ZuluTrade is an Online “Social & Copy Trading Platform Provider”.

The company is mainly based in Greece and worldly regulated by several Financial Authorities.

ZuluTrade is not a Forex Broker where you can trade Forex and CFDs, but ZuluTrade provides the Trading Platform where you can copy other investors’ trades for Free.

*In order to use the service of ZuluTrade, you need to open a Forex trading account with one of ZuluTrade’s partnered brokers.

There are already thousands of ZuluTrade users who have made a fortune by just copying other profitable traders’ trades.

Easy and Simple for Anyone

ZuluTrade Automator new forex trading tool

What if you can copy profitable trades of other Forex traders for Free, and make profits in your trading account without doing nothing.

Well, that is exactly what you can do with ZuluTrade.

You do not have to know how to make profits by yourself, or build a functional trading robot and lose years for that.

All you need to do is:

Just choose some profitable traders who are registered with ZuluTrade.

Choose some great traders, and you will make the same trades and profits in your trading account at the same time.

The sign up process and account management is very easy for anyone.

No need of profound investment knowledge or computer skills. Just some few clicks and typing should do fine.

Have you got a few hundreds of dollars to invest with? Why not start earning already with ZuluTrade?

ZuluTrade’s Service is Free


Copying profitable trades and make a fortune without trading by myself

does sound sketchy for many investors.

But there is no catch, or hidden demerits for users. No extra commissions for other requirements either.

You can simply copy trades of others through ZuluTrade as you like.

So how ZuluTrade benefits from this service? Well ZuluTrade simply earns profits by the spread commissions paid by its users. More trades the users make, more profits ZuluTrade make.

Remember, there is no extra spreads or hidden fees added on your tradings by using ZuluTrade’s service.

Of course, you do need to pay some performance fees to the other traders.

You make profits by choosing the right traders or not, that’s it.

How to Start Earning with ZuluTrade

ZuluTrade how to copy trade set up

Start earning profits with ZuluTrade is quite simple easy. Please follow the below steps to start investing with ZuluTrade.

1. Through ZuluTrade’s official website, open an account with one of its partnered Forex brokers

There is a number of Forex brokers partnered with ZuluTrade. Choose one of your favorite and just open the account.

2. Verify your information with documents and make the required minimum deposit amount

You need to follow the rules of your Forex broker for your verification steps and deposits. Your funds will stay with the broker and your account will belong to the broker, but not to ZuluTrade.

3. Choose some of the Best traders of ZuluTrade and setup to start copying

Your trading account should be already connected to ZuluTrade. Now, you just need to login to ZuluTrade’s platform and start choosing the profitable traders.

4. Your trading account will start copying the trades automatically and start earning profits

After choosing the traders and completed the setup, there is nothing you need to do but wait. Your account will trade the same as the traders you have chosen.

Find our more about ZuluTrade from the page below.




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