Do you believe in horoscopes? Some successful traders acknowledged that they use all possible sources of information for trading, including astrological predictions.

Just before the Chinese New Year, we prepared a financial horoscope for you.

General recommendations: it’s a time for the opportunities

The Red Fire Cock is a symbol of the coming year.

This is a robust bird with a defiant, explosive temper. Astrologers claim that the coming year has a lot of highlights, steep turns and unexpected discoveries in store for us. The Rooster will give many Zodiac signs the opportunity to find a new business and radically change their life.

However, the Rooster’s hot temper could push you for hasty decisions and distract from the main objective. It is important to maintain concentration and prioritize you needs.

Tip: do not miss your opportunities, but think about the implications.

Business: useful contacts

The coming year is good for business networking and it will be full of useful and interesting contacts. At the same time the explosive nature of the Rooster may cause unexpected conflicts with business partners.

Tip: in case of a conflict, do not give in to emotions and try to settle issues through the dialogue. In that way you won’t just solve the problem but also improve your status.

Money: diligence and success

The coming year is especially favorable in the terms of finance that is definetely good news for Forex traders.

A Rooster is a bright bird that respects money and loves luxury and wealth, and this means that the year 2017 will give you a chance to improve your well-being. The Rooster will help hard-working and persistent people – those who take the luck in their hands.

At the same time the Rooster treats money with respect and does not like to waste it. It is not recommended to make rush purchases.

Tip: Carefully choose what you really need.

Trading: determination and control

A Rooster is a brave and aggressive bird that rushes into battle without hesitation. In 2017 the luck will favor the brave and resolute. This is a great chance to try new trading strategies.

Please note: in the coming year the stars favor the bold, but not the reckless. Keep the hot temper of a rooster under control. Do not neglect risk management, set your stop-losses, avoid impulse deals. While testing a new strategy, don’t risk large amounts and carefully calculate the consequences. Funds insurance will also help you avoid losses.

Also the year 2017 is good for self-development and education, including the area of Forex trading. We recommend you to attend seminars and online courses, read professional literature and analytical materials.

Tip: be persistent and brave but not reckless. And let the luck be on your side!

We wish you successful trading!

Please note: just following the recommendations of your horoscope does not guarantee you unconditional profits. You may apply astrology advice only as part of a holistic analysis of the market.



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