Which is the best broker to trade stock with in 2023?

Are you looking for a broker to invest in stocks online?

We have done the research for you and made a ranking of the best stock brokers based on their popularity and trading conditions.

Check out the table below to see the ranking of stock brokers in 2023 .

Ranking Types of Stock
1. Deriv Stock CFDs
2. FXTM Stock CFDs and Stock Baskets
3. FxPro Stocks and Stock CFDs
4. HFM (HF Markets) Stocks and Stock CFDs
5. XTB Stock CFDs
6. LiteFinance Stock CFDs
7. Exness Stock CFDs
8. HYCM Stock CFDs

Stock CFDs are derivative products. Stock CFDs provide you with flexible leverage conditions and lower trading costs without actually owning physical stocks.

On the other hand, the “stocks” above indicate the physical stocks. With brokers with “stocks”, you can access to international stock market directly (DMA – Direct Market Access).

Below, we will look into more details about each stockbroker.

Check out the top 8 stock brokers to see which broker’s service suits your style.

1. Deriv

With Deriv, you can trade globally famous stocks your favorite household brands.

Together with these stocks, you can also invest in stock indices from international stock markets.

Deriv maintains incredibly competitive pricing for stocks and stock baskets so that you can also trade outside of usual market hours.

With Deriv, you can benefit from the following advantages in terms of stock trading:

  • You can invest in stocks from only 100 USD with Deriv. The minimal deposit requirement will allow you to limit the risk exposure in your account.
  • Deriv has extended the stock trading hours to up to 18 hours a day. The trading hour is extended only for Deriv traders.
  • Deriv has a number of secure fund deposit and withdrawal methods. The available funding methods include bank transfers, online wallets, credit cards and Cryptocurrencies.
  • Deriv’s platforms are highly responsive. Its mobile platform is also one of the most popular tools for investors.
  • For any inquiries, you can contact Deriv’s smart and friendly support, 7 days a week.

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Deriv Official Website


FXTM is the second popular choice to trade Stocks.

On FXTM’s platforms and the mobile app, you can get free access to real-time price data on US stocks and Hong Kong stocks.

There are hundreds of stocks listed on FXTM’s platforms that you can invest in fractionally (fractional shares).

For example, you can open positions 10 times smaller than 1 apple stock in the actual market.

Along with the stocks, Deriv also offers stock baskets, a group of stocks customized into indices, composed of popular industries including social media, aerospace, mobile and more like:

  • The Social Media Index
  • The Mobile Index
  • The Space War Index
  • The Vegan Index

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3. FXPro

With FxPro, you can trade some of the largest and most popular stocks from various countries.

Everything FXPro offers is CFD which gives you access to the stock markets without physically owning the underlying asset.

Trade CFDs on thousands of global shares and benefit from ultra-fast order execution and competitive trading conditions.

On FXPro’s platforms and the mobile app, you can trade stocks from the following countries:

  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America

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FxPro Official Website

4. HFM (HF Markets)

HFM (HF Markets) lets you invest in world famous stocks all commission-free.

You can even receive a good amount of dividends directly into your account.

It also provides downside protection in adverse market conditions and maximizes potential income from your investments.

There are many advantages to investing in stocks through HFM (HF Markets).

  • With HFM, you can start investing in stocks from only 5 USD of minimal capital.
  • You can trade stocks with zero commission. Plus, you can also choose to not pay swap fees.
  • Get free access to real-time stock prices of market-leading stocks like Alphabet, Tesla, etc.

HFM Official Website

5. XTB

One of the major stock and Forex brokers, XTB offers more than 2100 stock CFDs.

With up to 1:10 high leverage, you can go long and short freely to maximize the trading potential at any circumstances.

With XTB, you can trade stocks with 0% commission.

XTB Official Website

6. LiteFinance

LiteFinance (ex LiteForex) offers hundreds of stocks from the following exchanges:

  • NYSE
  • German XETRA

With LiteFinance’s ECN (Electronic Communication Network), you can benefit from the ultra-fast execution on all platforms.

LiteFinance Official Website

7. Exness

Exness is the largest Forex and Cryptocurrency broker in the world by volume in 2023, and it also offers stock trading.

With Exness, you can open positions on the performance of some of the biggest names in tech and industry, including Google, Amazon, Tesla, AliBaba and Intel.

All stocks are available to trade on MT5 accounts. Most of the listed stocks can also be traded on MT4 accounts.

Enxess Official Website


With HYCM, you can get involved in some of the world’s leading brands.

Trade the market movement in stocks with 1:5 leverage (Margins from just 20%).

The stocks available on HYCM include Alibaba, Alphabet, Amazon.Com, Apple, Baidu, Jd.Com, Meta, Microsoft, Tesla Motors, Twitter, and Vipshop.

HYCM Official Website



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4.9/5 1166


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4.9/5 143


3.5 rating based on 93 ratings
3.5/5 93


3.6 rating based on 99 ratings
3.6/5 99


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3.9/5 43


3.9 rating based on 7,130 ratings
3.9/5 7130


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4.3/5 7662


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4.2/5 3323


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1.9/5 4449


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3.8/5 6911