Deposit and Withdrawal FAQs for Exness traders Troubleshooting Deposit and Withdrawal FAQs for Exness traders Troubleshooting

Why I get a “something went wrong” error in Exness portal?

Encountering a “something went wrong” error can be frustrating, especially when attempting to make a deposit into your trading account. This issue typically arises from a deposit transaction not completing as expected. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding and resolving this error:

Immediate Solutions:

Clear Browser Cache and Cookies: Start by clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. This simple step can often resolve minor glitches that may be affecting the deposit process.

Understanding the Core Issue:

The root cause of this error often lies in the currency conversion process during the deposit. The minimum and maximum deposit amounts are subject to different limits based on whether the transaction is conducted in a local currency or in USD. A discrepancy in the conversion rate can lead to the deposit amount falling outside these specified limits, thus triggering the error.

Example Scenario:

Imagine the minimum deposit limit for your payment method is INR 740. If USD 10 converts to INR 745.14, your deposit should process without issue. However, if the exchange rate shifts and USD 10 now equals INR 730.12, your deposit won’t meet the minimum INR limit despite satisfying the USD criteria, resulting in the “something went wrong” error.

How to Resolve the Error:

Consider the current exchange rates and slightly modify the amount you’re depositing. This adjustment can help ensure your transaction aligns with both the local currency and USD deposit limits.

If adjusting the deposit amount doesn’t resolve the issue, or if you’re unsure about the correct adjustment, reaching out to Exness Support is the next best step. Exness’s team is ready to assist with more personalized solutions.

Additional Tips:

Keep an eye on current exchange rates, as they can fluctuate frequently. This awareness can help you avoid similar issues in the future.

If possible, take screenshots of the error and any steps leading up to it. This information can be incredibly helpful when troubleshooting with Support.

By following these guidelines, you should be able to navigate around the “something went wrong” error and successfully complete your deposit. Remember, Exness Support is always here to help you with any issues or questions you may have.

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Why was my deposit/withdrawal rejected?

Experiencing a rejection of your deposit or withdrawal request can be frustrating. These rejections can occur for several reasons, but understanding them can help you quickly resolve the issue and proceed with your transactions successfully.

Common Reasons for Transaction Rejections and How to Address Them:

Transaction Timed Out: This may happen due to inactivity or delays in the transaction process.
Next Steps: Retry the transaction later or opt for an alternative payment method.
Operation Temporarily Unavailable: Occasionally, certain payment methods may experience downtime.
Next Steps: Wait and try again later, or select a different payment method.
Incomplete Transfer Form or Connection Failure: A disruption in your internet connection can cause transactions to fail.
Next Steps: Ensure a stable connection and retry the transaction.
Temporary Bank or Processing Error: These errors are often resolved quickly by the payment processor.
Next Steps: Attempt the transaction again later or choose another payment method.
Card Transaction Error: Card payments can fail due to various bank-related issues.
Next Steps: Wait a while before retrying or use an alternative payment method.

Specific Scenarios:

Deposit Rejections:
Not Fully Verified Account: Verification is crucial for transaction approval.
Next Steps: Complete your account verification.
Outside Deposit Limits: Each payment method has its own minimum and maximum limits.
Next Steps: Adjust your deposit amount to fit these limits, which can be found in the payment method details.
Withdrawal Rejections:
Non-Matching Account Names: The name on your Exness account and the withdrawal destination must match.
Next Steps: Ensure the withdrawal is made to a bank account or e-wallet in your name.
Withdrawal Amount Exceeds Deposit: Profits can only be withdrawn after the initial deposited amount has been withdrawn using the same method.
Next Steps: Adhere to the withdrawal sequence as per Exness’s withdrawal policy.
Insufficient Free Margin: The available balance might be lower than the requested withdrawal amount.
Next Steps: Withdraw an amount up to the available free margin in your trading account.
Identifying the Reason for a Rejected Transaction:
  • Access Your Transaction History: Log into your Personal Area and navigate to “Transaction History.”
  • Locate the Rejected Transaction: Find the transaction marked as “Rejected” and hover over the status.
  • View Rejection Reason: A tooltip will display the specific reason for the rejection.

For any uncertainties or if the issue persists, reaching out to Exness Support is recommended for personalized assistance and further clarification. This proactive approach ensures you remain informed and can efficiently manage your trading funds.

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Why can’t I make a deposit?

Encountering obstacles when attempting to deposit funds into your Exness trading accounts can be due to various factors, including the verification status of your account, specific requirements of the chosen payment method, or even regional restrictions associated with your account’s registered country of residence.

To effectively troubleshoot and resolve deposit-related issues, consider the following actionable steps:

  1. Verify Account Status: Confirm that your Exness account has undergone and successfully completed the full verification process. Unverified accounts often face restrictions on deposit capabilities.
  2. Adhere to Account Limits: Each trading account type comes with its predefined minimum and maximum deposit thresholds. Ensure the amount you intend to deposit falls within these specified limits.
  3. Comply with Payment Method Limits: Payment methods themselves impose minimum and maximum deposit limits. If your attempted deposit amount does not align with these limits, consider adjusting the amount to fit the payment method’s criteria.
  4. Check Payment Method Availability: The availability of specific payment methods can vary based on the country of residence linked to your Personal Area. It’s possible that certain payment methods may not be supported or could be temporarily unavailable in your region. Explore alternative payment options listed in the deposit section of your Personal Area for suitable alternatives.

Should the issue persist despite following the above steps, do not hesitate to reach out to Exness’s Support Team for personalized assistance. When contacting support, please provide the following information to facilitate a swift and effective resolution:

  • Your Exness trading account number.
  • The payment method you attempted to use for the deposit.
  • Any error message or code you encountered during the deposit attempt.

This information will enable Exness’s support specialists to diagnose the issue more accurately and provide targeted guidance or solutions to overcome the deposit challenge you’re facing.

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What should I know about deposits?

Making Deposits at Exness: A Comprehensive Guide

Exness is committed to ensuring that depositing funds into your trading accounts is as seamless and flexible as possible. To accommodate your financial needs, Exness offers a broad array of payment systems, ensuring you can make deposits anytime, including weekends and public holidays. Here’s everything you need to know to navigate the deposit process efficiently:

Understanding Your Personal Area (PA)

  • Region-Specific Payment Systems: The payment options available to you might vary depending on your registered region. Log into your PA to discover the payment systems you can use.
  • Client Payment Profile (CPP): After successfully making a deposit, a CPP is created, storing your payment details for faster future transactions. These profiles can be easily managed within your PA.

Tips for Hassle-Free Deposits

  • Account Verification: Access the full suite of payment methods by ensuring your account is fully verified.
  • Minimum Deposit Requirements: These vary by account type and payment system. Standard accounts have flexible minimums based on the payment method, whereas Professional accounts require a minimum starting from USD 200.
  • Payment Method Ownership: Ensure the payment services used are registered in your name, matching the Exness account holder’s name.
  • Currency Considerations: Withdrawals must be made in the same currency as your deposit. Although account and deposit currencies can differ, exchange rates apply.

Deposit Fees and Processing Time

  • No Exness Fees: Exness does not charge any commission on deposits, though it’s wise to check for any fees from your payment provider.
  • Instant Processing for Most Methods: The majority of Exness’s payment systems offer instant processing, meaning transactions are completed within seconds. If your deposit exceeds the stated maximum processing time, please reach out to Exness Support.

Exploring Payment Systems

Exness offers a diverse range of deposit and withdrawal options, including Electronic Payment Systems (EPS), local payment systems, and e-wallets.

Some EPS options may be restricted based on your location, offering you tailored solutions that suit your geographical and financial preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • Check Your PA: For available payment methods and to manage your Client Payment Profile.
  • Verify Your Account: To unlock all available payment options.
  • Be Mindful of Minimums: And ensure payment methods are in your name.
  • No Deposit Fees from Exness: But always verify with your payment provider.
  • Instant Processing: For the majority of payment methods, ensuring quick access to your funds.

Making deposits at Exness is designed to be straightforward and convenient, allowing you to focus on your trading strategies without worrying about fund management. For any assistance or queries, the Exness Support Team is always ready to help, ensuring your trading journey is smooth and successful.

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Why hasn’t my deposit been credited to my account yet?

While Exness strives to ensure that deposits are processed swiftly, allowing for round-the-clock transactions every day of the week, there might be instances where your deposit doesn’t appear in your account immediately. This situation can arise from various reasons, often related to the specific characteristics of the payment method used or the processing times involved.

Exness policy mandates that if a deposit or withdrawal isn’t processed instantly, it should be completed within 24 hours. Keeping this timeframe in mind can help manage expectations and prevent potential trading disruptions.

Steps to Verify Your Deposit Status:

Access Your Transaction History:
  1. Log into your Personal Area (PA).
  2. Navigate to “Transaction History.”
  3. Filter by “Deposits” to review your recent deposit activities.
  4. Locate and select your pending transaction to view detailed information, including the deposit time, payment method, designated trading account, status, and the deposited amount.

Understanding Deposit Processing

For specific details on the estimated processing times for various payment methods, visit Exness’s website or refer to the comprehensive guide on payment methods.

What to Do if Your Deposit Is Delayed Beyond Processing Time:

Should your deposit exceed the expected processing time, it’s essential to reach out to Exness Support for assistance. When contacting support, please provide the following details to expedite the resolution process:

  • A confirmation of your deposit, such as a screenshot showing the transaction invoice.
  • The number of the trading account you attempted to deposit into.
  • The invoice number associated with your deposit.
  • The exact date and time of the attempted deposit.

Your Support PIN for identity verification purposes. If you haven’t obtained your Support PIN yet, Exness’s support team can guide you on how to acquire it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Should you encounter delays, reviewing your Transaction History in the PA is a crucial first step to understanding the status of your deposit.
  • For deposits that surpass the standard processing time, providing detailed information to Exness Support will facilitate a quicker resolution.
  • Remember, Exness is committed to providing a seamless trading experience, and the support team is here to assist you with any issues or concerns regarding your transactions.

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What should I know about withdrawals?

Exness is committed to facilitating swift and efficient withdrawals, offering a wide array of payment systems to suit your needs. Here’s a comprehensive overview to enhance your withdrawal experience:

Personal Area

Your withdrawal options in the Personal Area (PA) are determined by the region specified during account registration. Log in to your PA to discover the available payment methods tailored to your location.

Withdrawal Options

The PA displays not only the available payment methods but also their processing times and any applicable fees. Blocked methods will be clearly indicated, with reasons provided, and you may need to reach out to Support for resolution.

Selecting the Right Payment Method

Some payment methods are highlighted as recommended due to their high success rates in your region.

In rare instances, a local payment method used for deposits may not be visible for withdrawals. Withdrawals to a different bank account are permitted if the bank supports the local payment method and the account names match. Contact Support for assistance in these cases.

Withdrawal Process

Withdrawals are accessible 24/7, ensuring you have constant access to your funds. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Withdrawal Conditions: The maximum withdrawal amount is dictated by your trading account’s free margin. Withdrawals must typically utilize the same method, account, and currency as deposits for streamlined transactions.
  • Payment System Priority: Following a specific priority for withdrawals, starting with bank card refunds, ensures compliance with financial regulations aimed at preventing money laundering and fraud.
  • Grace Period Considerations: During the initial grace period before full account verification, withdrawals can still be made except through Bank Cards and Perfect Money. Post-grace period, internal transfers are restricted, but withdrawals remain possible.

Withdrawal Fees and Processing Time

Exness does not impose fees on withdrawals, though it’s wise to check if your chosen payment system may apply transaction fees.

Most withdrawals via Electronic Payment Systems (EPS) are processed instantly, meaning within a few seconds to a maximum of 24 hours without manual intervention.

Exploring Payment Systems

Exness continually adds new EPS options, expanding your choices for deposits and withdrawals. However, be mindful that some options are geographically restricted.

Navigating Payment System Priority

To facilitate prompt and compliant transactions, withdrawals must adhere to a predefined priority:

  • Bank Card Refunds: Prioritize refunding any deposits made via bank cards.
  • Profit Withdrawals: Follow the established deposit-withdrawal ratio for profit withdrawals to other payment methods.

This priority system is applied across your entire PA, ensuring adherence to financial regulations and safeguarding against illicit activities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Check your PA for withdrawal options and details.
  • Choose recommended or suitable payment methods based on regional availability and your transaction history.
  • Understand and comply with withdrawal conditions and payment system priority for a hassle-free withdrawal experience.
  • Keep in mind the instant processing times for most EPS withdrawals and the absence of Exness fees, though external fees may apply.

For any uncertainties or further assistance, the Exness Support Team is readily available to guide you through the withdrawal process, ensuring your trading journey is as smooth and successful as possible.

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Why has my deposit and withdrawal failed?

Experiencing difficulties with depositing or withdrawing funds at Exness can be frustrating. This guide outlines common issues encountered during these processes and offers solutions to help you resolve them swiftly.

Common Errors & Solutions for Deposits and Withdrawals:

Invalid Date
Solution: Verify the date format and re-enter the correct information.
Card is not Supported
Solution: Utilize a card from Visa, Mastercard, or JCB compatible with the transaction currency.
Invalid Card Holder Name
Solution: Re-check the name entered and ensure it matches that on the card.
Account Not Found
Solution: Confirm the accuracy of your account details. If issues persist, reach out to Exness Support for assistance.
Not Enough Money
Solution: Ensure your withdrawal amount does not exceed the free margin available in your account.
Account Does Not Belong to Your Personal Area
Solution: Enter details for an account that is registered under your name.
Invalid Email Format
Solution: Re-verify the email address format and correct it as necessary.
Minimum Withdrawal Amount BTC
Solution: Confirm the withdrawal amount meets the minimum requirement for Bitcoin transactions.
Invalid Perfect Money Account
Solution: Double-check and correct your Perfect Money account details.
Requested Currency Does Not Match Account Currency
Solution: Adjust the withdrawal currency to align with your account currency.
Invalid WebMoney Account
Solution: Ensure the WebMoney account details are accurate and retry.
Transaction Timed Out / Canceled
Solution: Check your internet connection. If the issue remains, contact Exness Support.
Operation Temporarily Unavailable
Solution: Attempt the transaction later. For persistent issues, Exness Support is at your service.
Temporary Bank Processing Error
Solution: Consult with your bank to identify any account-specific issues.
Card Transaction Error
Solution: Reassess the card details provided. If unresolved, discuss with your card issuer or consider another payment method.
Transfer Not Processed by Card Issuer
Solution: Inquire with your bank about any restrictions, or opt for an alternative card.
3D Secure (OTP) Authentication Error
Solution: Ensure the OTP entered is correct and not expired. If necessary, request a new code.
Transaction Cannot be Processed
Solution: Try a different payment method or wait 24 hours before retrying. Contact Exness support team if the problem does not resolve.

Continued Issues?

If you’ve followed the suggested steps but still face challenges, please get in touch with Exness Support. Have the following information ready to streamline the support process:

  • Your Exness account number.
  • The payment system you’re using.
  • A screenshot or description of the error message encountered.

Exness’s goal is to minimize disruptions to your trading experience by providing effective solutions to deposit and withdrawal issues. Exness Support is committed to ensuring your transactions are as smooth and efficient as possible.

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What do I do if my withdrawal fails?

Encountering delays or issues with withdrawals can be a source of concern, but understanding the reasons behind these issues can help alleviate some of the uncertainty. Below are some key factors that could influence the timing of your withdrawal, along with steps to address them.

Understanding Processing Times

  • Payment System Specifics: Each payment system has its own set of processing times. It’s essential to be aware of these durations to set realistic expectations for when funds should reflect in your account. For instance, credit card refunds might take up to 10 business days.
  • Help Center Resources: Detailed processing times for various payment systems can be found in the Help Center. Just select your country and payment system to access this information.
  • Transaction History: Your Personal Area (PA) provides a comprehensive view of all transactions, including their current status. If you notice your withdrawal is pending, this might be due to processing times.

Transaction Policy Compliance

  • Consistency with Deposit Methods: Withdrawals must be processed through the same payment system used for deposits. This ensures compliance with anti-money laundering regulations and facilitates smoother transactions.
  • Proportional Withdrawals: The amount withdrawn should align with the proportion of funds deposited through each payment system, adhering to Exness’s payment system priority rules.

Accuracy of Transaction Details

Incorrectly entered withdrawal details can lead to rejections or delays. Double-check all information for accuracy before submission.

What to Do If Your Withdrawal Is Delayed?

If your withdrawal hasn’t been processed within the expected timeframe:

  • Review Processing Times: Check if the delay falls within the normal processing times for your chosen payment system.
  • Transaction History: Verify the status of your withdrawal in the “Transaction History” section of your PA.
  • Contact Support: Should the withdrawal exceed maximum processing times, reach out to Exness Support. Provide the following for a quicker resolution:
    • A bank or account statement (relevant to the payment system used) from the date of withdrawal to the current day.
    • Your trading account number.
    • The invoice number associated with the withdrawal.
    • The exact date of withdrawal.

Exness’s support team is dedicated to assisting you with any withdrawal issues you may face. By following the outlined steps and having the necessary information on hand when contacting support, you can expect a more efficient resolution process. Remember, Exness aims to provide a seamless withdrawal experience, ensuring access to your funds whenever you need them.

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Can I make deposit and withdrawals outside of business hours?

Yes, deposits, withdrawals, and transfers are available to use on weekends and holidays. However as weekends and holidays are not “working days”, expect delays for anything that may require verification.

Don’t be caught off-guard, read up on the forex market trading hours so you can plan your strategies ahead of time.

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Can I make withdrawals from trading accounts with open orders?

Yes, withdrawals from trading accounts with open positions are permissible at Exness. However, it’s crucial for traders to understand the implications and best practices before proceeding with such withdrawals. Here’s what you need to know:

Can I Withdraw with Open Orders?

Absolutely. You have the flexibility to withdraw funds from your trading account even when there are active orders. But it’s essential to be mindful of how your withdrawal might affect your open positions and overall trading strategy.

What Is Free Margin?

Free Margin refers to the funds available in your account that you can use to open new positions or withdraw. It’s the difference between your account’s equity and the used margin (the amount locked in to maintain your open positions).

How Does Free Margin Affect Withdrawals?

When planning a withdrawal, the Free Margin plays a pivotal role. This amount fluctuates based on market movements and the performance of your open positions. Withdrawing a portion of your Free Margin means reducing the buffer you have against market volatility, potentially leading to a Stop Out if the market moves against your open positions.

Best Practices for Withdrawals with Open Positions:

  • Assess Your Free Margin: Before initiating a withdrawal, evaluate the Free Margin available in your Personal Area. Remember, this figure is dynamic and can change with market conditions.
  • Consider Market Conditions: Withdrawing funds during highly volatile market periods could increase the risk of affecting your open positions adversely.
  • Plan Your Withdrawal: Aim to withdraw funds in a way that maintains a healthy level of Free Margin, safeguarding your open positions from being prematurely closed due to a Stop Out.
  • Educate Yourself: Gain a deeper understanding of how margins work and their calculation. This knowledge will empower you to make informed decisions about when and how much to withdraw, minimizing the impact on your trading activities.

For detailed instructions on initiating withdrawals and understanding the nuances of margin calculations, Exness encourages you to explore the relevant sections on Exness’s website. This information is designed to help you make strategic decisions about managing your funds and open positions effectively.

Remember, while Exness provides the flexibility to withdraw funds at your convenience, a strategic approach to withdrawals when having open positions can contribute significantly to your trading success and financial stability.

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Can I make a deposit into a trading account with a negative balance?

Yes, you can deposit funds into a trading account that currently has a negative balance. However, it’s essential to understand the implications and recommended practices before proceeding.

Exness provides negative balance protection, ensuring that any trading account showing a negative balance is automatically reset to zero. This process, known as a null operation, helps protect traders from owing money due to trading losses.

Key Points on Depositing into Accounts with Negative Balances:
  • Wait for the Null Operation: It’s advisable to wait for the null operation to complete before making a deposit into an account with a negative balance. This operation automatically adjusts the account’s balance to zero and does not disable your ability to trade.
  • Automatic Process: The null operation is triggered automatically and cannot be manually initiated. It occurs only if all positions in the account have been closed during a stop-out. If open positions remain, the null operation will not be executed.
  • Impact of Depositing Before Null Operation: If you deposit funds while the account still has open positions, or before the null operation has been carried out, the deposited amount will offset the negative balance, and the null operation will not take place.
Actions to Take if Negative Balance Funds Are Deducted:
  • Contact Support: If you’ve deposited into an account with a negative balance (and no open trades) and wish to recover the deducted amount, please reach out to Exness Support for assistance.
  • Consider Opening a New Account: To avoid losing funds due to the negative balance deduction and to resume trading immediately, you might opt to open a new trading account and deposit funds there.

Depositing into a trading account with a negative balance at Exness is possible, but timing and understanding the process of negative balance protection are crucial. By waiting for the automatic null operation to conclude, you can ensure your deposit effectively supports your trading activities without being offset against a negative balance. Should you find yourself in a situation where your deposit is affected by a previous negative balance, Exness Support is ready to assist you in rectifying the issue.

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Can I make a withdrawal using a different payment method than was used to deposit?

Exness adheres to a fundamental policy regarding deposits and withdrawals to ensure the security and legitimacy of transactions. Typically, the withdrawal must be processed using the same payment method as the deposit. This guideline is crucial for confirming that the funds are returned to the legitimate account holder.

Standard Withdrawal Protocol:

To withdraw funds, you should ideally use the same payment method that was used for the deposit. This practice is in place to secure your transactions and protect against unauthorized access to your funds.

Exceptions and Solutions:

  • Technical Difficulties with Original Payment Method: If you encounter issues using the same payment method for withdrawal as for the deposit (e.g., the service is no longer available or you have lost access to the payment account), Exness provides support to facilitate your withdrawal through an alternative method.
  • Required Action: Contact Exness’s Support team and provide evidence of your inability to use the original payment method. Exness’s team will guide you through the process of using an alternative method, which may involve additional verification steps to ensure the security of your funds.
  • Withdrawing Profits after Bank Card Refunds: If your deposits were made using a bank card and you’ve already refunded these deposits back to the card, you’re eligible to withdraw any profits using a different payment method.
  • Additional Verification: For such withdrawals, you might need to provide further documentation, such as a bank statement confirming the name on the Exness account matches the name on the bank account. This step is necessary to maintain the high security standards of Exness’s platform.

How to Proceed:

  1. Contact Support: Reach out to Exness Support if you need to withdraw using a different payment method than the one used for your deposit. Exness’s team is ready to assist you with the required verification process and provide specific instructions based on your situation.
  2. Prepare Documentation: Have any necessary documents, such as bank statements or proof of technical difficulties with the original payment method, ready to expedite the verification and approval process.

While Exness strives to offer flexibility in managing your funds, adhering to Exness’s withdrawal policy is essential for the safety of your transactions. In cases where an alternative withdrawal method is needed, Exness’s Support team is committed to assisting you through the process, ensuring you can access your funds securely and efficiently.

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How do I make a first-time deposit?

Making your first deposit is a pivotal step to start trading on the platform. Exness provides a diverse range of payment options to accommodate all clients globally, ensuring the process is as seamless as possible. Please note, payments must originate from accounts bearing the client’s name, as third-party payments are not accepted.

Important: Clients from South Africa and Kenya need to complete their profile verification before proceeding with their first deposit.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your First Deposit:

  1. Log In: Access your Personal Area (PA).
  2. Navigate to Deposit: Find and click on the Deposit tab.
  3. Choose Your Payment Method: Select from the available options, keeping in mind the minimum and maximum deposit limits and the processing times.
  4. Complete the Deposit: Follow the on-screen instructions to finalize your deposit.

Before You Deposit:

Consider these essential factors to choose the best payment method for your needs:

  • Availability: Payment options vary by region. Check the Deposit tab in your PA for a list of available methods, including details on minimum and maximum deposit amounts and processing times.
  • Verification Requirements: Some payment methods may require completed economic profile and account verification. Ensure these are complete to unlock all available payment options.
  • Currency Considerations: To avoid conversion charges, deposit in the same currency as your trading account. Remember, the trading account’s currency is set upon creation and cannot be changed. If needed, you can open new trading accounts in different currencies.
  • Processing Times: Payment methods come with varying processing times. Review these times to select an option that meets your urgency.
  • Deposit Fees: Most payment methods do not charge fees for deposits, though minimum deposit amounts may apply.

Tips for a Smooth First Deposit:

  • Verification: Complete any necessary verification steps in advance to ensure a wider selection of payment methods.
  • Currency Strategy: If you anticipate needing to trade in multiple currencies, consider setting up additional trading accounts in those currencies from the start.
  • Plan Ahead: Be aware of processing times and plan your deposits accordingly, especially if you aim to trade based on specific market events or timelines.

Making your first deposit at Exness is straightforward, but should you encounter any issues or have questions, Exness’s Support Team is ready to assist you. This initial step will pave the way for your trading journey with Exness, offering you a platform to explore the financial markets effectively.

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How do I transact with my trading account?

Exness offers a variety of payment options to ensure smooth and efficient transactions for your trading account. Whether you’re looking to deposit funds, withdraw earnings, or make internal transfers, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate these processes seamlessly.

Making Deposits

In Your Exness Personal Area (PA):

Log in and navigate to the ‘Deposit’ section from the main menu.

Select from the array of available payment methods. Keep an eye on the minimum and maximum deposit limits, as well as the processing time.

Complete the deposit process by following the on-screen instructions.

Using the Exness Trade App:

Open the Exness Trade app and tap ‘Deposit’.

Choose your preferred payment method and follow the provided instructions to finalize your deposit.

Note: Instant processing times for deposits and withdrawals mean the transaction begins immediately, though completion times may vary.

Withdrawing Funds

In Your Exness Personal Area (PA):

Log in to your PA and select ‘Withdrawal’ from the left-hand menu.

Choose the method you’d like to use for withdrawal and complete the required steps to finalize the process.

Using the Exness Trade App:

Log into the app, tap ‘Withdraw’, select your payment method, and follow the prompts to withdraw funds.

If you encounter any issues withdrawing to the same method used for deposit, Exness’s Support team is ready to guide you through alternative options and may request additional documents for verification.

Making Internal Transfers

In Your Exness Personal Area (PA):

Log in, find the account you wish to transfer from, click the 3-dot icon, and select ‘Transfer funds’.

Choose between transferring funds between your accounts or to another user, then complete the required fields and confirm the transaction.

Using the Exness Trade App:

In the app, tap ‘Details’ then ‘Transfer’, selecting whether the transfer is between your accounts or to another user. Fill in the necessary details, review the summary, and confirm.

Viewing Transaction History

In Your Exness Personal Area (PA):

Log in to your PA and click ‘Transaction history’ to view a list of all recorded transactions, including their status (Done, Processing, Rejected).

Using the Exness Trade App:

Log into the app, go to the ‘Accounts’ tab, tap ‘History’ to see transaction records. You can filter these by time period, transaction type, status, and account for more detailed insights.

Exness simplifies transaction processes, offering multiple methods for deposits, withdrawals, and internal transfers.

For any transaction, the Exness platform provides clear instructions and instant processing options to ensure your trading activities remain uninterrupted.

Should you need assistance or encounter any issues, the Exness Support Team is readily available to provide guidance and support.

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How long does it take to process a deposit or withdrawal?

When it comes to managing your finances within Exness, the processing time for deposits and withdrawals plays a crucial role. The duration required to process these transactions varies significantly, primarily depending on the chosen payment method. To assist you, Exness provides detailed processing times in your Personal Area (PA), tailored to your account’s verification status and geographical location.

How to Check Processing Times:

  • Navigate to Your PA: Log in to your Personal Area where you’ll find a list of available payment options along with their respective processing times for both deposits and withdrawals.
  • Consult the Help Center: Each payment method has an associated help center article detailing both average and maximum processing times:
    • Average Time: The typical duration most transactions are processed within.
    • Maximum Time: The longest expected processing time. Transactions exceeding this duration warrant a check-in with Exness Support for further assistance.

Instant Processing:

Deposits and withdrawals labeled as ‘instant’ are initiated within a few seconds, bypassing manual oversight by Exness’s financial department. While this aims to complete transactions swiftly, it doesn’t always mean completion is instantaneous.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Variability: Processing times are influenced by the selected payment method, with some offering faster transactions than others.
  • Instant Transactions: The label ‘instant’ signifies the start of the process without delay, though actual completion times may vary based on several factors including system capacity and payment method efficiency.
  • Support Assistance: Exceeding the maximum processing time is unusual. Should this occur, reaching out to Exness Support is the recommended course of action. Exness’s team is prepared to address any delays or issues promptly.

By understanding these processing times and knowing where to find this information in your PA or the help center, you can plan your financial transactions more effectively, ensuring a smoother trading experience with Exness.

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Which currencies can I make a deposit in?

When it comes to funding your Exness trading account, you have the flexibility to make deposits in various currencies. However, it’s crucial to understand how currency selection impacts your transactions, especially concerning conversion rates and account settings.

Choosing Your Deposit Currency:

The currency in which you can deposit depends on the options provided by your selected payment system. This means you’re not limited to the currency of your trading account but can choose from any of the currencies supported by the payment method.

If the currency of your deposit differs from that of your trading account, Exness will automatically convert the funds using the current exchange rates. This is an essential consideration as conversion rates can influence the final amount credited to your trading account.

Practical Example:

Imagine you have a trading account in EUR, but you decide to use a payment system that processes deposits exclusively in USD. In this scenario, your USD deposit will be converted to EUR based on the prevailing exchange rates before being credited to your account. This automatic conversion ensures seamless funding of your account regardless of currency discrepancies.

Optimizing Your Currency Selection:

To minimize the need for conversions, consider setting your trading account currency to match the currency in which you plan to make most of your deposits. For example, if you predominantly deal in USD, setting your trading account to USD can streamline the deposit process.

Checking Your Account Currency:

To confirm the currency of your trading account, simply log into your Personal Area. Your account currency will be displayed alongside the free margin for each trading account.

Important Considerations:

Exness allows you to have trading accounts in different currencies, providing flexibility to manage your funds efficiently across various markets.

Once you’ve set the currency for a trading account, it cannot be changed. This underscores the importance of carefully selecting your account currency to align with your deposit habits and trading strategies.

By understanding these nuances around deposit currencies at Exness, you can make informed decisions that enhance your trading experience, potentially reduce conversion costs, and optimize the management of your funds across different markets.

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What are the limitations on how much can be deposited?

While Exness strives to offer flexibility and freedom in funding your trading accounts, it’s essential to be aware of certain considerations and limitations that might influence your deposit transactions. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate deposit limits effectively:

Key Points on Deposit Limits:

Exness does not impose an upper cap on the amount you can deposit. This policy is designed to accommodate traders with varying financial capabilities and investment strategies.

Minimum Deposit Requirements:

  • Standard and Standard Cent Accounts: The minimum deposit is dictated by the chosen payment system, offering flexibility to accommodate different trader needs.
  • Pro, Zero, and Raw Spread Accounts: These account types have a minimum initial deposit requirement starting from USD 200. This amount may vary depending on your country of residence, catering to global financial standards and practices.

Verification and Deposit Limits:

  • Before Verification: Before completing the Proof of Identity (POI), Proof of Residence (POR), and Economic Profile (EP), the total deposits into accounts within a Personal Area are capped at USD 2,000. This initial limit is in place to ensure compliance with financial regulations and to secure the trading environment.
  • After POI and EP Completion: Upon verifying your POI and completing your EP, this limit extends to USD 50,000, providing more room for financial maneuverability.
  • No Limits Post-POR Verification: Once POR is verified, there are no deposit limits, reflecting Exness’s commitment to offering an unrestricted trading experience.

Payment Method Specific Limits:

Each payment method may come with its own set of limitations on the maximum deposit amount per transaction. These limits are determined by the payment service providers and are subject to change based on regulatory and operational considerations.

How to Stay Informed:

Before initiating a deposit, Exness recommends reviewing the specific details related to each payment method available in your Personal Area. This information includes minimum and maximum transaction limits, processing times, and any applicable fees, ensuring you can make informed decisions about funding your account.

Understanding these deposit limitations and requirements is crucial for a smooth trading experience at Exness. By aligning your deposit actions with these guidelines, you can ensure efficient fund management and compliance with verification procedures, paving the way for successful trading activities.

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What is the fastest way to deposit or withdraw?

When it comes to managing your funds at Exness, the speed of deposit and withdrawal transactions is a crucial factor for many traders. While the processing times can vary significantly across different payment methods, Exness aims to offer a range of speedy options to meet your needs. Here’s how to identify the fastest way to deposit or withdraw funds based on several critical factors.

Key Considerations for Selecting Payment Methods:

The most immediate consideration is the processing time associated with each payment method. Exness categorizes some methods as ‘instant’, indicating that transactions are typically processed within a few seconds, without the need for manual intervention by Exness’s financial department.

Note: While ‘instant’ suggests quick processing, it does not always guarantee that the transaction will be finalized immediately. However, it does mean the transaction process starts without delay.

Exness’s platform allows for deposits and withdrawals 24/7. However, availability can vary based on your geographical location and the current market conditions, which might affect the real-time availability of certain payment methods. Always check the Personal Area for the most up-to-date information on which methods are accessible to you.

While Exness does not impose fees on deposits or withdrawals, it’s important to be aware that some payment providers may charge their own fees, particularly when withdrawing funds to a bank account or using a mobile payment service. These fees can vary, so reviewing the details in your Personal Area is recommended to avoid any surprises.

Finding the Fastest Method:

Given these factors, the fastest way to deposit or withdraw funds cannot be universally defined due to the variation in processing times, availability based on location, and potential provider fees. However, here are some steps to identify the most efficient option for your needs:

  • Review Available Methods in the Personal Area: This is your best resource for current information on processing times, fees, and availability for your location.
  • Prefer Instant Processing Options: For the quickest transactions, opt for payment methods labeled as ‘instant’. Remember, this designation means the process begins immediately, although completion times can vary.
  • Consider Regional Availability: Ensure the chosen method is available in your region and check for any regional-specific processing times or restrictions.
  • Account for Potential Fees: Factor in any potential fees from the payment provider, as these can impact the overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your transactions.

Additional Tips:

Market conditions and payment service offerings can change, so regularly reviewing your options in the Personal Area ensures you’re always using the most efficient methods available to you.

If you encounter delays or have questions about a specific payment method, Exness’s Support team is available to assist. While Exness is not responsible for delays caused by payment systems, Exness is committed to helping you find the best solution for your transaction needs.

By considering these factors and staying informed through your Personal Area, you can effectively choose the fastest and most suitable deposit and withdrawal methods to support your trading activities at Exness.

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Why was my withdrawal returned to my trading account?

Experiencing a withdrawal being returned to your trading account instead of being processed can be puzzling. This issue typically indicates an unsuccessful withdrawal attempt for various reasons. Understanding why your withdrawal wasn’t successful is key to resolving the issue and successfully accessing your funds.

Common Reasons for Withdrawal Returns:

  • Incorrect Withdrawal Information: Mistakes in the information provided on the withdrawal form, such as incorrect account details, can lead to the return of the withdrawal to your trading account.
  • Non-compliance with Withdrawal Requirements: Each withdrawal must meet Exness’ withdrawal criteria. Familiarize yourself with Exness’s general withdrawal rules to ensure your request complies.
  • Insufficient Funds: Attempting to withdraw funds while having open trades can affect the available balance, resulting in insufficient funds to complete the withdrawal.

Steps to Take Following a Returned Withdrawal:

  • Review Withdrawal Details: Double-check the information you entered on the withdrawal form for any inaccuracies.
  • Understand Withdrawal Rules: Revisit Exness’ withdrawal requirements to ensure your request aligns with Exness’s policies.
  • Check Account Balance: Assess your account’s balance, considering any open trades that might affect the available funds for withdrawal.
  • Transaction History: For insights into the status of your withdrawal and specific reasons for its return, navigate to the ‘Transaction History’ section in your Personal Area.

If you’ve addressed the above points but still face issues with your withdrawal, Exness’s Support Specialists are here to help. Tap the chat icon in your Personal Area to connect with Exness directly. Exness is committed to providing the support you need to resolve any withdrawal concerns promptly.

Remember, successful withdrawals depend on accurate information, adherence to Exness’ withdrawal policies, and an adequate account balance. By ensuring these factors are in check, you can streamline the withdrawal process and access your funds with ease.



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