Tickmill-adds-100-new-Stocks-including-FAANG-Stocks Tickmill-adds-100-new-Stocks-including-FAANG-Stocks

Unmissable trading conditions and a wide range of instruments to trade on the Metatrader 5 trading platform

New list of stock CFD assets offered by Tickmill

Recently the broker, in order to respond to the continuous requests of its clients for a trading environment increasingly rich in opportunities, has provided a significant update of the list of CFDs on shares available for investments, introducing a new and promising list of instruments consisting of over 100 CFD shares. This update has resulted in both experienced and novice FX and CFD traders a strong interest aimed at investments with a high probability of profit and extremely competitive trading conditions.

Tickmill’s new list of CFD instruments encompasses a wide range of industrial sectors of various types such as technology, medical, automotive, banking, retail, software and much more to discover by visiting Tickmill Official Website.

Listed below are some of the new CFD stocks offered by the investment broker on the renowned MT5 platform (MetaTrader 5).

  • FAANG Stocks: Meta (Facebook), Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google.
  • Retail: Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba, Home Depot, Shopify, Costco, Walmart
  • Pharmaceutical Sector: Pfizer, Moderna, Biontech, Johnson & Johnson.
  • Banking / Payment Providers: Bank of America, Visa, JP Morgan, Mastercard, PayPal.
  • Technology sector: Microsoft, Intel, Oracle.
  • Communication: Twitter, Baidu, Zoom.
  • Automotive sector: Tesla, Ferrari.
  • Airlines: Boeing, United Airlines Holdings.

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Through an article published on the official website on 04-04-2022, the broker wanted to communicate with great enthusiasm and satisfaction to his traders the addition of the tools listed above. Trickmill guarantees traders, in addition to a safe and regulated trading environment, first-rate trading conditions, ultra-low spreads, no hidden commissions and an all-in-one package for an unrivaled experience.

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Exchanging shares with Trickmill

Trading in CFDs on shares is fundamentally based on speculations on the price of a company’s shares which over time are subject to constant fluctuations. The prices of these shares generally vary depending on numerous factors such as company performance and profitability, supply and demand, interest rates and the satisfaction rating of the company.

In order to increase their earnings by trading in this instrument, traders will be able to implement numerous investment strategies which in most cases are reflected in the opening of long positions, thanks to which traders will be able to benefit from the payment of dividends. With Trickmill any dividend gains will be immediately credited to the trader’s account and the amount of applicable expenses will be automatically deducted in the event of an overdraft.

In order to increase the odds of earning in trading in CFDs on shares, every trader should constantly update himself and acquire as much information as possible by constantly following the company’s earnings reports, company news and the sector in which he operates.

Investing with Trickmill in CFDs on shares has numerous advantages as described below.

High quality and secure trading on the MT5 platform.
One of the most used platforms in the world, offering a wide range of technologically advanced services and tools.
No Commission.
Trading with Trickmill does not involve the payment of any hidden commission, and each operation will be verifiable at any time.
Payment of dividends.
Any dividend resulting from the profits of the company in which you have decided to invest will be credited to your account automatically.
Lightning-fast execution speed.
Each operation will have an impressive execution speed of 0.20s.
Everything is allowed.
Any strategy you decide to implement will be allowed without any restrictions.
Trading with available leverage.
Possibility to exploit a maximum leverage of 1:20.

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Knowing dividends

Any trader who invests in stocks will be entitled to dividends. The dividend represents the portion of profits that a particular company distributes to its shareholders at the end of the year and this payment will be determined by the board of directors. Dividends are normally paid in cash, but may also be issued in the form of shares or other assets. The dividend is normally established both in terms of monetary value and as a percentage of the market value of the share.

Regarding the payment of dividends, it is essential to constantly monitor the dates on which payments are scheduled, given the fact that the latter determines the shareholders entitled to the next dividend payment. the dividend is called the “ex-dividend date”. In the event that a trader owns shares the day before the ex-dividend date, he will subsequently receive the dividend payment.

For almost total control, Trickmill guarantees that the account is not affected by the resulting price action, a cash credit will be made to the trader’s account which will reflect the equivalent amount of the dividend due.

It should be noted that investments in CFDs on shares are characterized by a high risk of loss. Every trader, both experienced and novice, will have to carefully evaluate before acting and evaluate with extreme precision how much he can afford to lose. We therefore recommend that you carefully study the stock market and its characteristics before making any investment.

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