Yadix's-new-iPhone-13-Pro-Promotion,-Copy-Trading-and-VPS-service Yadix's-new-iPhone-13-Pro-Promotion,-Copy-Trading-and-VPS-service

Yadix, forever evolving to Support Successful Trading!

As Forex market trading grows in popularity and evolves, the expectation levels of market participants grow beyond what is the reality of real market trading conditions.

The balance between delivering what the traders want and operating a sustainable business model is at the forefront of Yadix’s management’s thoughts, as is the continuation of running a successful brokerage operation, which is not in its 12th year!

At Yadix, they have found a great balance to offer real value for Yadix’s clients, reward IBs and Affiliates and run a healthy operation. The balance is achievable with the constant behind-the-scenes development. Finding the best liquidity and technology providers who combine to deliver exceptional trading performance, and maintain great trading conditions is always the ultimate priority.

The range of tools and rewards (promotions) give great value and trading assistance to all levels of traders, and across multiple accounts. Each one has a specific function, but ultimately, each one is designed to make Yadix clients better traders.

Forex Market Signals
Any traders can access Forex Market Signals, for free, so that they can use the expertise of 17+ professional signals providers to make more informed market trading decisions and hopefully, improve their trading output.
VPS Service
The VPS is a virtual server located in London, close to the trading servers to ensure the fastest connectivity and lowest latency between the client and the Broker. Using a VPS results in faster trade execution, more accurate order filling and of course, helps to eliminate slippage.
Trade Copying
The Social Trading software allows account holders to copy trades from the most successful master traders. The entire process is automated, and no input is required making this solution is ideal for newcomers to forex trading or those with no skills, experience or time.
iPhone 13 Pro Promotion
Yadix has recently offered an extra value promotion for serious traders that would like to get extra value on top of their trading activity, by launching the iPhone 13 Pro Giveaway promotion. Traders simply need to register their accounts, make a deposit, and trade 50 lots in three months (90 days) to claim the brand-new device worth $1,000.

All affiliates, IBs, and traders are invited to review the Yadix Broker offers and conditions and of course, sign up to benefit from any of the tools or rewards.

The Partner’s team is offering up to $1,000 CPA and up to 70% Revenue Share, sign up today.



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