Do you know why should traders choose Axiory or why they are more friendly, personal and reliable than other brokers?

Find out in the new interview with Ivan Sakin, their Head of Business Development.

1. What is Axiory?

Axiory is a brokerage company that allows traders access to the Forex.

But it isn’t all.

Axiory is also an investment company that connects experienced traders with investors.

And finally we are also technological innovators with “out of box” thinking.

2. What are the benefits of your offer?

Our solution isn’t about presenting and offering single benefits.

The better question is, what client expects from his investment on Forex?

If he is a self-­trader it’s about our great spreads. If money manager it is about our sophisticated complex solution for your clients’ management that you can’t find anywhere else.

And if you don’t want to trade yourself, we have MultiTrader and Investment portfolios.

3. There are many companies on the market. Why should traders choose yours?

That’s easy, we can offer trading conditions same as other brokers, but where is the difference are individual solutions, our technologies and investment platform.

Multitrader with verified traders, that you can’t find anywhere else.

If you are a successful trader or money manager, you can profit even more from being part of our Multitrader as a trader.

4. On your website I found the information that Axiory is more friendly, personal and reliable than other brokers. Why?

Our company is one team working together with same vision ­of profitable clients.

Thanks to this approach we focus on right things and develop right tools that halp us and our clients to become profitable.

You heard that many times?

The easiest way how to find out the “reality” is to try to get in touch with us.

6. What is MultiTrader?

As I already mentioned, the Multitrader is the best way, how we connect experienced traders with investors. Ones benefit from the bigger capital and the second ones from the knowledge.

But Multitrader doesn’t work on same principle as social trading platforms.

The difference is that together with our partner, Multitrader Inc. we do a strict verification of the traders.

In the platform there are only the ones with at least 6 months results on real account. We also evaluate the trading style or maximal drawdowns. We know each person that stands behind the strategy.

Also we are first broker with investors safety feature called CapitalGuard that guarantee the maximal client account loss (usually ­35%, but some strategies have ­15% or ­25%).

7. Who can invest in MultiTrader?

We basically diversify our investors based on their expectation.

We offer “Investment strategies” with targeted profit above 20% yearly.

This is very interesting in comparison of other alternative investment opportunities globally on financial markets, but still a little bit conservative on Forex.

That’s the reason why we will in a next few days offer another option called “Challenge strategies” with targeted profit at least 100% yearly but with higher risk involved.

The last option we offer is “Investment portfolio” with diversified allocation of risk vs. rewards and above a standard service for the client.

The second possible diversification can be based on minimal deposit.

Investment portfolio minimal deposit is 5 000 USD, Investment and Challenge strategies usually have 1 000 USD, but our new technological solution allows the minimal deposits on chosen strategies now from as small as 500 USD what is incredible!

8. What is MyAxiory?

MyAxiory do the life of our client easier and nicer.

It’s a client zone where you have all management of your accounts. MyAxiory is user friendly and nice designed. Especially for investors it’s big advantage. ­

They can easily choose and connect to MultiTrader and see the account performance without the login to maybe for them complicated MT4. Automatical deposits and withdrawals are of course implemented.

9. You are regulated by the IFSC. How does it influence of your clients’ security?

IFSC is a strict regulation that ensures clients funds can be funded and transferred only with explicit authorisation of the client.

Client and company funds are also hold separately (thanks to segregated accounts) so Axiory cannot dispose with the clients funds.

Our partner is also well known Sparkasse bank.



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