How to signup as an IB partner of SuperForex?

To become an IB partner of SuperForex, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to SuperForex Official Website
  2. “Open Account” to register with SuperForex
  3. Login to SuperForex’s client cabinet
  4. Request to become an IB partner

SuperForex has many tools to support its partners’ activities, and they are also happy to help you attract traders.

For more information, visit SuperForex Official Website from below.

Visit SuperForex Official Website

Get Exclusive benefits from SuperForex

Get Exclusive benefits from SuperForex as ib partner

SuperForex partners can enjoy the most competitive commission on the market, up to 75% of the spread and the regular commission which is on average $25 per standard lot on most popular currency pairs.

Note, that only SuperForex provides an opportunity to the most active partners to earn additional income up to 20% from revenue of the company on a monthly basis.

Moreover, SuperForex’s Partners earn a Sub-IB commission up to $1 from each client’s trade in your Sub-IB’s group.

Expanding your affiliate network can increase your commission to $2 from each client’s trade.

Also, the Forex Copy system allows you to expand your affiliate commission, which will be discussed in more detail in the next letter.

Go to SuperForex Official Website

How to start referring traders?

superforex how to become IB partner

Earning money with SuperForex is very easy as an IB partner.

  1. You become a SuperForex partner.
  2. You attract new clients using received promotional materials, a special website and unique affiliated link.
  3. The more persons you refer to open account and make a deposit, the more commission you earn.
  4. If any of your clients also become partners, you will earn a profit from the trades of their affiliated clients as well.

Each SuperForex partner receives a Certificate.

Visit SuperForex Official Website

What is SuperForex’s IB Certificate?

SuperForex’s IB Certificate serves as proof that you are affiliated with SuperForex and gives you a number of permissions:

  1. The right to register customer accounts for your clients upon their request.
  2. The right to deposit or withdraw funds for your clients in case they are unable to do so.
  3. The right to issue coupons for bonuses that will stimulate current and potential traders.
  4. The right to organize Forex educational courses on behalf of SuperForex.

You can request your certificate by contacting our Partnership Department.

You will be notified about the status of your request shortly.

Note that certificates are valid for three years after the date issued.

Go to SuperForex Official Website

An affiliate code is provided to you when you register as an affiliate and it looks something like this: “ABCD”.

This is a unique code for each partner, which is added to the end of all SuperForex URLs issued to customers.

All clients who open real accounts and do at least one deposit after using your unique link are your referrals, i.e. earn you a commission.

You can use the affiliate codes to link to any pages on SuperForex Official Website in the same way.

Customize your affiliate link

You can also create your own affiliate code to distinguish them from the original code.

This can make your link more memorable or look more reliable in the eyes of customers.

There is an Affiliate information in your Partner cabinet in main menu.

In this section you can find the list of your Affiliate Codes and their Current Statistics.

You can access full statistics about clicks and registration for each custom link, in this way you will know which link is the most successful one.

For more suitable visualisation activity of your customers you can use graphics in your cabinet.



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