Slippage happens at any Financial Markets

Slippage is a part of trading and common in the Forex market, and actually all financial markets.

It occurs at times of high volatility or low liquidity, as well as during major news announcements or during the release of important economic data.

FxPro takes all necessary steps to protect traders against market volatility, and their clients benefit from a highly-advanced trade management system that mitigates the risk of negative slippage and guarantees execution at the best available price.

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Why Slippage happens?

As mentioned above, “Slippage” is one common thing to all financial markets in the world.

The simple mechanism of “Slippage” is as follows:

  • When you trade(place an order) in a financial market, you “buy” or “sell” the product
  • And there is always a counter-order for your order, otherwise you cannot “buy” or “sell” the product
  • That counter-order needs to have the same(or more) quantity at the moment for you to “buy” or “sell” for your order
  • If there is no enough quantity for your order to be executed, then the system will automatically find another price to execute your order
  • And that is the Slippage

Slippage simply occurs when there is no enough liquidity(counter order) for your order to be executed.

So during some low liquidity moment and larger trading volumes tend to go for “slippage”.

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FXPro with NDD trading environment

“Slippage” occurs and it is a natural thing in any financial markets, but please do not worry that FXPro does not trigger “slippages” intentionally.

FXPro is a complete STP(straight through processing) broker which sends all orders to liquidity providers(Forex Markets) directly.

The broker guarantees that there is no interference nor price manipulation at all.

FXPro itself only makes profits from the spread which traders pay, and the broker does not earn any profits by causing losses to traders.



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