The-FBS-Trader-Mobile-App-evolves-with-innovative-updates The-FBS-Trader-Mobile-App-evolves-with-innovative-updates

New updates of the FBS mobile app

As FBS is a world-renowned online Forex and CFD broker, licensed and registered by multiple regulators, it expects and ensures that its loyal clients have maximum security and impeccable service due to the more than professional work done by professionals in the sector.

By virtue of this FBS is constantly evolving, thanks to countless updates and innovations.

In the last period, the FBS app has received a very important update.

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FBS all-in-one

FBS’s popular all-in-one trading platform has taken a prominent place when it comes to mobile trading, thanks to brand-new amazing technical analysis features.

The FBS mobile app will allow any trader to carry out trading operations at any time and in any place.

New services with the FBS mobile app

The main services added to this irreplaceable FBS app are:

  • Indicators (including Moving Average and Bollinger Bands, with more updates coming soon!).
    The indicators are the result of various calculations of applied mathematics aiming at a technical analysis to predict price trends.
  • Viewfinder tool, thanks to which it is possible to observe the price at any point chosen by the chart.
  • Sales and purchase orders can be viewed in the labels at the top right of the graph
  • An innovative aspect of the accounts that with the use of various colors makes them extremely easy and intuitive to use.
  • And other minor but no less relevant features that you can discover by visiting the FBS official site.

Open a real account with FBS

If you are not yet part of the large family of FBS traders, now is the time to try !!

In this hectic world, not everyone has the opportunity to sit comfortably in front of a personal computer to invest in their trading.

This is why mobile apps for trading with tablets, phones, and smartphones have become undoubtedly essential.

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In addition to the mobile app just mentioned, FBS makes use of other renowned trading platforms, namely MT4 (MetaTrader4) and MT5 (MetaTrader5).

MT4 (MetaTrader4) and MT5 (MetaTrader5) with FBS

The online trading service made available by FBS through the award-winning MT4 and MT5 platforms allows unlimited access to any trading tool available and ensures that there is no type of restriction inherent in trading strategies on both MT4 and MT5 platforms.

With more than 41 instruments available you will have the opportunity to invest in various financial markets and thanks to the use of STP and ECN technologies, MT4 and MT5 have the lowest trading cost available in the industry.

In order to fully understand all the features of the MT4 and MT5 platforms, we recommend that you visit the official website of FBS.



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