FTSE China A50 and Nifty 50, which allow you to earn on investments in the largest companies in India and China. FTSE China A50 and Nifty 50, which allow you to earn on investments in the largest companies in India and China.

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FTSE China A50 and Nifty 50 Stock Indices now available with JustMarkets.

Invest in the most popular and influential indexes in the Middle East.

FTSE China A50 and Nifty 50 indices offered by JustMarkets

JustMarkets is a world-renowned broker that has always used all its resources to achieve a single goal, the satisfaction of its customers.

In fact, the broker, in addition to offering the latest generation tools and services to be able to support traders’ investments very well, constantly works in the search for increasingly profitable and reliable opportunities to allow its customers to invest in the best possible way while minimizing risks.

JustMarkets recently announced the launch of two new trading instruments, two of the most popular and influential indices in the Asian continent (especially China and India): FTSE China A50 and Nifty 50.

By adding these new products, traders will be able to trade and profit from the investments of the most influential companies in India and China.

Both instruments offered will be described in detail below, so that the interested trader can have adequate information before making any type of investment.

Invest in FTSE China A50 and Nifty 50 on JustMarkets

FTSE China A50 Index

An index that first appeared on the stock markets in 2003, the FTSE China A50 is an index that includes 50 shares of the most influential companies listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges.

The index has allowed traders to have free access to the Chinese market by offering a stable balance between investment potential and representativeness.

The China A50 was developed by FTSE Russell with the aim of replicating the performance of shares denominated “A-shares” to provide a correct assessment of the performance of the shares for trading in mainland China.

Its features allow investors to use it as a basis for and over-the-counter derivatives, mutual funds and ETFs.

A-shares are securities of companies listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges denominated in renminbi (RMB Chinese currency).

For most traders, this tool is considered an excellent option for investing in Chinese markets, being the result of accurate selections deriving from extremely detailed sectoral diversification.

Over time the Chinese state has evolved, changing its status from a developing country to a global economic giant.

This has resulted in an increase in demand for trading on the Chinese markets and the China A50 index has gained considerable popularity among traders from all over the world.

In its history, the index has had significant swings in value:

  • In January 2005, it reached a minimum of about 3670.
  • In January 2007, the strong growth of the Chinese economy brought the index to its all-time high, reaching around 23,160.
  • A sharp drop resulting from the global financial crisis which brought the index to a collapse in January 2008 of about 6070.
  • Moderate recovery in value, which allowed the instrument to trade above 13,000 in January 2009.
  • In November 2019, it traded at 14,000.

All companies represented are strictly regulated and supervised by both the qualified foreign institutional investor and the qualified renminbi investor.

Invest in FTSE China A50 on JustMarkets

Nifty index 50

By far one of the most widely used stock indices in India, the Nifty 50 is a staple for the Indian stock market.

This index represents the value expressed in corporate shares of the most important and profitable Indian companies operating in 12 different sectors including engineering, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, energy, financial services, food, etc.

An index that has long been in the markets, it has been owned and operated by Index and Services and Products Limited (IISL) since 1996.

The Nifty 50 allows traders to take advantage of the swings in the value of 50 of India’s wealthiest domestic companies.

The index is used by investors in a number of ways such as monitoring higher market swings, benchmarking fund portfolios, launching index funds, exchange-traded funds and structured products.

Each of the constituent companies publishes regular reports and is strictly supervised by the Ministry of Finance, the Securities and Exchange Board of India and the Reserve Bank of India.

For any clarification or request, it will be possible to contact the multilingual support team offered by the broker.

Invest in Nifty 50 on JustMarkets

Obviously, Justmarkets traders will be able to trade on both indices using the best investment conditions on the market.

Lightning-fast order execution and a wide range of tools and services designed to facilitate and consequently make any operation more profitable.

No restrictions on the strategies and a maximum leverage of 1:3000 will allow the client to make the most of his potential and obtain the maximum profit from any operation.



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