easyMarkets-Integrates-with-TradingView easyMarkets-Integrates-with-TradingView

easyMarkets integrates with Tradingview

easyMarkets is very pleased to announce that it will integrate with the Tradingview platform.

Now easyMarkets’ customers can access Tradingview’s social network for traders, and by connecting their easyMarkets account to the Tradingview interface, they can perform one-click trading directly from the charts and advanced analysis functions.

This service expands the customer’s platform choices, they can trade on the easyMarkets Web and application, MT4, and now Tradingview.

  • A social network dedicated to traders. Share your transactions, strategies and ideas with other traders.
  • Advanced charting. Customize the chart with various overlays and indicator options.
  • In-depth market insights. Use analytics and real-time network charts.

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The advantages of easyMarkets on Tradingview

When using easyMarkets account on Tradingview, you combine easyMarkets industry-leading conditions, standardized trading and narrowing fixed spreads, as well as trader social networks, advanced charts and analysis.

The advantages of easyMarkets are:

No slippage for limit orders
On easyMarkets’ Tradingview, you can setup limit orders that are guaranteed with no slippage.
Narrowing fixed spreads
easyMarkets’ Tradingview will provide you even tighter fixed spread.
Negative balance protection
Don’t worry about exceeded losses. NBP (Negative Balance Protection) is fully supported on easyMarkets’ Tradingview.
Highly rated customer support
Of course, you can get multilingual customer support for 24 hours a day and 5 days a week for easyMarkets’ Tradingview.
Obtain authorization and supervision
easyMarkets is a fully regulated international broker.
No hidden fees or commissions
When you trade on easyMarkets’ Tradingview, you don’t have to worry about trading commission.
EasyMarkets mobile app
Seamless integration-use EasyMarkets app or use Tradingview on EasyMarkets network platform to close open trades.

easyMarkets is developing new products and services in the next fiscal quarter, so stay tuned!

Start Using easyMarkets Tradingview

Why trade with easyMarkets’ Tradingview?

The conditions of easyMarkets not only provide traders with the security of trading with regulated mature brokers, but also provide price transparency.

No slippage on limit orders means that you can safely execute stop loss or take profit at the price you want.

Since the order is executed at a higher or lower price, this can protect you from incurring additional costs or losses.

The narrowing of the fixed spread will not change in the transaction order.

Firstly, it helps you avoid inflated spreads during fluctuations, and secondly allows you to calculate the cost in advance.

Complete price transparency to ensure that easyMarkets does not charge commissions, funds or hidden fees.

All easyMarkets accounts have a negative balance protection function to protect you and your account from loss.

Finally, easyMarkets knows that a high level of customer support is necessary to create an unparalleled trading experience.

Therefore, easyMarkets has the highest rated customer support on Trustpilot.



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