What is IronFX’s Copy Trade (Auto Trade) service?

Access the IronFX Autotrade platform and copy the trading strategies of top traders.

Opening an IronFX trading account gives you access to an innovative auto-trading platform for the online trading marketplace.

Among various trading strategies, you can choose the strategy of a proven professional trader that boasts the best return and copy the trade.

If you ‘buy’ the trading strategy that showed high returns within a specific period, the order is automatically executed.

Participate in the most diverse auto-trading markets through the IronFX trading platform.

Experience innovative trading with the IronFX Autotrade platform with full control.

The system provided without the installation of additional programs provides a forex trading environment suitable for both novice and professional traders and allows you to diversify your portfolio.

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IronFX Autotrade Platform Key Features

User-friendly simple interface
The friendly dashboard is optimized for both novice and expert traders. You can link to your professional trader trading account to copy expert trading strategies. With the IronFX Autotrade platform, you can copy the trading signals of professional traders or mirror your trading strategies to experience safe and successful trading.
Various and detailed report system
You can select a trading strategy after checking the yield, trading statistics, and risk data directly through the detailed report. Auto-trading is emerging as an attractive alternative in foreign exchange trading that requires expertise and abundant liquidity. Auto trading has grown along with the advancement of advanced technology and is expanding into more diverse fields.
List of Professional Investors
You can directly select verified traders. You can directly check the past trading history and investment risk of professional investors and choose an investment strategy. Auto Trading will be the best solution for novice traders who want to participate in the foreign exchange market but are not familiar with them.
Improved risk management
In automated trading, traders do not waste time on their own, as they follow those whose trading patterns and performance match their desires and risk profile, and those who have already mastered the multifaceted forex market. Set parameters according to your risk profile. Decide how much to invest and watch real-time statistics for each profitable strategy.

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Global research through Trading Central

IronFX traders have access to Trading Central’s independent and leading research analysis, so they are always ready to trade with confidence.

Trading Central is the ideal destination for any trader looking for the right investment support to achieve lasting success in their trading decisions.

The company’s award-winning fusion of automated AI analytics, a clear user interface and registered investment expertise has now been a long-standing choice for many traders around the world, recognized for its high quality, versatility and flexibility.

Trading Central’s solutions empower all traders and provide them with the knowledge and expertise to find, validate and time trades.

Technical analysis
Trading Central’s research platform gives you access to award-winning research and powerful pattern recognition, so you can trade with confidence 24/7! You get invaluable support when you need it most. Actionable technical analysis allows you to optimize your trading strategy.
Trading Central MT4 indicators
Make decisions with confidence using three concise metrics: Analyst Views, Adaptive Candlesticks, and Adaptive Divergence Convergence (ADC). Innovative indicators indicate market sentiment and can assist in identifying new trading opportunities.
Gain confidence with Trading Central
Access up to 10 trading ideas identified through technical analysis and custom settings and start or end trades with confidence. Find useful information on why trading ideas were identified, expected price action, and live charts that track your ideas 24/7. Find ideas to act quickly and save valuable time.
Get accurate information about the markets with TC Market Buzz
Time is money. With Market Buzz, reading less and knowing more can save you time and solve the problem of too much information! Avoid information overload and comfortably collect and analyze quality information to make informed trading decisions.

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What is IronFX PAMM?

The PMAM software provided by IronFX makes trading more convenient and allows you to manage your trades.

Manage multiple trading accounts with the MetaTrader 4 Master Account.

Here are some of the features available through this service.

Lot allocation
It is used to divide the volume of the master trade into sub-accounts according to the set parameters of the sub-accounts. You can trade with the set lot size in your master account. Allocations to sub-accounts are proportional to the lot size provided for each account.
Percent allocation
Used to divide the volume of the master trade into sub-accounts according to the sub-account’s set percentage (%) parameter. Allocations to sub-accounts are calculated as a percentage of the master trading volume.
Proportional by Balance allocation
It is used to calculate the percentage of master trading volume based on the balance of the sub-account. The master volume fraction is calculated automatically with no additional setup required.
Proportional by Equity allocation
It is similar to the previous allocation in the way that percentage is calculated automatically. The difference is that the capital is used instead of the balance. The master volume fraction is calculated automatically without any additional settings.
Equity percent allocation
Used when a user needs to allocate to a sub-account based on a percentage of each individual sub-account. The goal is to allow you to define the risk for each sub-account. This method uses the Percentage of subaccount (%) parameter to define the percentage of subaccount capital that will be traded in all trades.
Allocation by Equal Risk
Introduced to manage the margin of sub-accounts. In some cases, trading of sub-accounts is suspended due to low yields. There is no other allocation method taking into account the margin levels of individual subaccounts, but this method allows you to set a minimum % level for each subaccount.
Percent allocation by p/l
When the master position is closed without entering the order of the sub account, the allocation to the sub account is made as a deposit/withdrawal transaction. Used when the user needs to allocate to sub-accounts on a percentage basis according to a set percentage (%) parameter, similar to the percentage allocation method.
Proportional allocation by p/l
This is similar to the old way of not opening trades in sub-accounts. Deposits/withdrawals are made to the sub account when the master trade ends. This method is used when the user needs to allocate to sub-accounts in proportion to their balance.

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Comparison of IronFX’s All Account Types

See the table below to see the list and comparison of IronFX’s all trading account types.

Category Live Floating
Live Fixed Spreads
Live Floating
Live Fixed Spreads
Live Floating
Live Fixed Spreads
Live Floating
Live Fixed Spreads
STP/ECN Accounts STP/ECN Accounts STP/ECN Accounts
Markets Forex, Metals,
Indices, Commodities,
Futures, Shares
Forex, Metals,
Indices, Commodities,
Futures, Shares
Forex, Metals,
Indices, Commodities,
Futures, Shares
Forex, Metals, Indices, Commodities Forex, Metals,
Indices, Commodities
Forex, Metals,
Indices, Commodities
Forex, Metals,
Indices, Commodities
Minimum Trading Volume 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots
Base Currency USD, EUR, GBP, AUD,
Spread Floating from 1.8
Fixed to 2.2
Floating from 1.6
Fixed to 1.8
Floating from 1.4
Fixed to 1.6
Fixed to 0 From 1.7 pips From 0 pips From 0 pips
Trading Commission None None None Charged None Charged None
Maximum Leverage 1:1000 1:1000 1:1000 1:500 1:200 1:200 1:200
Stop Out % 20% 20% 20% 50% 50% 50% 50%
Swap free/
Islamic Account Option
Available Available Available Available Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
Sign Up Open STANDARD account Open PREMIUM account Open VIP account Open LIVE ZERO FIXED SPREAD account Open NO COMMISSION account Open ZERO SPREAD account Open ABSOLUTE ZERO account

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