There are 10 different payment methods accepted from Traders Trust.

Before making a deposit to Traders Trust, you may want to plan from deposit to withdrawal as there are commissions charged for and you can only withdraw your funds to the account which you used for making deposits.

Traders Trust does not accept third party payments, even if the party is your family or legal partners. So the accounts to make deposit and the trading accounts must be registered under the same person.

In case of a corporate account, Traders Trust only accepts deposit from accounts registered under the corporate name, but the corporate’s CEO or other directors cannot alternate the deposit funds.

Credit/Debit card deposit

Card deposit is one of the most popular payment method in any online brokers.

You can make a deposit instantly and commissions free from the card companies(normally).

Traders Trust accepts several types of cards which are Visa, Master Card and Diners Club International.

The commissions will be charged from Traders Trust which is up to 3.35% depending on the deposit amount.

The only demerit would be that you can withdraw to the same original card up to the deposited amount. (sometimes you can not withdraw via card at all depending on your card company’s policy)


Neteller is also one of the most popular payment method.

By using a Neteller account, you can transfer your funds internationally(any where in the world) in a second with low cost.

The cost of the transfer is charged from both parties(Neteller and Traders Trust).

Traders Trust may charge up to 4.20% and Neteller may charge 1%, up to 10USD. The transfer is instant, so you can make a deposit and see the deposited amount in your trading account instantly.

If you are interested in the Neteller service, you can visit the official website from the below link.

Bank Wire Transfer

If you prefer the most secure and classic payment method, bank wire transfer maybe the best choice for you.

There are three bank accounts officially setup by Traders Trust, and you can choose which bank account to transfer as you want.

The partnered bank accounts are:

  1. Deutsche Handelsbank (for EUR)
  2. Hellenic Bank (USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY, CNY, PLN)
  3. Bank BGZ BNP Paribas S.A. (PLN, USD, EUR)

You can find the bank account details by logging into the client portal from the official website.

traders trust login client portal deposit withdrawal

There is no commissions charges for bank wire transfer from Traders Trust, but banks you are going to use for wire transfer may charge you for its fees directly.

Normally for international wire transfers, banks may charge you more than $20.

So you may receive less funds than you have transferred with bank wire transfer.

Or 7 other payment methods

You can also choose to make a deposit with different payment methods.

Traders Trust gives you options such as:

  • Webmoney
  • Skrill
  • fasapay
  • sofort
  • BitCoint
  • UnionPay

You can find details of these payment methods and each commissions from Traders Trust.



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