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Tradeview with tighter spreads from 0.0 pips

Since its foundation, Tradeview has build relationships with world’s largest banks and other financial institutions.

Their continued effort in these areas has resulted in Liquidity Providers providing with the lowest spreads that they can possibly offer.

Over the last few weeks Tradeview were able to negotiate and begin relationships with a few more liquidity providers that will be able to show even tighter spreads!

Tradeview has the real-time spread displayed in the main top page of the Official Website where you can see the tighter spreads from 0.0 pips as below.

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What is “Liquidity Provider”?

Tradeview is an online Forex and CFD broker which provides the trading platforms where online investors can trade Forex and CFDs on.

Tradeview is the company which provides the tools and platforms which are needed by investors.

The market prices which are displayed and provided on the trading platforms of Tradeview, are provided from the “Liquidity Providers”.

The liquidity providers are mainly large banks and financial institutions.

Brokers like a Tradeview being able to add more liquidity providers, means that there will be more market liquidity on various prices.

Addition of liquidity providers and market liquidity, just like Tradeview has announced, brings many advantages for traders.

  1. Tighter Spread
  2. Lower possibility of slippage and order rejection
  3. More stable market price movement

true ecn forex tradeview spread

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Tradeview brand acquires new financial licenses

Tradeview brand is expanding its presence into new regions.

Recently, Tradeview has announced that the company is moving into a new office in the Cayman Islands, expanding the presence in Latin America with a new office in Lima, Peru.

Tradeview brand has also acquired a new financial license by the Financial Services Authority in Labuan, Malaysia to help the growth of Tradeview brand even more.

Now the Tradeview brand applied for licenses with the Financial Conduct Authority in London and with the Malta Financial Services Authority in European Union, with the goal to have fully operational offices in the UK and throughout the EU by 2020.

In the near future, we can expect many more updates and improvements from Tradeview, an ECN online Forex and CFD broker.

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