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Fidelis Capital Markets - What's now?

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Fidelis CM(Capital Markets), an online Forex and CFD broker is going to hold a “Live Forex Trading Contest” on November.

The entry is open for now until October 31st, and there is no fees to pay to join the contest.

The prize is Withdrawable 10,000 USD

Hundreds of Forex trading contests are ran by Forex brokers, but almost all of them have got conditions on withdrawals of the funds and to some certain trading activities.

Fidelis CM is different.

The broker offers total of 10,000 USD as contest prizes, and they are all available for withdrawals without any requirements.

The deposited funds of yours and the profits generated in the relevant account is also available withdrawal without any extra conditions, of course.

Also as a STP/ECN Forex broker, Fidelis CM allows any types of trading activities on its trading platform.

To summarize the points, you can do the following things during the contest:

Trade in any kinds of methods

Withdraw the funds at anytime

Withdraw the profits at anytime

Withdraw the prize funds at anytime

No hidden or extra rules added to your trading account, but the accounts and the promotion is completely unlimited!

How to Join the Contest


If you are interested in joining the contest, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Open a Live Account with Fidelis CM from here.
  2. Send a Request to join the Contest
  3. Sign up for the Contest from “Join the Contest Form” in the promotion page of Fidelis CM
  4. Deposit more than 500 USD

The only thing required to join the contest is the deposit of more than 500 USD.

It is not a Demo account with virtual money, but a Live trading account, so you can trade as normal and make profits.

If you win the contest then you will get the extra prize funds, if you couldn’t win the contest then still the profit in the account is all yours.

STP/ECN Trading Environment

Fidelis CM’s main advantage is their STP/ECN trading environment where nothing is restricted on its trading platform.

It is the most fair trading environment without any interferences or manipulations from the broker. Both the price feeds you see and the executions of your orders, naturally come from Fidelis CM’s liquidity providers. 

There are many advantages that you can have by trading with a STP/ECN Forex broker like Fidelis CM.

Why not take the chance of this contest and start trading in the fairest trading environment?

You can find our more of the contest from here.



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