5-Best-Mobile-Forex-Trading-Apps-(Android-&-iPhone)-in-2023 5-Best-Mobile-Forex-Trading-Apps-(Android-&-iPhone)-in-2023

Mobile App for Forex trading

A software that has now become indispensable, created for traders who need to constantly keep their tradings under control despite not having the time factor in their favor.

In fact, not all traders have the possibility of being able to interact on the markets by remaining glued to their computer for work, study or any other matter.

Mobile trading apps are the answer to this problem.

Most of the brokers present all over the world offer their customers the possibility of being able to carry out any trading operation using only their smartphone.

Opening positions, copy trading, depositing funds, withdrawing, you name it.

Nowadays, mobile trading apps have nothing to be considered inferior to the desktop and web versions in terms of the services offered and the speed of execution.

In this article, we will list and describe the 5 best mobile trading apps offered in 2023.

After having carried out careful research and according to our personal opinion, the best apps are offered by the following brokers:

Mobile App Ranking App Name Main features
1. Best Deriv Go – Deriv X Versatile, suitable for any style, and technologically advanced.
2. Second Best IC Markets cTrader No Dealing Desk -NDD- with direct order processing -STP-, wide range of types of order, speed of execution
3. Popular XM Trading Point Full customization, wide range of tools available, MT5 compatible
4. Great Tickmill App Ease of use, smooth management of any operation, “fingerprint” and “facial recognition” options “
5. Great HFM App More than 1200 markets, manageable accounts in one portfolio, flexible on trading volumes.

Obviously, all the apps presented above strive to offer the optimal trading conditions for investors from an intense work with the sole objective of creating a service capable of offering the best trading tools on the market.

Our judgment is entirely subjective and each app in the ranking does not exclude the other.

It will be the traders’ choice in deciding which of these is the best, fully compatible with their own investment style and expectations.

1. Deriv’s Mobile App

deriv x deriv go mobile app

Deriv is undoubtedly one of the most popular online brokers in the world with over 2.5 million clients, strictly regulated by multiple regulators, offering a wide range of trading services and tools in a highly competitive trading environment.

There are two mobile trading apps offered by the broker: Deriv GO and Deriv X.

Both created to simplify any Forex and CFD trading operation as much as possible. They allow the trader to invest in Forex, synthetic indices and cryptocurrencies and much more.

Visit the official website of Deriv

Deriv Go App

An extremely versatile and intuitive trading app, created exclusively with the aim of synthesizing any operation, making everything quick and efficient.

Deriv GO allows the trader to manage his work in just a few clicks, being able to have quick and free access to his accounts and to ongoing tradings.

An essential feature for those who cannot constantly dedicate themselves to their trading. A way to be fast and incisive in order to achieve your goals.

The software allows you to trade on numerous instruments including Forex, cryptocurrencies and synthetic indices using a multiplier up to a maximum of 1000× but without having to risk more capital than invested.

Forex currency pairs
The apps allow you to have a wide-ranging view of the markets so that you can quickly identify the best investment opportunities in currency pairs. Thanks to the use of the latest generation tools such as integrated graphics, it will be possible to create accurate trading strategies and find the right information to be able to make well-informed investment decisions. Any type of trading is allowed, the trader will be able to decide freely whether to invest in the long term or place a scalping order.
Synthetic indices
The platforms offer a wide range of synthetic indices that perfectly simulate real market fluctuations. Being rigorously protected by a cryptographic system that creates random numbers, all operations will not be affected by regular market hours, international events, market and liquidity risks.
The cryptocurrency CFD allows the customer to be able to invest in the price fluctuations of a cryptographic instrument without necessarily having to own it. An extremely volatile and highly liquid growing market.

With Deriv GO, investors will be able to trade Forex during normal market hours, while cryptocurrencies and synthetic indices will be able to trade 24/7.

Download Deriv Go for free

Obviously, as with the desktop or web versions of the platform, Deriv GO allows customers to use all the services and tools made available by the broker including technical analysis, latest generation charts and tools for proper risk management such as stop loss, take profit and immediate cancellation of operations.

Furthermore, through the application, in order to have full control over the risk of loss, it will be possible to receive very important push stop out notifications.

Demo account
Through which both expert and novice traders will be able to put their strategies into practice by increasing their experience and knowledge without having to risk capital. The demo account will be loaded with 10,000 USD of virtual funds which can be freely used.
Live Notifications
To stay constantly informed about your operations. The service is active 24 hours a day and will send push notifications even in moments of inactivity of the trader.
Concrete risk management
Stop loss, take profit and order cancellation will guarantee perfect management of the risk factor.
Technologically advanced and constantly updated charts to be able to seize any opportunity at the right time.

Deriv GO is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from both Deriv official website than through the Apple store and Google Play.

Download Deriv’s app for free

Deriv X App

Deriv X is a multi-asset app that bases its structure on a single concept, compatibility.

In fact, the software is fully customizable. Any trader can literally adapt the platform to their trading style and needs.

The app allows customers to invest in CFDs on Forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, synthetic indices and index baskets.

Due to its structural characteristics, it is very similar to the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform.

Forex trading
By investing CFDs on forex through Deriv X, the trader will be able to take advantage of technologically advanced charts and updated minute-by-minute quotes on the most popular currency pairs. Furthermore, the app allows leveraged investments and this will allow customers to open higher volume of positions despite the invested capital.
Crypto CFD trading
Cryptocurrency contracts for difference (Crypto CFDs) allow you to invest on the price fluctuations of a given moment without having to be the owner. With Deriv X the trader will be able to invest in a wide range of cryptographic instruments 24/7.
Synthetic indices
Extremely volatile instruments such as crash/boom, jump indices, step indices and range break indices will allow the investor to structure accurate trading strategies on price swings. The platform manages the indexes through a generator that guarantees maximum security.
Trading CFDs on commodities
One of the oldest markets in the world, through which the trader can trade on the price changes of gold, silver, crude oil and much more.
Trading CFDs on baskets of indices
The Deriv X platform offers traders the ability to trade their selected currency against a basket of major currencies. This instrument is characterized by reduced volatility and a minimal percentage of risk. The baskets available for CFD trading are: commodities (gold basket) and 4 forex baskets.

Download Deriv X for free

Deriv X App Features

As already mentioned, the Deriv X app was created with the intention of satisfying any trader, based on their style, trading volume and goals to achieve.

The Software is fully customizable, in this way each customer can “model” the app according to their trading by dragging and changing widgets, creating their own layout, and obtaining any useful information at any time deemed necessary.

No fees
Create a diversified trading portfolio at no cost by investing in a large list of assets without having to pay any fees.
Trading anytime and anywhere
Unlike more traditional markets such as commodities and Forex which limit trading to market hours, synthetic indices and cryptocurrencies can be traded around the clock with no time limit. In any place and at any time the trader will be able to access his own accounts and consequently have full control.
Latest generation graphs
An essential tool for the trader, which with over 90 indicators and 13 drawing tools grants instant access to sensitive market data. Versatile and intuitive, the service allows you to view multiple charts simultaneously in order to receive as much information as possible in order to make the most of every investment opportunity.
Intuitive tools
By consulting the trading history in his diary, the trader will be able to create increasingly accurate strategies. By saving the progress in the dashboard, the customer will be able to draw on useful information to avoid repeating the same mistakes and create a totally personalized checklist using the assets suitable for achieving their purpose.
User-friendly interface
Intuitive and professional. The Deriv X platform allows you to switch between list and chart views with just one click, select your chosen trading instrument and access the dedicated trading page. The trader will be able to view the statistics on the screen and trade directly from the chart.
Knowing your margin at all times
In order to have full control over the risks, before each possible investment the trader will receive notifications on the influence that the margin will have on his balance. Trading with high leverage can both yield a high profit and cause a large loss.
Demo account for zero risk trading
Through the use of this account, both novice and experienced traders will be able to test their skills in a highly competitive trading environment. Thanks to the demo account, the trader will be able to trade synthetic indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies and forex at no cost and without running any risk of loss using virtual funds starting from 10,000 USD.

Download Deriv X for free

2. IC Markets’ Mobile App

ic markets mobile app

Considered the best broker in the world for CFD investments on Forex, IC Markets allows traders to use the latest generation platforms, low latency connectivity and extreme deep liquidity.

Being a No Dealing Desk (NDD) broker, it guarantees immediate order processing (less than 66ms) without any intermediary (STP).

Visit the official website of IC Markets

The IC Markets cTrader app

An app created exclusively to make any trading experience on Forex, metals, oil, indices, stocks and ETFs one of a kind.

The software gives you access to a wide range of order types, state-of-the-art tools for accurate technical analysis, quick price alerts, highly detailed trading statistics, advanced order management settings, clear symbol listing and more.

Furthermore, the platform is totally customizable, in this way the client will be able to make it compatible with his own trading style.

The main features of the IC Markets cTrader app are as follows:

No Dealing Desk (NDD) with Direct Processing (STP)

This feature allows the trader to interact with liquidity providers without any intermediaries and consequently with immediate order processing.

  • Detailed information on the symbols ensures adequate knowledge of the assets in which you invest.
  • Symbol trading hours let you know precisely when the market is open or closed
  • Continuously updated news allows the trader to stay informed of any events that could affect the markets.
  • Latest generation charts and QuickTrade mode are available for one-click trading.
  • The Market Sentiment Indicator allows you to view the trades of other traders.

Download IC Markets cTrader app

State of the art tools

An indispensable service to be able to create increasingly accurate strategies.

The finely structured technical analysis tools with advanced options for all indicators and drawings allow you to know in detail the product you have decided to invest in.

  • 4 chart types including standard time frame, tick, renko charts.
  • 5 chart display modes including candlestick, bar chart, line chart, dot chart, area chart.
  • A total of 8 chart designs available: horizontal, vertical and trend lines, radius, equidistant channel, Fibonacci plot, equidistant price channel, rectangular shape.
  • Over 65 of the most popular technical indicators on the market.

Download IC Markets cTrader app

Personalize and stay informed

An extensive list of tools, services and options, useful for being able to carry out trading making the most of one’s potential in any place and at any time.

Furthermore, notifications, alerts and fast account management ensure an efficient and productive trading environment.

By customizing the app according to their needs, the customer will have everything they need to be able to trade and make the most of any exchange.

  • The customer can set the event on which he wants to be constantly informed by configuring push and email alerts.
  • The app is structured in such a way as to allow the customer to manage all accounts with a simple click. A very useful service to be able to have full control of all activities, both trading and deposit.
  • Through the history of their trades, the customer will be able to view in detail the strategies previously implemented and the trading performance in order to create increasingly accurate trading plans in the future.
  • Price alerts allow you to receive notifications when a price reaches a specific level.
  • Symbol Watchlist allows the trader to group and save his favorite symbols.
  • Ability to connect or disconnect your devices in order to have proper session management.
  • A multilingual platform, with 23 languages available. The app with all its features will be translated into the language selected by the customer.

Download IC Markets cTrader app

3. XM’s Mobile App

xm trading mobile app

What to expect from an online trading giant?

A mobile trading software that features an intuitive, versatile, advanced and fast structure. Basically a trading app that borders on perfection, XM Trading Point.

The application allows traders to access numerous tools for trading, all in an environment full of opportunities that only a broker of this level can afford.

With a single login XM traders will be able to invest in any existing international market with both a real and demo account.

Download XM Trading Point App

Intuitive and versatile, XM Trading Point is customizable and allows customers to modify any parameter, service or instrument available.

This aspect consequently makes it compatible with any style or type of trader.

Furthermore, although XM Trading Point is an app created exclusively by the broker, it also allows traders who habitually use MT5 to invest, to manage both their accounts and trades.

Download XM Trading Point app

The app is available both on Google Play (for Android devices) and on the App Store (for iOS devices) and in summary has the following characteristics:

  • Free access to over 1,000 instruments to trade including Forex, stocks, indices, metals and energy.
  • Fast order execution and no re-quotes.
  • Total customization of both the account and the app features.
  • Deposit and withdrawal operations that can be carried out at any place and time.
  • Latest generation graphs constantly updated minute by minute.
  • Over 90 trading indicators available.
  • Keep up to date by being able to access the latest news, analyzes and market research.
  • Compatible with MT5.
  • Ability to view all open asset trades.
  • Ability to view entry points on open positions.
  • Ability to view stop loss orders on open positions.
  • Ability to view take profit orders on open positions.

We would like to point out that all the display options of the aforementioned services are available both in horizontal and vertical mode.

Interested traders who do not yet have an XM account will be able to conveniently register and manage their account through the app, without necessarily having to access the official website via a desktop computer.

Download XM Trading Point App

4. Tickmill’s Mobile App

tickmill mobile app

Considered the undisputed leader in the sector, Tickmill offers its traders high-level trading conditions and a wide range of instruments that allow a balanced diversification of the portfolio.

Impeccable and professional assistance in 16 languages guarantees each customer essential and dynamic support.

The mobile trading app offered by Tickmill has a feature believed to be essential in trading on the go, ease of use.

The software is structured in such a way as to offer smooth management of any trade performed by the trader. An impeccable operation to say the least on the management of accounts and trades allows the investor to act quickly at any time and to take advantage of all the tools and services offered with accuracy and speed.

Download Tickmill Mobile App

Account management
Quick, simple and intuitive registration, management and monitoring for full control and maximum security.
A wide range of easily accessible payment methods that will allow for quick and secure crediting of funds to your account.
Withdrawing funds will never be a problem. Transparent and fast processing of withdrawal requests.
With this option, the customer will be able to transfer funds between various accounts with extreme simplicity.
Account Opening
It will only take a few moments to open a new account and provide the necessary documentation.
Trading history
Complete history of transactions, which will allow the client to face future investments with more accuracy, preventing mistakes made in the past.
Live chat
A team of multilingual experts available 24 hours a day for any problem.
Security and quick access
With the “fingerprint” and “facial recognition” options, logging into your account will be both quick and secure.

Download Tickmill’s Mobile App

The trading environment available through the use of the app has the following characteristics:

  • Spreads starting at 0.0 pips.
  • Access to a wide range of tools including over 60 currency pairs.
  • Near instant average order execution speed (0.20s).
  • Any trading strategy available.
  • Leverage up to a maximum of 1:500.
  • Fast and secure execution backed by established centralized trading exchanges.
  • Low-cost trading with commissions.
  • Minimum deposit required of $1,000 (or currency equivalent).
  • Targeted adaptation and tailored solutions for professional traders with high volume trading.

Download Tickmill’s Mobile App

5. HFM’s Mobile App

hfm hf markets mobile app

HF Markets is a world-renowned broker that focuses a large part of its resources on creating an efficient customer service in every aspect.

State-of-the-art tools, services and software to allow any type of trader to get the most out of every trading performed.

Download HFM’s Mobile App

The broker’s award-winning mobile trading app features a complete and efficient structure. Easy to use, with an intuitive, fast and feature-rich interface.

It allows traders to monitor their positions, obtain real-time quotes and receive useful forex forecasts in order to effectively analyze the markets quickly and in complete safety.

More than 1200 markets available.
The app allows you to invest in derivatives on forex, stocks, commodities, bonds, ETFs and indices.
Multiple accounts manageable in one wallet.
Have full control over your work at any time.
Custom trading.
This allows traders to trade according to their needs, thus being able to make the most of every opportunity. In fact, the app is very flexible with regard to trading volumes, lots or units.
Detailed history of trades.
Complete history of your trades that allows you to analyze performance and leverage it in future investments.

Download HFM’s Mobile App

Furthermore, the new HFM app, as already mentioned, is totally customizable.

This fundamental feature allows any category of investors to trade according to their needs.

  • A wide range of payment methods that will allow the customer to use the most suitable option for their needs.
  • High security standards regarding access-account management.
  • Customizable tools list that allows you to add features in the “favorites” section.
  • Popular charting tools and indicators that help you analyze the markets accurately and make accurate decisions
  • Notifications with real-time quotes and news about market movements.
  • Access to 24/5 multilingual support.
  • Live rates for CFDs on forex, commodities, stocks, bonds, ETFs and indices.
  • Ability to set price alerts for instruments used for trading.
  • Latest generation trading calculators available.
  • Demo account available to be able to try your hand at trading without having to risk capital.
  • Accurate market analysis and useful advice from expert analysts.
  • Customizable charts with advanced features including: numerous time frames (e.g. 1H, 1D, 1M), various chart types (candlestick, bar, line), scrollbar zoom, technical indicators, horizontal screen rotation or vertical.
  • Register for LIVE Forex trading webinars.
  • Customizable options: price alerts, charts, interface appearance, and quick trading.

Download HFM’s Mobile App



4.9 rating based on 1,168 ratings
4.9/5 1168


4.9 rating based on 144 ratings
4.9/5 144


3.5 rating based on 93 ratings
3.5/5 93


3.6 rating based on 99 ratings
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