the page here.
What’s the withdrawal requirement of the bonus?
Once the bonus is credited into the relevant account, it will be available for withdrawal immediately.

Do you have other questions in mind?

Visit LMFX Official Website and contact multilingual support team available for 24/5 through live chat window.

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Terms and Conditions of LMFX 15% Phoenix Deposit Bonus

Here are the terms and conditions of LMFX’s promotion “15% Phoenix Bonus”.

For the official and full terms and conditions, please refer to legal files available in LMFX Official Website.

  1. The promotion is available for traders of LMFX.
  2. The bonus amount is decided by the eligible client’s first time deposit amount.
  3. Once the eligible client makes the first time deposit, the bonus amount which is 15% of the deposit amount will be pending on the account.
  4. The “First Time Deposit” includes all funds deposited before making the first trade in the relevant account.
  5. The bonus amount which is 15% of the first time deposit, will be locked once the eligible client makes the first trade in the account.
  6. Any deposits made after the first trade in the account, won’t be calculated for the purpose of Phoenix Deposit Bonus.
  7. Only one phoenix deposit bonus account can be opened per client.
  8. Any fund withdrawal before receiving the phoenix deposit bonus in the account, will cause full removal of the bonus amount.
  9. The phoenix deposit bonus credited into live accounts are available for both trading and fund withdrawal with no limit.
  10. In the event that LMFX suspect that a client has hedged positions within the Company using other accounts or has hedged such transactions with accounts held at other brokers, any pending bonus will be removed as will any active bonus.


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