Condition of Tickmill VIP Account Qualification of a Professional Client Condition of Tickmill VIP Account Qualification of a Professional Client

Tickmill’s VIP Account

Tickmill is excited to offer the VIP account – a premium choice for discerning traders who demand nothing but the best.

This account is tailored for high-volume traders, delivering an unmatched combination of competitive pricing and exclusive benefits.

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Defining a Professional Client

Qualification Criteria

To be classified as a Professional Client with Tickmill, you need to fulfill at least two of the following conditions:

Active Trading History:
Demonstrate significant trading activity, with an average of 10 trades per quarter in the last year across relevant markets, including trades with Tickmill and other providers.
Substantial Investment Portfolio:
Maintain a financial instrument portfolio that exceeds €500,000, encompassing both cash deposits and a variety of financial instruments.
Expertise in Financial Products:
Possess at least one year of professional experience in the financial sector, particularly involving knowledge of leveraged products like CFDs.

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Documentation and Reclassification

Documents Submission:
Provide supporting documents to confirm your eligibility as per the criteria.
Ongoing Responsibility:
Keep Tickmill updated about any changes affecting your categorization as a Professional Client.

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Key Advantages of the VIP Account

  1. Ultra-Low Spreads: Enjoy spreads starting as low as 0.0 pips.
  2. Competitive Commissions: Benefit from a commission rate of just 1 currency unit per side for every 100,000 traded.
  3. Enhanced Leverage Options: Access leverage up to 1:300 specifically tailored for Professional Clients.

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Advanced Trading Capabilities

Wide Range of Instruments:
Engage in CFD trading across 62 currency pairs, global stocks, stock indices, oil, precious metals, bonds, and a selection of leading cryptocurrencies.
Flexible Trading Strategies:
Utilize any trading strategy, including those typically restricted by other brokers, such as close proximity stop and limit orders.
Rapid Execution Speed:
Average execution speed stands at a remarkable 0.20 seconds, ensuring efficient and timely trades.

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Financial Safeguards

Robust Negative Balance Protection:
Unique to Tickmill, this feature protects you from losing more than your total investment, a benefit not standard in the industry.
Segregated Client Funds:
All client funds are securely held in segregated accounts with premier banking institutions.

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Exclusive Perks

Access to Financial Ombudsman Services:
Eligible Professional Clients can avail services of the Financial Ombudsman.
Islamic Account Compatibility:
Swap-free options are available for those requiring an Islamic account.

Getting Started as a VIP Client

  1. Client Area Access: Log in to your dedicated Tickmill Client Area.
  2. Categorization Selection: Navigate to your profile and choose ‘Client Categorisation’.
  3. Application Process: Complete the straightforward application form to initiate your reclassification as a Professional Client.

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Beyond the VIP Account: Classic and Pro Accounts

Tickmill also caters to a broad spectrum of traders through its Classic and Pro accounts, each designed to meet different trading needs and preferences.

Classic Account – Ideal for Beginners and Veterans:

  • Zero Commission Trades: Engage in trading across global markets without the burden of commissions.
  • Leverage Flexibility: Leverage options extend up to 1:300 for Professional Clients, enhancing your trading power.
  • Accessible Minimum Deposit: Start trading with a minimum deposit of just 100, available in multiple base currencies.

Pro Account – For the Experienced Trader:

  • Optimized Spreads and Commissions: Benefit from spreads that start from 0.0 pips and low commissions of 2 per side per 100,000 traded.
  • Tailored for Advanced Strategies: This account is particularly suitable for seasoned traders looking for refined trading conditions.

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Begin Your Trading Journey with Tickmill

Joining Tickmill is a straightforward process.

Simply complete the registration, log in to your Client Area, upload the necessary documents, and choose the account type that aligns with your trading goals.

Tickmill’s VIP account represents the zenith of trading experiences for professional clients.

With its unparalleled trading conditions, robust financial safeguards, and a suite of exclusive benefits, this account is the perfect choice for traders who aspire for excellence in their trading endeavors.

Step into the world of elite trading with Tickmill’s VIP account and transform your trading experience.



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