Rules and conditions of XM's Leverage (Margin trading) Rules and conditions of XM's Leverage (Margin trading)

XM Group prides itself on offering ultra-fast trade execution with a commitment to no re-quotes or rejections.

A significant 99.35% of all orders are executed in less than one second, demonstrating the speed and reliability of the trading platform.

This execution speed is part of XM’s core mission to provide clients the quickest entry into the market at the best available prices, opposing any software or methods that undermine execution quality.

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Ultra-Fast Trade Execution

99.35% of orders are executed in less than 1 second.
A strict no re-quotes policy ensures fairness and transparency.

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Order Execution and Placement

Diverse Orders:
Support for market, limit, stop, and trailing stop orders.
Trade online or via phone with real-time market execution.
Open Position Policy:
Up to 300 open positions simultaneously, including pending orders.

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Volume and Market Orders

Large Trades:
Execute up to 5 million with a single click, with guaranteed fills on market orders up to 50 lots.
Stop-Loss and Limit Orders:
Fill guarantees on both stop-loss and limit orders, crucial for effective risk management.

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Spreads and Pricing

Tight Spreads:
As low as 0 pips on major currency pairs.
Fractional Pip Pricing:
For the most accurate quoting and tighter spreads.
Variable Spreads:
Reflecting real-time market conditions without restrictions during news releases.

Trade with the Tight Spread

Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Trading:

Pricing Engine:
Electronic pricing engine updates currency pair prices three times per second, reflecting current global forex market levels.
Trading Platforms:
Cater to any device preference with 10 different trading platforms, ensuring accessibility and convenience.

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Risk Management

Rollover Strategy:
Competitive swap rates, transparent swap rates, and a 3-day rollover strategy.
Interest Rates:
Follows current interest rates for the most accurate rollover calculations.

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Rollover and Overnight Positions

Rollover Interest:
Credited or charged for positions held open overnight, based on rate differentials.
Swap Contract:
Agreed through a swap contract, either as a cost or gain, depending on the position.

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Comprehensive Financial Instruments and Trading Hours

6 Asset Classes:
Including Forex, Individual Stocks, Commodities, Precious Metals, Energies, and Equity Indices.
Over 1000 Instruments:
A vast array of instruments to cater to diverse trading preferences.
Forex Market Hours:
24-hour trading from Sunday 22:05 GMT to Friday 21:50 GMT, covering all major sessions worldwide.

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Customer Support and Services

24/5 Support:
Round-the-clock assistance for any trading-related inquiries or technical issues.
Real-time Information:
Access to the latest financial news and real-time market info for informed trading decisions.

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Account Features and Benefits

No Hidden Fees:
Trade with transparency and confidence, knowing there are no hidden charges.
Best Execution Policy:
A steadfast commitment to ensuring the best possible trading conditions for clients.
Account Types:
Catering to all types of traders, from beginners to experienced, with variable account options.

By continually enhancing its technology and services, XM Group aims to provide an unparalleled trading experience.

The emphasis on speed, reliability, and a diverse range of offerings reflects their commitment to facilitating clients’ trading activities in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

XM’s dedication to transparency, customer service, and comprehensive market access ensures that traders have all the tools and resources they need to make informed and successful trades.



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