4xCube makes multiple service updates

In the release that went out today, among previously already deployed new features, the main news is the new design version which is now available with new layout and new functionalities.

4xCube has made multiple service updates which directly affects and improve the functionality of trading tools.

See the list of the recent updates and new services of 4xCube below.

1. Trading Server Time changed to GMT+2

After receiving a lot of feedback from traders, 4xCube has made the decision to change the server time of the MT4 server to be in GMT+2 instead of as they’re now, GMT+1.

The purpose of doing this is to remove the automatic creation if a D1 candle in MT4 server for Sunday since this is a problem for some EAs to handle as well as confusing for clients.

The upgrade dates for the affected London servers will be as follows:

On May 23rd, the change will be made for Demo servers.

On my May 30th, the change will be made for Live 1 server.

On June 6th, the change will be made for Live 2 server.

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2. On Asset Management aspect

  • New and improved statistical values applied for strategies.
  • Trades history is added for MT5 based strategies.
  • Investment statement report has been optimized.
  • On 4xCube’s platform, strategy fees now also support one-time and recurring on tier levels.
  • In Traders Room, 4xCube has added support to download wire instructions as PDF on deposit window.
  • In Introducer Room, 4xCube has added support to set sub IB percentage per commission type (trading, store, pamm profit share).

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3. Educational materials for novice and professional traders

As a full STP broker, 4xCube takes pride in providing the best possible trading conditions, 4xCube also wants to fully support the clients in as many ways as possible.

So apart from 4xCube’s already renowned world-class customer service, they are now excited to introduce 4xCube’s trading education area.

What will the free trading education area offer?

4xCube has created and sourced the finest quality trading education courses, guides, signals, news and webinars.

All the information is available for free and is aimed at a variety of traders from newbies to the more advanced, so you can be sure to find real value in what 4xCube has created just for you.



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