Attention---Fraudulent-Activity-Targeted-at-OctaFX-Customers Attention---Fraudulent-Activity-Targeted-at-OctaFX-Customers

Fraudulent activities are on the agenda in the trading world, with OctaFX every customer is safe!

In the last period, there has been an increase in scam attempts against customers with an account with OCTAFX.

The largest number of these more than unpleasant fraudulent activities occurred in Africa and more specifically in the State of Nigeria.

In order to prevent certain illegal activities from harming its loyal customers, OctaFX has created a security checklist which, after having carefully examined it, will allow each trader to more easily identify any attempt at a scam or fraudulent activity of any kind.

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Advice against fraud

By consulting the following list offered by OctaFX for all its clients, you can avoid falling into unpleasant tricks that can harm your finances!

  1. Make payments only using the personal area on the Official website or OctaFx app.
    If in the event that he is contacted by shady individuals with the intent of making hypothetical payments through unofficial channels (via messaging app or personal transfers), it is extremely likely that it is a scam attempt !!!
    You won’t have to hesitate a second and instantly report certain individuals to the proper authorities or by using the customer service of OctaFX.
  2. Google Crome domain control extension.
    Where you can consult the list of Official sites and if the domain is different it will probably belong to a fraudulent site that will try to scam you.
  3. Even if the OctaFx site logo is displayed, always check the domain.
    Because some hypothetical criminal could use images to deceive you.
  4. Maximum prudence and confidentiality with personal data.
    never allow anyone to know or access your precious personal data.
  5. Social media scammers.
    Imitations of OctaFX on social networks are the order of the day.
    Stay away from this and only visit official accounts that you will know here.
  6. Beware of Facebook groups who claim to be part of the large OctaFx family and if you use telegram.
  7. At any time, whenever unfortunately an opportunity arises that may make you suspect a scam attempt, please do not hesitate to contact the support team that will help you understand if they are malicious or not.

Visit the official website by OctaFx

OctaFX, an online broker with over 1.5 million loyal customers with its tireless work of giving the best in services rendered, is equally committed to creating a trading environment that instills confidence in every client.



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