Buy-Cryptocurrencies-instantly-with-your-credit-card-instantly-through-StormGain's-app-today. Buy-Cryptocurrencies-instantly-with-your-credit-card-instantly-through-StormGain's-app-today.

Which cryptocurrency to buy today?

The cryptocurrency market is actively developing, firmly holding the focus of our attention, and the question of which cryptocurrency to buy now arises for investors with any capital.

Let’s recap a few criteria that will help you make an informed and profitable decision.

We remind those in doubt immediately: operations with cryptocurrency are considered very risky.

For those who are ready to invest wisely and buy cryptocurrency now, we will offer several options.

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Choosing a cryptocurrency to invest in

It doesn’t matter for what purposes you need to buy cryptocurrency now (investments, speculation, payment for goods/services), the main factors that you need to pay attention to when choosing:

  • History and scope of cryptocurrency.
  • Financial indicators: capitalization, liquidity, exchange turnover.
  • Coin price, mining opportunity, number of coins on the market.
  • Qualification and activity of developers, project development program.

First of all, let’s recall the market leaders – investments in them are considered the most stable:

  • Bitcoin (+ Bitcoin Cash)
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple

These assets occupy about 75% of the world turnover of cryptocurrencies in any form, and despite their not entirely legal status, they are actively traded on exchanges.

Therefore, the decision about which cryptocurrency to buy now should be made only after a thorough analysis of their exchange dynamics.

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Buy Cryptocurrency Now – Alternative Ideas

We run the risk of running into objections from fans, but from the point of view of exchange trading, the “old” coins have one serious drawback: they all (at different speeds) follow bitcoin.

BTC will collapse – no reserves, protocols and technical improvements will help, LTC, ETH, XRP, BCH will follow.

That is why new cryptocurrencies with minimal connection with the famous ancestor are of increasing interest – they are more stable, although not as active and expensive.

However, there is too little information on them, the analysis of their dynamics is very difficult, and such investments are categorically not recommended for beginners.

But for investors with experience we can recommend:


The cryptocurrency was created for the Internet of Things based on the unique Tangle consensus method.

The cryptocurrency is traded only on a few Asian exchanges.

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A crypto-asset with high anonymity of all transactions with low-cost mining.

The decision to develop the system is made collectively by all clients of the Dash network through a decentralized management mechanism.

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Cryptocurrency for the gaming community; the platform provides users with access to online gambling and the creation/placement/sale of their own applications.

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4. Stellar lumens

The Stellar network (on a proprietary protocol) is a real-time currency trading platform; Lumens is an internal cryptocurrency.

In an attempt to create an alternative to Ripple, the goal is to create networks for interbank transfers with open-source software.

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5. Binance Coin

The ERC20 token on the Ethereum platform is issued by the Binance exchange, the issue is limited to 200 million coins and trades are only on this exchange.

Its main task is to pay for the internal transactions of Binance clients, the capitalization grows along with the exchange.

The fastest-growing crypt of 2018.

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6. Tether

A virtual analog of the dollar and euro, the exact capitalization is unknown, the bulk of transactions takes place in the Asian markets and is estimated at 10-20 million dollars daily.

The price is defined as 1: 1 to the exchange rate.

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7. Zcash

Open-source with high anonymity with an additional transaction verification mechanism increases the average transaction time, but the currency is gaining popularity as a means of settlement in online gaming and reference applications.

All development prospects are related to the Asian market, for example, you can now freely buy cryptocurrency on the South Korean exchange Bithumb.

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8. Monero

An open-source token based on the CryptoNote protocol, aimed at increased anonymity of transactions, is among the twenty cryptocurrencies with the highest capitalizations.

It is gradually losing its status as the most secure coin due to discovered technical failures.

It is mainly used to conduct anonymous transactions in some MMORPGs and online casinos.

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Where can you buy cryptocurrency today?

To traditional methods – purchases directly from owners, on the stock exchange and in exchangers – you can add cryptocurrency wallets with an exchange function and special mobile applications.

The turnover in national monetary units is actively developing: it does not matter what kind of cryptocurrency you need to buy for USD – the difference will only be in the rate of sale/purchase/exchange.

The exchange provides the most efficient rate for speculation, a direct agreement “from hand to hand” makes sense for fiat transactions, and monitoring exchangers turns into a search for minimum commissions.

How to buy a cryptocurrency for USD? A beginner can now recommend exchangers StormGain, XChange, Ychanger – here you can buy cryptocurrencies for Yandex Money, Qiwi, WM, as well as with a bank card, but fees can be high.

More experienced participants prefer to convert cryptocurrency on the exchange, so the rate is better, and there are usually no restrictions on the volume of purchase/sale/exchange.

The cryptocurrency market is constantly replenished with new projects, but practice shows that diversification of risks through the purchase of different coins is ineffective, and for inexperienced investors, it is simply dangerous.

It is better to carefully analyze which cryptocurrency is more profitable to buy now and work in one or two pairs, and insure the risks with traditional currency or stock assets.



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