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In this article, you can learn about the following main topics.

  1. How to start Forex online trading.
  2. How to get No Deposit Bonus for free. (Trade without making a deposit)
  3. What is FX, Leverage, Market Price, Prime Brokerage and more.

Your online investment journey starts here.

Start your Forex investment online here

Starting your Online Trading is very simple and easy.

Once you know the process, then the next thing you may want to know is trading strategies to make profit.

Through online, with your PC and smartphone, you can invest in the following markets:

  • Forex (Foreign Exchange)
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Precious Metals (Gold, Silver etc)
  • Commodities
  • Bonds
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Oils and Gas
  • ETFs

and more.

Comparison of Online Forex Brokers

3 easy steps start trading online

Follow the steps below to start your online investment.

1. Choose a Broker and Open an Account

First you need to find brokers to invest with.

The list of Online FX & CFD Brokers

Each broker offers different conditions and trading environment.

Opening accounts with brokers is totally free, so you can try their service without cost.

2. Make a Deposit

After opening an account, you can make a deposit to invest.

Do not invest more than you can afford to lose. Your loss is limited to the total deposit amount as many brokers support NBP (Negative Balance Protection).

Online brokers accept deposits via Bank wire transfer, Credit/Debit card, Online Wallet and many more methods.

3. Login and Trade

Now you have a funded trading account.

All you need to do is login to your trading account through your broker’s trading platform, then start placing trades.

Remember, your trading strategy is very important to achieve your goal.

Without a proper risk management, you may risk your funds inappropriately.

Check out the currently available Promotions

Get No Deposit Bonus – Free Welcome Bonus


You want to invest but don’t want to risk your own funds?

For people like you, there is this ‘No Deposit Bonus Promotion’ which you can get Free Bonus without making a deposit at all.

Through this type of promotion, you won’t risk your own funds.

It’s an ultimate risk free promotion to start your investment online.

List of No Deposit Bonuses

FBS’s 100 USD No Deposit Bonus promotion is one of the most popular “welcome bonus” promotion among online brokers.

Find more about FBS’s 100 USD No Deposit Bonus below.

$100 No Deposit Bonus for free to trade Forex on FBS MT5

FBS Trade 100 Bonus is a popular Forex No Deposit Bonus promotion for all online traders.

FBS launched $100 No Deposit Bonus for MT5!

The Free Welcome Bonus for traders to start investing without risking their own funds.

FBS Trade 100 Bonus Main Information

Bonus Amount 100 USD
Trading Platform MetaTrader5
Promotion Period 50 days
Profit Withdrawal Available after fulfilling conditions

Go to FBS Official Website

FBS believe that a good welcome bonus should be not only generous but also useful.

Meet the Trade 100 Bonus!

Get $100 on your account for free and start your Forex career smartly.

The goal of the Trade 100 bonus is to give traders a chance to study the basics of successful and effective trading.

It works the same way as in sport – first you train and learn, then you earn and get stronger, faster and more efficient.

Get it for fee without making deposit and Start trading without risking your own funds!

Using robots for trading this bonus is forbidden. The Bonus is provided for traders to practice manual trading.

Register for FBS Online

fbs trade 100 bonus banner no deposit bonus promotion

Why you should get FBS’s Trade 100 Bonus?

FBS’s 100 USD No Deposit Bonus is something you wouldn’t miss.

But what are the merits of the promotion?

Here are some of them.

  1. 100 USD is given away for free
    There is no cost or commission involved to get the $100 into your account.
  2. Risk free trading
    By using FBS’s 100 USD No Deposit Bonus, you can simply invest in Forex without risking your own funds.
  3. 3 minutes online registration
    It’s even easy and simple to get started with FBS.
  4. Profit is available for withdrawal
    Once you meet some conditions, you can withdraw profits made by using the bonus amount.

Sign Up for FBS

How to get FBS’s $100 No Deposit Bonus?

  1. Register and Open the Bonus account
  2. The bonus fund $100 will be credited to your account automatically
  3. Trade in the MT5 account for 30 days
  4. Fulfill the conditions of profit withdrawal
    • The conditions for profit withdrawal is specified below
  5. Withdraw your profit

Trade 100 Bonus is your personal tool for toning up your brain!

FBS Official Website

FBS Trade 100 Bonus Withdrawal Conditions

The conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to withdraw the profit are as follows:

  1. The required number of active trading days is 30 (active trading day is a day when the order was opened or closed)
  2. Client should have at least 5 lots traded in the period of 30 active trading days
  3. The conditions of the bonus should be fulfilled within 50 days in order to withdraw the profit.

While trading with the bonus, you must follow the following rules to be qualified for profit withdrawal:

  • Only orders with 100 pips difference between opening and closing prices meet the conditions.
  • Only trading of Forex major currencies pairs is allowed.
  • Using robots for trading this bonus is forbidden.
  • Positive pips difference (the total number of pips from profitable orders has to be bigger than the total number of pips from losing orders).

Signup for FBS online

fbs forex broker banner

Terms and Conditions of FBS Trade 100 Bonus

Here are some important terms and conditions of the promotion.

For the full rules, please visit FBS Official Website.

  1. The Bonus is available on MetaTrader5 platform.
  2. The order volume is 0.01 lot.
  3. The available leverage on the account is 1:100.
  4. The sum available for withdrawal is 100 USD.
  5. The maximum number of positions opened at the same time is 5.
  6. The following options are prohibited: Locking/hedging, Expert advisors (EA), Ladder strategy (It is not allowed to open a new deal in the same direction within an hour after the closure of the previous deal).
  7. The bonus can be claimed only one time.
  8. The company is not liable for technical disruptions and/or breaks in the internet connection on the side of the client and third-party services, that can directly or indirectly have an effect on the client’s participation in the promotion.
  9. The Company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the promotion.
  10. The company reserves the right to ask a client to log in to the trading account from an alternative device in case the additional verification is needed.
  11. The Company reserves the right to demand a Personal Area verification from a client. In case a client refuses to verify their Personal Ares, the Company reserves the right to decline the withdrawal request.
  12. FBS reserves the right to refuse a client in bonus granting with no reasons given or without prior notification.
  13. Upon suspecting fraudulent activity on the Bonus account, the company reserves the right to deduct the entire bonus amount and profit made with the Bonus account without notice. In this case, the decision is beyond contestation.

Visit FBS Official Website

3 Minutes Guide – What is FX, Leverage, Market Price, Prime Brokerage and more?

Trading foreign exchange (also known as Forex or FX) on margin gives investors more buying power, by allowing them to control large amounts of currency with a small deposit.

1. What is “Forex = Foreign Exchange”?

FX involves the purchase of one currency with the simultaneous sale of another.

Speculators gamble that one will either rise or fall against the other and “buy” or “sell” to profit from that movement.

These currency pairs are usually less volatile than other markets such as equities, so many investors leverage their capital to increase their return from these smaller market movements.

List of Online Forex Brokers

2. Use the “Leverage” to let you Invest Big

Establishing a margin account with an FX broker enables you to borrow money on a short-term loan.

Before you can begin trading, you place a deposit into that account. The amount of borrowing power that gives you is the leverage.

For accounts that will be trading in 100,000 units of currency, the margin percentage is usually either 1% (100:1 leverage) or 2% (50:1 leverage), depending on the individual broker. So if you wanted to trade £100,000 on a 1% margin you would have to have at least £1000 in the account. The broker provides the other 99%.

Compare the Leverage of all Brokers

3. Of course “You must know the Risk”

Trading in these much larger amounts clearly provides an opportunity to amplify profitsbut it can also lead to large losses as well.

When controlling £100,000, a movement of just one penny against you would wipe out that £1000 deposit.

In that case the broker may make a “margin call” instructing you to either put more money into the account or close out the position to limit the risk.

However, there are ways of curbing those losses.

Stop loss orders will automatically close your position if the value of the currency reaches a pre-agreed point, allowing you to limit losses to a specified amount while still allowing potential profit taking.

See the List of No Deposit Bonuses

4. “Forex Market Prices” come from Banks

Many Online Brokers offer market makers the opportunity for risk-free profitable trade by taking the best prices from banks and offering them on to end users with a margin.

It is rather like a shopkeeper’s role in the chain from wholesaler to customer – but with the invaluable bonus of not having to pay for the stock on the shelves.

Whether you are interested in currencies or commodities, an engine within Trading Server’s systems gather and aggregate the prices streamed constantly from a wide range of banks.

It instantly and continuously sifts through them all to identify the best price, the best bid and the best offer in real time.

This enables our market makers to provide that price with a little extra spread to the end user. It then trades all the way back to the bank actually making the offer.

Therefore, the market maker profits without having to be the principal carrying the risk.

Online Forex Brokers Ranking

5. What is Prime Brokerage?

Prime brokerage is a bundled group of services offered by investment banks and securities firms to special clients such as hedge funds, market makers and other specialist and professional investors.

One of the principal business advantages of using a prime broker is the access to a centralised securities clearing facility.

The services provided usually include securities lending, financing for leverage, cash management and operational support.

List of Online Forex Brokers

Why invest in Forex market?

Are you thinking of entering into forex trading?

Before making an investment decision, you need to know the whys and hows of this highly volatile market.

Forex trading, also called fx trading, currency trading or foreign exchange trading, is used by millions of traders worldwide to make a fortune every day.

As the relation between two currencies changes constantly, based on the economic and political environment, traders make money by trading currency pairs in the forex market.

With a daily trade amount of around $4 trillion (as estimated by the Bank of International Settlements in 2010), high leverage and 24×7 live trading ability, the forex market has the rare distinction of being the largest financial market in the world.

Choose your Online Forex Broker

How to start your Forex trading

Forex trading is a high returns and high risk investment.

As it offers significant leverage, a user can enter into high gain positions, even with very little money in his trading account.

While this practice allows traders to gain big profits, it also exposes them to high risks.

Thus, you should learn about the standard procedure to trade forex before entering the market.

1. Choose a broker

The first step to trade forex is to choose a forex broker.

You need a forex broker to open a trading account and to use an electronic platform for trading in the market.

While choosing a forex broker, make sure it is certified by financial authorities.

Choose your Online Forex Broker

2. Sign up for a trading account

Forex brokers offer multiple accounts based on different needs of the trading groups.

These accounts, generally, differ on the basis of minimum deposit, leverage and customer support.

To begin with, open a demo forex trading account.

A demo account allows you to learn the nuances of fx trading in the real environment without exposing you to financial risks.

3. Trading platform

A trading platform is an interface that allows you to trade in the forex market.

MetaTrader4 is one of the most preferred trading platforms in the world.

It has web-based, downloadable and mobile versions of the platform.

Alternatively, you can opt for proprietary trading platforms of the forex broker.

To make profits, you need to learn about the basics of the forex market. Learn about forex terms from your broker.



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