SuperForex's-new-Refer-A-Friend-program-with-up-to-$1125-rewards SuperForex's-new-Refer-A-Friend-program-with-up-to-$1125-rewards

SuperForex launches the new “Refer a friend” program.

Whoever introduces a friend receives a treasure. Advantageous earnings are directly credited to the trading account!

Promotion “Refer a friend” offered by SuperForex

Through the publication of an article on the official website deò April 15, 2022, SuperForex, constantly engaged in ‘update of the services offered, has launched the new and advantageous promotion Introduce a friend.

The Refer a Friend program offered by the broker allows any trader to invite their friends, acquaintances, relatives etc. to start a new and profitable trading path with SuperForex. To get started, simply share your personal link and earn up to $ 1125 in bonus funds.

The promotion is structured in such a way as to receive a bonus equal to 50% of the funds that the invited friend has credited to their SuperForex trading account. Each trader will have the opportunity to invite a maximum of three friends, thus obtaining up to 3 Easy Deposit Bonuses and a total profit of up to $ 1125.

Below we will learn about the main features of the new Refer a Friend program offered by SuperForex in detail.

Share the invitation link with one or more friends
In order to take advantage of the promotion offered, the trader can find the link to refer a friend in the Dashboard dedicated to customers. Then proceed to share the link with friends interested in investing in trading. When the friend creates their SuperForex account using the referral link received, they can deposit funds and claim the Easy Deposit Bonus.
Receive bonus funds.
The trader will immediately receive bonus funds on his trading account up to a maximum of 50% of the deposit credited to the account by the invited friend. The Easy Deposit Bonus will be credited automatically so that you can have the maximum amount of funds to be used for trading.
Invite up to three friends.
The trader interested in the Refer a Friend program offered by SuperForex will be able to invite up to three friends and consequently receive three Easy Deposit Bonuses with a maximum profit of $ 1125.

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How to invite a friend to invest with SuperForex

interested traders will be able to join this fantastic promotion offered by following the next simple steps.

Open a SuperForex account.
In order to accept the offer, the trader must open an account compatible with the conditions imposed by the Easy Deposit Bonus: Standard or Swap Free account with leverage of 1: 100 or lower.
Create a separate account to receive bonus funds.
A new SuperForex trading account will need to be opened before the invited friend deposits funds into their account. The funds resulting from the Easy Deposit Bonus will be credited to the newly opened account.
Share the invitation link.
Any investor interested in the program will find the invitation link on the Customer Dashboard home page. It will be possible to share the link through the use of messenger or other social media.

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Why choose SuperForex for trading

Safe and reliable online broker, which constantly satisfies the needs of its customers through continuous updates of the services and tools offered. Regulated by multiple authorities and with over 7 years of industry experience.

  • Unwavering reputation made possible by over a million customers.
  • Wide range of profit withdrawal methods, suitable for any need.
  • Numerous bonuses, promotions and programs offered with the sole aim of increasing the trader’s investment capital.
  • Great mobile app for trading when and where you see fit.

For more information visit official website and contact the supp teamgarden always available for any need.

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List of promotions offered by SuperForex

In addition to the brand new and profitable “Refer a Friend” program offered by SuperForex, the broker has a wide range of extremely advantageous promotional solutions for investing in trading.

Welcome Bonus.
With which new members will be able to receive up to a maximum of 50% for each deposit made (for more information visit official site ).
300% hot bonus
Which will increase your deposit by 300% by crediting your SuperForex trading account of $ 100 or more.
Easy Deposit Bonus.
With this amazing promotion you can receive an incredible 3000% on the deposits made and get a maximum of $ 750.
No Deposit Bonus.
With this offer the trader will be able to receive 88 $ to invest in trading without making any deposit or alternatively with a deposit of only $ 10 receive 99 $.
60% energy bonus.
With the Energy Bonus the trader will receive an incentive equal to 60% on each deposit made.

For any detailed information on the promotions offered by SuperForex, you can visit the official website where you can find out in detail the offers considered most interesting.

It is important to remember that each promotion, in addition to being advantageous for trading, has specific terms and conditions such as compatibility with the types of accounts, the minimum deposit to be made, the trader’s country of origin, type of investment and withdrawal of funds.

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