SuperForex-adds-SEK,-HUF,-DKK,-NOK,-CZK-and-NZD-account-currencies SuperForex-adds-SEK,-HUF,-DKK,-NOK,-CZK-and-NZD-account-currencies

New local currencies for ECN accounts with zero exchange fees.

What is a local currency

Local currency (or local currency) is an exchange tool created mainly to simplify transactions, having as its main use the exchange of goods and services.

Having a fiat currency by law, the local currency can be used both as an alternative and complementary to the official currency and the exchange ratio between currency and currency is generally at par.

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SuperForex local currency update

Superforex recently announced the launch of new local currencies available , through which it will be possible to open ECN SuperForex accounts in addition to the more ordinary Standard accounts.

The local currencies that will add to the wide range of currencies already available are the following.

Local currency from Sweden.
Hungarian forint, official currency of Hungary.
Official currency of Denmark.
The krona, Norway’s local currency.
Czech koruna, local currency of the Czech Republic.
Local currency of the state of New Zealand, New Zealand dollar.

The problems arising from the use of an account having a currency other than a card, an electronic wallet or a bank account used for transactions, arising from the large exchange fees due to the companies that execute the transactions.

With ECN accounts having the same base currency as a trader’s bank account this problem does not exist, allowing traders to fully invest their funds, there will be no additional costs on any transactions and commissions on deposits and withdrawals.

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ECN account with SuperForex

The ECN (Electronic Communication Network), is a system that creates a connection bridge between market liquidity providers through the use of an ultra-fast connection to guarantee traders deep liquidity, the ECN SuperForex account was created in order to provide high-level services able to satisfy any request, both from more professional traders in the sector and from inexperienced traders who have recently tried their hand at trading.

Among the main features that are part of this type of account, we can find a social trading service, ultra-low variable spreads, and a particularly high annual percentage gain on unused funds deposited in the trading account.

The ECN technology, on which the entire account structure is based, guarantees very fast and extremely stable executions, a total absence of any requotes and problematic conflicts of interest and every trader will have access to the best prices on the market.

Superforex offers 5 types of ECN accounts, and each customer can choose which of these is most suitable for their needs, investment volume, and trading style.

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SuperForex allows its trusted customers to open multiple ECN accounts in order to be able to test various features and choose the most compatible with their style.

SsupuperForex ECN Standard Account
The ECN Standard account is recommended for traders who prefer an ECN execution but at the same time are not fully sure which of those offered is the most suitable, The ECN Standard account offers numerous benefits, bonuses and promotions to increase the volume of trading and a minimum deposit starting from 1USD.
SuperForex ECN Standard Mini Account
The ECN Standard Mini account is suitable for traders wishing to start investing with funds that are not excessively high and in fact, compared to the standard account, it has a trading volume 10 times lower.
SuperForex ECN Swap Free Account
The ECN Swap-Free account is a type of account that does not include any swap fees, instead of swap points, a certain amount of commissions will be charged on each transaction made. The ECN Swap-Free account is accessible to all traders without any type of territorial restriction.
Mini SuperForex ECN Swap Free Account
The ECN Swap-Free mini account is similar in features to the ECN Swap-Free account, and is suitable for all clients who choose swap-free ECN execution but prefer to make investments that are not too high and the minimum trading volume is 10 times lower than a Swap-Free ECN account offered by SuperForex.
SuperForex ECN Crypto
With the ECN Crypto account, it allows you to trade on Forex and CFDs using Bitcoin with a minimum deposit of 100USD (in BitCoin).


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