Zero-Swap-Cost-Cryptocurrency-Trading-on-PUPrime-&-Cashback-Rebate Zero-Swap-Cost-Cryptocurrency-Trading-on-PUPrime-&-Cashback-Rebate

PUPrime launches cashback with zero swap commissions

Find out more about the Cryptocurrency Cashback offered by PUPrime.

trade low-cost cryptocurrencies and earn up to a maximum of $ 10,000 cashback.

New cashback promotion offered by PUPrime

PUPrime has always stood out in offering a trading environment full of opportunities, capable of creating extremely advantageous trading experiences.

To make the investments of its traders even more stimulating, it constantly proposes new initiatives, one of which is cashback with zero swap commissions.

A promotion recently launched by the broker will allow investors to receive excellent refunds simply by trading on cryptocurrencies and carrying out the required number of operations during the entire promotional period.

The trader interested in the initiative will be able to literally double his investment funds up to a maximum of $10,000 in cashback and more without having to pay any swap commission.

In order to participate in the Cryptocurrency Cashback initiative, you must complete the registration form on the web page dedicated to the promotion, make a minimum deposit required of $500, and meet the minimum investment volume equivalent to 0.1 standard lot.

The maximum refund that can be obtained from the promotion is equal to $2 for each lot of cryptocurrency traded.

The only accounts eligible for the initiative are the standard and the Islamic standard.

The trader may decide to invest in a wide range of available crypto instruments excluding ALGUSD, MTCUSD, XRPUSD, BCHUSD, XLMUSD, EOSUSD, BTCBCH, BTCETH, BTCLTC, BTCXAU, ETHBCH, ETHLTC, abd ETHXAU.

The amount of refunds that can be obtained from the Cryptocurrency Cashback promotion changes as the net deposit made to your account changes.

Net deposit in USD (or equivalent currency) Cashback per standard lot
$500 $0.5
$2,000 $1
$5,000 $1.5
$10,000 $2

Both customers already in possession of a PUPrime account and new interested traders will be able to have free access to the Cryptocurrency Cashback promotion which will be valid from 31 August 2022 to 18 September 2022.

Visit the official website of PUPrime

How to apply for the Cryptocurrency Cashback promotion

The trader wishing to take advantage of the benefits deriving from the promotion will be able to proceed with the request by carrying out the next very simple steps.

Log in to your PUPrime account
In order to participate in the initiative, the trader must access his account and in the event that he does not have one, he can quickly provide it by clicking here.
Send your request
Simply contact customer service and fill out the registration form on the promotion page.
Make a deposit (minimum required equal to $500) and start investing in order to accumulate as many refunds as possible before the expiry of the terms of the promotion.

We would like to clarify that the promotion is available on a single account per trader.

A client who has multiple accounts with the broker will be able to make a single request on a single account.

Open a Standard/Islamic Standard account with PUPrime

Terms and conditions of the offer

  1. The promotion is only compatible with Islamic Standards and Standards accounts.
  2. Any trader will be able to apply for the offer, except Chinese Mainland residents.
  3. Deposits will only be considered eligible for the promotion if made throughout the promotional period. The minimum deposit required for activation is $500 for the lowest cashback level of USD 0.50 per lot, the highest level available is $2.00 per lot with a $10,000 fund deposit.
  4. The full refund amount will only be credited to the trader’s account at the end of the promotion period.
  5. The trader will be able to opt for the promotion using a wide range of crypto instruments, except for ALGUSD, MTCUSD, XRPUSD, BCHUSD, XLMUSD, EOSUSD, BTCBCH, BTCETH, BTCLTC, BTCXAU, ETHBCH, ETHLTC, and ETHXAU.
  6. Positions open for less than 5 minutes, pending positions and hedged positions will not be considered eligible for the Crypto Cashback promotion offered by PUPrime.
  7. The Crypto Cashback promotion is compatible with most of the initiatives offered by the broker except for the campaign “Refer a Friend promotion” and “50% Deposit Bonus”.
  8. Customers with multiple accounts with PUPrime may request the promotion only once for a single Standard or Islamic Standard trading account.
  9. To access the initiative offered, the trader must carefully fill in the registration form located on the page dedicated to the Cryptocurrency Cashback promotion. Then deposit the necessary funds. Any internal transfers, refer-a-friend bonuses and money adjustments will not be considered eligible.
  10. All traders who are eligible for the promotion (both new and existing) who fully meet the necessary requirements will be able to receive a refund.
  11. The minimum size of the accumulated trading lot with which it is possible to activate the cashback is equal to 0.1 standard lot. In the event that the customer’s valid trade lot fails to accumulate until the standard 0.1 lot is reached, it will inevitably be canceled.

In addition to the promotion described above, we would like to remind you that starting from 5 September 2022 all swap fees for all crypto instruments will be canceled.

Consequently, all funds that were previously intended to pay expenses can be used in trading with PUPrime.



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