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Be aware of market volatility during Coronavirus Pandemic

The ongoing high price volatility in markets is causing sharp moves in assets and wider than usual spreads in spot markets.

This is a result of market makers reducing their risk appetite in the wake of the escalating pandemic.

Specific to gold, major banks across the globe are currently experiencing issues in their quotes, including suspended quotes.

This is leading to frequently interrupted trading and abnormal spreads.

Within the futures market, its liquidity remains thin and inconsistent.

Do practice extra caution, manage your risks prudently and continue to closely monitor the gold situation.

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Markets Realizing Coronavirus Impact

The impact to many economies around the world have already started to feel the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic, however experts warn that the full impact will only be recognisable in the coming years.

Already, the coronavirus pandemic could cause UK economic output to fall by an unprecedented 15% in Q2 and unemployment could easily double.

Oil price have sunk further to just above $20 a barrel and FTSE 100 drops as coronavirus recession hits demand.

These projections are far worse than the 2008 banking crash, and could be the worst three-month period since at least 1997.

Meanwhile, in the USA, the first North American Oil refinery is shutting down due to low demand, there are also fears that the U.S. $3 trillion stimulus package maybe the biggest ever, but it may not be enough.

President Trump has extended the stay at home guidelines till the end of April, contradicting his optimistic, and highly criticised plan to reopen for businesses by mid-April. The peak in the USA is thought to hit in two weeks.

The markets continue to offer multiple strong trends and trading opportunities as the volatility continues on many falling markets.

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What’s the best investment to spend your money?

We are all familiar with the tale about the genie coming out of the bottle and granting all your wishes. However, as the tale progresses, it shows that not all your wishes truly reflect what you want.

Most of the wishes in the tale were unthoughtful and brought about dire consequences.

Today, it’s common to talk about the ways of making money, but how does one spend it in a more meaningful way?

Would you say it’s everyone’s personal decision? Of course it is, however, as practice shows, keeping all your expenses under control brings more joy and positivity into your life.

Let’s point out a few great opportunities to spend your money wisely:

1. Gifts for friends and relatives

Our life is too short and only in time we understand how little attention we paid to the ones closest to us: our parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters.

Our everyday activities consume us, and we keep thinking that some day we will find enough time for the family.

Please stop for a second and arrange a good gift for someone important to you.

Spend this money without any regret because there is no one as precious to us as our family.

Just imagine your grandma or aunt receiving a gift on her birthday when you did not congratulate her in the past 10 years.

You can’t even imagine how much joy that will bring to them, and to you as well.

2. Health

Don’t save time and money on your health, as this is your main asset.

If you’ve got problems with eyesight or your tooth’s been aching for a while, or you have some other health issues, then the busy work schedule and financial difficulties are poor excuses to put off a visit to the doctor.

Take care of your health, and it will not fail you when you need it.

3. Education

You think you know everything and your experience speaks for itself? You’re wrong.

Whatever specialization you acquire and whatever position you end up in, there will always be room for self-improvement.

Look up courses, lectures, and seminars on your topics of interest, and you will see how much stuff you miss out on.

Do you want to always be valuable in the marketplace? Invest in education!

4. Style

Shopping for new clothes doesn’t mean grabbing the first item you see on the shelf.

Your look affects how you and people around you feel.

Think about the items you might need to upgrade in your outfit, then go get a couple of things for the new season and see how everything will shine in new colors.

5. Traveling

It may be hard to believe, but traveling is a powerful source of energy and positivity that can last from 6 months to a full year.

Fly to another country, change your surroundings – we promise you, it will not be a waste of time.

Such trips are necessary for anyone to feel like a free human being.

Of course, it is only practical to choose affordable trip destinations, but any change of the atmosphere is great for you.

6. My home is my castle

Our home is the only place where we feel comfortable and at ease.

Everything there should be exactly the way we like.

If there is a leaking faucet, a blunt knife, or a light bulb that needs to be replaced, it’s time to resolve those irritating distractions.

7. Investments in the future

These expenses are all about the most important things in your life, such as investments in the future of your family.

Successful people always look for opportunities to set up a source of passive income and work toward it all their lives.

If you made your money work for you, then you’re doing it right.

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